Antiques & Fine Art Auction
Tuesday 5th March 2019 at 10.00

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1.      A pair of large modern aluminium planters, urn form, ribbed lower body on square base, 'Nic Duysens' label to base, 53 cm diameter x 77 cm high (2) £200-300
2.      A collection of brassware, mostly modern, including a fireside set comprising poker, fork, shovel, tongs and firedogs etc; models of the moon and a comical face, and other items £30-50
3.      An E.S.S Sorensen Gilleleje Danmark 24923 oil table lamp, together with one other and three hanging examples with white and red glass (5) £50-100
4.      Four 20th Century Horstman adjustable desk-clamped machinist's lamps, including two Simplus ones with silver finishes, together with a similar example (5) £100-200
5.      A Salter suspended weigher, model 235 and a Salter spring balance, no.20T, together with two table top magnifying scopes and a selection of iron weights and tools £50-100
6.      A 1920s William Ford Stanley surveyors measuring rod, the oak and brass two tier telescopic device has a painted paper graphic ladder scale which extends to ten feet, together with two additional ladder scales and a plumb bob (4) £50-100
7.      Two 19th Century brass mortar and pestles, tallest 12 cm, together with a large twin handled jam pan, 35 cm (3) £30-50
8.      A selection of oil lamps, including a Dietz No.80 blizzard lamp, a Coleman lamp, three by Tilley and one other (6) £50-100
9.      A vintage Tilley floodlight projector lamp, three piece sectional glass lens (one section af), lens marked 'Tilley-Hendon', with bracket (2) £50-100
10.     An antique Gunter's or surveyor's chain by Chesterman, Sheffield £30-50
11.     A commemorative R.S.P.C.A. brass merit badge, awarded at the 1929 London cart horse parade, attached to a leather strap, badge length 10 cm £40-60
12.     A pair of brass bottle vases, the exteriors inlaid with assorted metals and depicting temples and scrolling foliate decoration, raised on circular feet, 26 cm high (2) £50-100
13.     A bronze erotic dish, decorated in relief with two nude figures engaged in sexual activities, 13 cm £50-100
14.     A 20th Century French bronze tobacco pot, modelled as a woman beside a well, signed 'A. Duche', 20 cm high £50-100
15.     A brass and copper mounted standard lamp, scroll decorated, weighted base with three splayed supports, green shade, 185 cm high including shade £40-60
16.     A bronze model of St George fighting the dragon, on horseback, dressed in armour and holding a spear, 19 cm high £150-200
17.     Two pairs of Victorian style cast iron bench ends, one set with scrolling decoration, the other designed to resemble branches, both painted in green, 86 cm high (4) £50-100
18.     A selection of 20th Century brassware, including teapots, ornamental machete, a doorstop and more £40-60
19.     A cased set of balance scales, together with various weights and other metalware, including a BTS brass buckle with eagle, a brass model of three wise monkeys, an ashtray, and other items £40-60
20.     A 20th Century brass binnacle compass case, domed cylindrical form, lift off hood with oval window and illumination box to side, plaque reading 'PATT 0183 / B/R/54 / No 22798 B', 26 cm high £80-120
21.     A 20th Century silver topped walking cane, Ebenezer Newman & Co. London. 92 cm £50-100
22.     A set of four Victorian silver salts and spoons, hallmarked Sheffield, 1900, Harrison Brothers & Howson, in a fitted leather case £80-120
23.     A late Victorian silver framed dressing table mirror by William Comyns, rectangular form decorated with birds amongst foliage surmounted by cherubs and blank cartouche, bevelled panel, easel back, London, 1897, 44 cm x 31 cm (af) £100-200
24.     A 20th Century silver plated ice bucket by Franco Lagini, Italy, the exterior decorated with scrolling vines, two tree stumps forming the handles, with a hammered interior, 33 cm high, together with a cut glass vase, 27 cm high (2) £100-150
25.     A Victorian silver plated pen tray by Wilson & Gill, together with a large collection of 20th Century candlesticks, teapots, vases and dishes £50-100
26.     A selection of plated items, including candlesticks, teapots, trays, table salts and more, some in original boxes £50-100
27.     A large quantity of silver plated cutlery, including teaspoons, carving sets, knives and forks, with examples by James Dixon, Mottershaw & Rowe and others, in original boxes (14 sets) £50-80
28.     A cased set of early 20th Century silver plated fruit knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles by John Sanderson Sheffield, 12 place setting, foliate and scroll decoration to blades and mounts, mahogany case with brass blank cartouche £40-60
29.     Five silver napkin rings, various styles and makers, together with a further white metal example; a canteen of stainless steel cutlery by A.E.Poston, Sheffield, six place setting; and a Walker and Hall cased set of plated fish knives and forks, six place setting £50-100
30.     A large selection of silver plated cutlery, including examples by Mappin and Webb, Harrison Fisher & Co and Postons, in assorted designs including engravings and mother of pearl handles £50-100
31.     A collection of silver plate, including a large rectangular box and two vases, together with a wooden cigarette dispenser, card box and a metal jug (6) £50-100
32.     A boxed set of De Montford silver plated fish knives and forks, together with a Sheffield silver plated teapot and a selection of metalware including a sauceboat, candle holder, dishes and trays (8) £50-100
33.     A Mappin & Webb silver plated centrepiece, three branches with lotus leaf and scroll decoration, three supports, dragon feet, trefoil base, marked to base, 49.5 cm high £80-120
34.     A selection of eleven cased Allander place settings, including forks, knives, dessert spoons and tea spoons, all in original boxes (11) £50-100
35.     A selection of silver plated cooking ware, including a frying pan and warming dish, together with a boxed three piece brush and mirror set £50-100
36.     Two cased Swatch watches, comprising 'Black Friday' and 'Colossal' (2) £50-80
37.     A Limoges porcelain circular box and cover, gilt decoration of courting couple with gilt borders on cobalt blue ground, 4.5 cm diameter; white metal and mother-of-pearl salt and pepper pots with matching tray, pair of miniature spelter vases with applied bronze decoration, and other items £40-60
38.     A 20th Century brass bankers lamp, adjustable green shade on circular base, together with a Dunn & Co, bowler hat, a set of Brama silver plated coasters, and a lady's evening bag £30-50
39.     A group of Indian plaster figures, male and females dressed in assorted attire performing a series of tasks, 10 cm high (11) £50-100
40.     An Henri Studio concrete garden sculpture of a lion, right paw raised on a shield, plinth vase, 132 cm high £50-100
41.     A pair of French mother-of-pearl and gilt metal opera glasses, magnifying glass, silver thimble, small leather travelling box containing a comb and notebook and a selection of mother-of-pearl trinkets and sewing implements (parcel) £50-100
42.     Four 19th and 20th Century walking sticks, ivory and horn handles with silver collars, and a bamboo example, the handle carved as a dragon (4) £100-200
43.     A miscellaneous lot, including a bronze ashtray in the form of a boy holding an ostrich egg, a roundlet corkscrew, a Coleman's Wincarnis corkscrew, a selection of silver plate, a cased pocket thermometer, two Ronson lighters in original boxes, and other items £50-100
44.     Two canteens of flatware, comprising a Thai 122 piece set in yellow metal with wooden handles, and a Viners 44 piece set £50-100
45.     A large Ammonite fossil, 30 cm, together with a piece of Portland stone, 15 cm (2) £40-60
46.     A framed artesian bored tube well by C. Isler & Co, 'fixed for Messrs Chandler & Co', displaying a lithographic log of geological materials against a depth ratio, 140 cm £60-80
47.     A map of Berkshire in relief, featuring Little Bedwyn, Hungerford and the surrounding areas, constructed of an ordnance survey map laid upon wooden boards in accordance to the contours of the land, 60 cm x 80cm £50-100
48.     A plaster cast of three putti playing whilst overturning a basket of fruit, signed 'Lepere', af, 45 cm high £50-100
49.     A selection of beekeeping equipment, consisting of three veils of assorted designs, together with a smoker (4) £30-50
50.     A miscellaneous lot, including a Mulberry leather heart shaped key ring, a 1930s Carlton Ware napkin ring in the form of a clown and another marked 'Foreign' to base, a brass gavel, John Le Keux after F.Mackenzie coloured engraving, 'Brazen Nose College', 9 cm x 14 cm, framed and glazed, and other items £50-100
51.     An Indian brass tray decorated with a floral design, 38 cm diameter, together with a Chinese woodwork table carved with dragons, 60 cm high (2) £50-100
52.     A 20th Century anglepoise lamp, together with a Veteran Series green metal filing drawer no.646338, and a Winsor & Newton easel (3) £60-80
53.     A Dunn & Co. vintage bowler hat, together with a leather suitcase, briefcase and an Italian leather portfolio (4) £50-80
54.     A wedding photo of Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales, mounted with signatures on a Buckingham Palace headed card £180-220
55.     A miscellaneous collection, comprising a group of penknives, including three mother-of-pearl examples; a Stratton compact, foliate decoration on red enamel ground; a George VI silver dart's medal, a hide gentleman's dressing table tray, and other items £40-60
56.     A mahogany and walnut parquetry inlaid jewellery box, hinged lid revealing lift out tray, 31 cm wide x 20.5 cm deep x 10 cm high; together with an Indian brass circular tray with mythological, foliate and patterned decoration, 43 cm diameter (2) £50-100
57.     Two plastered wooden figures, painted in traditional clothing and standing upon plinths, 32 cm high (2) £50-100
58.     A wooden snuff box, the rectangular lid lined with alligator skin, 6.5 cm £30-50
59.     A 20th Century desk stand, in the form of a silver plated mother doe and her faun beside an ink pot, all placed upon a rectangular marble plinth, 21 cm long, together with an Art Deco style bronze sculpture of a dancing woman, 24 cm high (2) £50-100
60.     A collection of jelly moulds, three ceramic, two glass and one metal example in the shape of a rabbit (6) £50-100
61.     A pair of sterling silver extendable swizzle sticks, together with a small selection of studs and buttons, including mother of pearl examples £60-80
62.     " A Victorian wooden Children's play cart, with iron bicycle style wheels, having front and rear facing seats. Provenance: Used by the Lipton family in the late 19th and early 20th century. Sold with a copy of a photograph of four children playing with the cart, the reverse dated 1894"
63.     A collection of 20th Century pens, including a Waterman taperite pen, a Waterman pencil, two Parker pens and others, together with two Waterman fountain pen badges (10) £100-150
64.     A miscellaneous collection, including a Stanhope in the form of an owl with views of the British Empire Exhibition, Wembley, 1924; a quantity of vintage pens and propelling pencils including a bone handled example; a small quantity of costume jewellery including brooches, a magnifying glass, and other items £100-120
65.     A pair of lamp bases, the metal bodies decorated with floral prints, the upper ceramic section painted in blue with gilt edges, the undersides marked 'Mira Design', together with two white shades, 53 cm high (including shades) (2) £50-100
66.     A large collection of 19th & 20th Century British coins, approx 250 £50-100
67.     A 20th Century parasol, cream fabric painted with flowers and edged in lace, with a painted wooden stick and a large mother of pearl handle in the shape of a flower, 110cm length £50-100
68.     A 19th Century Sikes Hydrometer by Farrow & Jackson, containing an ivory backed thermometer, in a fitted mahogany case, 24.5 cm £100-200
69.     A 19th or 20th century large stone pan, the interior smooth whilst the exterior remains rough, 55 cm diameter £50-100
70.     A theodolite by E. R. Watts and Sons Ltd, no.36802, attached to a wooden base £50-100
71.     Two 20th Century carved soapstone sculptures, featuring entwined figures, together with a marble table lighter, a Classique model of an otter carved in coal and a set of Guinness glasses printed with toucan scenes (5) £50-100
72.     Alexander Danel (b.1940) two limited pressed paper relief sculptures for Austin Paper, 'Dancer', signed, titled, and numbered in pencil and stamped (lower edge), no. 25/1000, 74 cm x 49 cm; 'Sophisticated Lady V', signed, titled, and numbered in pencil and stamped (lower edge), no. 187/1000, 48 cm x 73 cm, both framed (2) £50-100
73.     A miscellaneous collection of glass ceramics and metalware, including a pair of Wedgwood vases with relief hunting scenes, 12.5 cm high; a pair of Makkum bottles with floral decoration, 18 cm high; a glass decanter; two small glass claret jugs with stoppers; a pair of brass candlesticks; a pair of boxed Heineken ceramic beer tankards, and other items £50-100
74.     A 20th Century writing slope, mother of pearl inlay to the lid and blue felt interior, together with Mdina glass vase, musical movement and a selection of Royal Albert ceramics (7) £50-100
75.     A modern specimen stone globe, brass gimbal mounted base with compass, 47 cm high £40-60
76.     Three travelling trunks, card or wooden structures with metal clips and fastenings, largest 53 cm x 92 cm x 36 cm (3) £100-150
77.     Five leather cases and document boxes, brown or tan leather with metal locks and fastenings, some keys present, largest 27 cm x 50 cm x 12 cm (5) £50-100
78.     A selection of lighters, including Colibri lighter with Webb Corbett crystal, a Ronson Crown table lighter no.85088, Ronson cigarette lighter no.19023 and others, together with a pair of 20th century Carl Zeiss sunglasses in original case and a marble lidded box (7) £50-100
79.     A Battersby bowler hat, together with a pair of Aurora coated lens 7 x 50 field binoculars, no.31642, in a brown leather case, and a set of Comet flasks within a leather case (3) £50-100
80.     A miscellaneous collection, including a Joseph Sankey and Sons brass crumb scoop, a canteen of plated cutlery, six person setting, bone handled knives, a quantity of silver plate, some cased, and other items £50-100
81.     A contemporary wall mounted gilt metal sculpture of a sunburst after a design by Jonathan Adler, with 'designed in California and hand crafted in China' label to base, signed and dated 'J Jena 07' to front, 102 cm diameter; together with a pair of Sony SS-NX1 speakers (3)
82.     A rectangular enamel sign inscribed 'You may telephone from here', in white lettering on dark blue ground, framed, 21 x 36 cm £50-100
83.     A Victorian rosewood and brass bound twin-handled writing box, hinged lid revealing tooled leather writing slope, fitted interior, 31 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm £80-120
84.     A wooden scale model of a pulpit, Gothic in design, constructed of multiple pieces and wood with carved decoration, 75 cm. Together with a signed copy of 'Public Appearances 1987-1991' by Snowdon (2) £50-100
85.     A Victorian mahogany and brass bound box, with hinged lid, blue velvet fitted interior, 42 cm x 30 cm x 22 cm £50-100
86.     A collection of fishing reels, including examples by Mitchell and Alcedo, several cased, together with other fishing accessories and a wicker basket £60-100
87.     AMENDMENT: The skull and horns are now believed to be of a Lesser Kudu. An impala's skull and horns, mounted on an oak shield £50-100
88.     A taxidermy study of two woodcock by W.J.A.Hambling, cased naturalistic setting, label to reverse, 45.5 cm wide x 11.5 cm deep x 30 cm high £50-100
89.     Joannis Campensis 'Enchiridion Psalmorum Eorundem ex ueritate Hebraica uersionem ac Io. Campensis e regione paraphrasim', (Seb. Gryphius, 1534), a sixteenth-century book of psalms £100-150
90.     Robert Meadows 'A Private Anthropological Cabinet of 500 Authentic Racial-Esoteric Photographs and Illustrations', (Falstaff Press, 1934), no 1319/1500; together with 'The Spectator. Volume the First', nos. 1-80; Alfred Tennyson 'Enoch Arden, etc.', (London, Edward Moxon & Co., 1865); Mary Brunton 'Self-Control', 2nd ed. (Edinburgh, George Ramsay & Co., 1811); John Witherspoon 'Treatises on Justification and Regeneration', 3rd ed., (Glasgow, William Collins, 1830); Herbert Jenkins 'The Cocktail Key', (London, Herbert Jenkins Ltd, 1930) (6) £100-150
91.     Three Harry Potter first edition books, consisting of 'The Order of the Phoenix', 'The Half Blood Prince' and 'The Deathly Hallows' (3) £40-60
92.     A limited edition hardback copy of Visionaire Issue 46: UNCENSORED, containing a variety of provocative and graphic artwork selected by Mario Testino, placed within a plexiglas case stamped with a discretionary warning: 'This issue of Visionaire contains images of an extreme sexual nature. If this kind of material offends you, you should not purchase this issue', 0201/2500 copies £30-50
93.     A selection of military history books, the majority written by or relating to Winston Churchill, including 'The World Crisis' and 'Thoughts and Adventures', together with the first two volumes of 'Johnson's England' (25+) £50-100
94.     A copy of the 'Philosophical Transactions' scientific journal, entitled 'giving some account of the undertakings, studies and labours of the ingenious, in many confiderable parts of the world', volume XXXI, printed for W. and J. Innys, covered and bound £30-50
95.     Three Harry Potter first edition hardback books, consisting of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', a first state edition which includes typing errors, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' and 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', all published by Bloomsbury (3) £30-50

A 20th Century Dresden square dish, with pierced edges and painted scene of three figures beneath a tree to the centre, 24.5 cm, together with a Samson porcelain plate, painted with birds and foliage, raised border with gilt rim, pseudo gold anchor mark, 24.5 cm diameter (2) £50-100

Three items of 19th & 20th Century British porcelain, including a cup and saucer with four panels against a blue background and gilt edging, a rococo teapot decorated with flowers and a pottery bowl glazed in blue and white (3) £100-200
98.     An Art Deco Rosenthal porcelain figure, designed by Gustav Oppel in 1927, no.962/2, modelled as a dancing nude woman, 26 cm high, together with six other figures and two ladies' beaded evening purses (af) (9) £50-100
99.     A pair of early 20th Century Royal Doulton Slater stoneware baluster vases, tubelined floral decoration to chine ground, impressed marks to base, 32 cm high (2) £80-120
100.    A early 20th Century Royal Doulton stoneware jardiniere on stand, tubelined stylised foliate decoration on mottled blue and brown ground, impressed marks to base, 86 cm high (jardiniere af) £50-80
101.    A collection of ceramic figurines, including Coalport 'Flamenco', 'Amanda', 'Perfect Rose', 'Grand Finale' and 'Summer Breeze', Royal Worcester 'Crystal Ball', 'Christina' and 'Summer Ball', and Royal Doulton 'Spring Ball' (10) £100-120
102.    A set of six Minton & Hollins dust pressed tiles, black and white designs of birds on brown ground within black and white geometric border, reputedly designed by R. W. Edis who sold the design to E. W. Godwin (6) (two chipped) £100-150
103.    A selection of 18th & 19th Century delft tiles, four architectural, six figural, three of wells, one of a dog, all painted in blue, together with a polychrome example decorated with a flower, five framed, 12.5 cm, some af. (15) £60-80
104.    A selection of 20th Century ceramics, including two contemporary Delft plates and model of a cottage, a Spode transfer printed meat platter, a melba ware bear, jelly moulds, jugs and a selection of glass £50-100
105.    Johnston Brothers Thanksgiving serving platter from the 'Historic America' series, printed and painted with a scene of a family house and farm, the border printed with acorns and leaves, patent no.111255, 50 cm wide £30-50
106.    An 18th Century Delft blue and white dish, decorated with a man flanked by a flag and a large tureen of flowers, 22 cm diameter, af. £50-100
107.    A pair of early 19th Century Spode plates, one printed with images and outlines from Greek, Roman and Etruscan vases, the other with floral patterns and architecture, 25 cm (2) £50-80
108.    A Spode 'Green Velvet' tea service, reference Y.7869, including six cups, saucers and small plates, a milk jug, serving plate and sugar bowl, together with six Royal Doulton plates in 'Antique Gold' £50-80
109.    A Wedgwood part dinner service in the 'Kutani Crane' pattern, no.R4464, including six cups and saucers, six bowls, eight small plates, eight large plates, two dishes, two serving plates and a gravy boat £80-120
110.    A Coalport part dinner service in the 'Revelry' pattern, consisting of a tureen, six bowls, six small plates, six medium plates, six large plates, two serving plates, a cake plate, a serving bowl and a set of salt and pepper £60-80
111.    A Beswick Cocker Spaniel no.967 and Blue Tit no.992, together with a Royal Doulton cat, a mounted model of a spaniel by Caithness from The Natural World Collection and a similar example from Border Fine Arts by Margaret Turner, ref.MT03B (5) £50-80
112.    A pair of oval Honiton pottery plates, one decorated with a chicken and the other with a duck, together with a Copenhagen inkwell, Villeroy and Boch platter depicting a rural scene, Rosenthal lidded pot, an Imogen Waage dish and vase and two pieces of studio pottery (9) £60-80
113.    A large Beswick cat, no.1867, 20 cm high, together with a Beswick shire horse, 20 cm high (2) £40-60
114.    A Poole Pottery dish decorated with a butterfly, a Grayshott pottery 'Sheep Fair' jug, two Wade collectors club figures, a glass scent bottle and paper knife and four other items (10) £50-80
115.    Twelve boxed Wade 'My Fair Lady' figurines, together with a Nao figure of a girl holding a flower, a Royal Doulton 'Anna of the five towns' figure and a 'Sweet Twenties' figure (15) £60-80
116.    Three ginger cat figures, a seated fat feline, 42 cm high, together with two smaller standing cats, 37 cm high, unmarked (3) £50-100
117.    Four Lladro porcelain figures, comprising gymnast with ball, 15 cm high; poodle, 14.5 cm high; cat, 10.5 cm high; and girl washing dog, 12.5 cm high, all marked to base (4) £60-80
118.    A Beswick Beatrix Potter porcelain figure of Pigling Bland, marked to base, 10.5 cm high; together with two Hummel figure groups comprising two child musicians, 11.5 cm high, and a boy sitting on a fence with a bird, 9 cm high, both marked to base (3) £40-60
119.    A French porcelain and ormolu mounted table lamp, baluster form decorated with floral and cherub panels on pink ground, mount with mask and foliate decoration, above a square ormolu plinth base on four feet, ivory shade, 62 cm high including shade £80-120
120.    A Poole Pottery Delphis vase, shape 85, decorated by Cynthia Bennett, abstract pattern on orange ground, marked and monogrammed to base, 39 cm high £80-120
121.    An early 20th Century Coalport twin-handled pedestal vase, pattern V5327, two oval landscape scenes within cream and gilt highlighted cartouches on cobalt blue ground, marked to base, 21 cm high; together with a late 19th Century Royal Crown Derby side plate, pattern 2795, Imari colours, marked to base, 17.5 cm diameter; and a Royal Crown Derby twin-handled pedestal cup, pattern 1128, Imari colours, marked to base, 10.5 cm high (3) £120-180
122.    A Vienna porcelain twin-handled vase and cover, on stepped square plinth base, decorated with panel depicting allegory of poetry, art and music, on cobalt blue and gilt highlighted ground, marked to base, 29 cm high £50-100
123.    A Vienna porcelain twin-handled vase, on stepped square plinth base, decorated with oval portrait of a lady, on cobalt blue and gilt highlighted ground, underglaze mark to base, 23.5 cm high £50-100
124.    A large collection of Belleek porcelain, comprising numerous vases including a naturalistic 1st period tree spill vase, an ovoid floral encrusted example, and various modern vases including one modelled as a castle; a group of small bowls, including four Belleek Collectors Society examples, a 3rd period example, and two others; floral encrusted examples comprising four 'Flowers of the Month' pots, two baskets, and a jug; and others £60-80
125.    A large group of Belleek porcelain, including a collection of plates, including nine 1st period examples with a variety of marks including red, impressed and Leinster, together with a 2nd period plate and soup bowl with blue rims, a limited edition 'The Joy of Life - Spring'; together with 1st period beakers and bowl, a 3rd period milk jug, an 8th period mantle clock, arched pediment, shamrock decoration, 25 cm high; a smaller mantle clock with trellis and lily decoration, 16 cm high, an oval photo frame, 16 cm high, a ribbed flared vase on square base decorated with shamrocks, 25 cm high, three jugs with yellow lustre handles, twin-handled footed bowl, and others £60-80
126.    A collection of 1st period Belleek, comprising two large bowls, floral decoration in brown, 39 cm and 34 cm diameter; a kidney shaped dish, 21.2 cm wide; and a jelly mould; together with a collection with shamrock and clover decoration, including a coffee pot, various cups, saucers and side plates of differing sizes and designs, two sugar bowls, a pepper shaker, three spill vases etc, various periods; and a group of collectors plates, including 11 Christmas examples (five boxed), a boxed commemorative Yeats example, a boxed St. Patrick's church commemorative example; and other items £60-80
127.    A selection of Japanese items of pottery, including a pot with a frog on the lid, two vases and a metal sculpture in original box with paperwork (4) £60-100
128.    A 19th Century Linthorpe Pottery part tea service by Christopher Dresser, consisting of a teapot, sugar bowl, cup and saucer, milk jug and three plates, all decorated with painted flowers upon a brown glaze, all stamped to base £100-200
129.    Four items of studio pottery, all glazed in earth tones, including a Danish stoneware vase by Saxbo, 9 cm high, two unmarked vases and a lidded pot (4) £50-80
130.    A large Susie Cooper dish, yellow glaze decorated with flowers, signed to underside, 22 cm diameter £50-80
131.    Two pieces of studio pottery, including a vase by Megumi Oiwake, 30 cm high, and a flagon dated 1979 and signed to the base, 32 cm high (2) £50-100
132.    A selection of miniature Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre ceramics, including a vase decorated with a tiger, 6.5 cm high, two cups decorated with a dog, horse and rabbits, 3 cm high, a two-handled mug decorated with a dragon and a chicken, 3 cm high and a plate decorated with a dog, 6 cm diameter (5) £80-120
133.    A Royal Copenhagen part tea service, painted in underglaze blue in 'onion' pattern, comprising of tea plates, cups, saucers and a salt shaker, green printed and blue painted marks £60-100
134.    A Rob Whelpton studio pottery raku ware vase and lid, decorated with swimming geese, 27 cm high £50-100
135.    A stoneware pot by Svend Baxter, 27 cm high, together with a tall vase with handle, unsigned, 45 cm high (2) £50-100
136.    Three items of Herend porcelain, including a teapot and lidded sugar bowl in the 'Chinese Bouquet' style and hand painted in pink no.662, 10 & 16 cm high, together with a jam jar with cover in 'Blue Garland', 14 cm high (3) £60-100
137.    A 19th Century Volkstedt porcelain model of a parrot, depicted upon naturalistic base, coloured in polychrome decoration, underglaze blue mark to base, 47 cm high
138.    A collection of limited edition Wade ceramic figures of Betty Boop, including 'Ladies Day', 'Snow Queen; 'Jubilee 2002', 'Elegance', 'Trick or Treat', 'Princess', 'I Just Called to Say I Love You' and 'Christmas Time', all from editions of 500, boxed (8) £80-120
139.    A collection of Wade limited edition ceramic figures of Betty Boop, including 'Christmas Time', 'Fantasy', 'Spring Time', 'Liberty', 'Toy Box', 'Traveller', 'Betty in Red', 'Christmas Morning', 'Rose', 'Viva Las Vegas', 'Graduate', 'Award Winner', 'Hubble Bubble', 'White Dress, Cool Breeze', and 'Super Star', from editions of various sizes, boxed (16) £80-120
140.    A collection of Wade limited edition ceramic figures of Betty Boop, including 'Elegant Betty Pink', two 'Party Time', 'Cheerleader', 'Red Cheerleader', two 'Beach Belle', 'Cheers Ten Years', 'Cheers Ten Years Blue Dress Special', 'Cheers 15 Years', 'Satin and Lace', 'Top of the World', 'Air Hostess', 'Uptown Girl', 'Material Girl', 'Halloween 2007', 'Lazy Daze' 'Biker Betty', and 'Red Dress Cool Breeze', from editions of various sizes, boxed (19) £80-120
141.    A collection of Wade limited edition ceramic figures of Betty Boop, including 'Christmas Cheer', 'Swinging Sixties', 'Elegant Betty Blue', 'Hallowe'en 2002', 'Christmas Surprise', 'Ringmaster', 'Shopping Dolly', 'St. Patrick's Day', 'Rainy Days', 'Nurse', 'Seasons Greetings', 'Queen of Hearts', 'Sweet Heart', 'Juke Box Betty', 'Christmas Present' and 'Material Girl', from editions of various sizes, boxed (16)
142.    A collection of Wade ceramics, comprising numerous figures of Betty Boop, including 'Southern Belle Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Boop', 'Movie Queen', 'Halloween Trick or Treat', 'Trick or Treat 2003', 'Showtime', 'World Cup', 'Valentine', 'Bust Money Bank', a set of four fantasy whimsies and others, together with other Wade figures and whimsies, including Tetley's 'Gaffer and Gordon', Disney's 'Beauty' and 'Snow White', 'Shetland Pony', many limited edition, and a collection of other Betty Boop related items, including numerous Westland models, mostly boxed £80-120
143.    A Clarice Cliff biscuit barrel, from the 'Bizarre' range, painted in the Honolulu pattern, circa 1933, 16 cm high (excluding handle), together with a set of eleven Royal Doulton art deco plates, 16 cm diameter, and six Lawleys plates, 14 cm diameter and one other (19) £120-180
144.    A collection of Poole pottery, red ground with coloured abstract decoration, comprising of a plate, 20 cm diameter; dish, 30 cm diameter; vase, 10.5 cm high; and a pot 11 cm high (4) £50-100
145.    A collection of two tone stoneware, including flasks, urns and bottles (12) £100-150
146.    A collection of Lladro porcelain models, comprising 'Teruko', no. 1451; 'Bashful Bather', no. 5455; 'Let Me Help You', no. 8214; 'Eskimo Boy with Pet', no. 5238; 'Spring Token', no. 5604; 'Spring', no 5217; 'Angel Praying', no. 4538; 'Seated Polar Bear', no. 1209; 'Dove', no. 1015; and 'Ducklings', no. 4895 (10) £150-250
147.    A Royal Worcester cased porcelain coffee set with painted decoration of birds by Ernest Barker, comprising six cups and six saucers, each setting individually painted with goldfinch, blue tit, bull finch, chaffinch, wren, and robin, each piece signed and with puce 1934 mark to base, in a T.W. Long & Co. case £400-600
148.    A Meissen bowl and cover, blue and white dragonfly and foliate decoration, rosebud finial to cover, marked to base, 9 cm high £30-50
149.    A Royal Doulton 'Stanwyck' pattern eight place dinner service, mottled cobalt blue and gilt borders on cream ground, comprising eight dinner plates, 27 cm diameter; eight side plates, 20 cm diameter; eight cereal bowls, 17 cm diameter; ten twin-handled soup cups with nine stands; three vegetable dishes with covers; one sauce boat; one oval serving dish; nine cups and ten saucers; two sugar bowls with covers; and two cream jugs £150-250
150.    A Royal Copenhagen miniature vase, painted with fruit, no.24, 7.5 cm high, together with two Danish pieces of porcelain, a seated girl holding a teddy bear by Hanne Varming no.R5195 and a model of a pig (3) £60-100
151.    A small collection of Goss crested china, including vases, a basket, vase and a miniature shoe, together with a plaque signed 'Theo: Marples F.Z.S.', a Beswick 'Little Pig Robinson Spying' from the Beatrix Potter series and a custom made plate (8) £30-50
152.    A collection of Coalport Cottages, including a boxed Enchanted castle, Downing Cottage and Seashell Cottage. Together with eight miniatures, The Keep, Temple House, Rustic Cottage, Tudor Cottage, Village Inn, The Village Shop, The little Church and The Towers (11) £50-100
153.    A Vienna plaque, printed with a classical scene, marks to back, framed with gilded wood, 27.5 cm diameter £50-100
154.    A collection of ceramics, including a Royal Doulton golf series ware shaker, no.D3395, printed with golfers and the phrase 'All fools are not knaves, but all knaves are fools', together with a Lladro figure 'Daisa' and a selection of teapots, plates and bowls (17) £50-100
155.    A Moorcroft 'Hibiscus' pattern ginger jar with cover, tubelined decoration on green ground, 15 cm high; together with a Moorcroft 'Anemone' pattern bowl, tubelined decoration on blue ground, 16 cm diameter, both marked to base (2) £80-120
156.    A Johnson Brothers part dinner service in 'Heritage White' pattern, including four dinner plates, 25.54 cm diameter; six side plates, 19.5 cm diameter; eight soup bowls, sauce boat and stand, three cups and four saucers, tea pot, four egg cups, and a quantity of dishes and bowls of various sizes £40-60
157.    A Lladro porcelain table lamp base,'Ballet Theme', no. 5242, 57 cm high, marked to base (af) £50-100
158.    Three early 20th Century Royal Dux porcelain figure groups, comprising a dancing couple, mould 141, 22.5 cm high; elegant gentleman, mould 138, 23 cm high; and elegant lady holding a rose, mould 3727, 22 cm high (3) £50-80
159.    A Troika marmalade pot, of squared form with textured and incised decoration to each side, painted marks to base, 9.5 cm high £50-80
160.    A large selection of contemporary ceramics, including a T.D. Green ltd coffee service and a Sylvac vase, together with a novelty 'Photolite' lighter in the form of a camera with compass by the Oriental Co. Ltd £60-100
161.    A Clarice Cliff Bizzare range footed bowl, painted in blue and green, printed factory mark to base, 17 cm diameter, together with a matching plate, 19 cm diameter (2) £50-100
162.    A George Jones and Sons Crescent porcelain bowl, chinoiserie decoration in gilt, terracotta and green on mottled cobalt blue ground, 24.5 cm diameter, marked to base £50-100
163.    An 1868 Minton majolica 'Tower' claret jug, body in the form of a tower with figures dancing between borders of ivy, hinged lid with pewter mounts and finial in the form of jester's head, ivy branch handle, impressed marks to base, 34 cm high £300-500
164.    A collection of Wade Whimsies, including the complete TV Pets series (two boxed), Hedgehog, Tortoise, Baby Tortoises, and North American Animals set (all boxed), a Whimtray with owl, and various others; together with a Royal Dux white elephant, a teacup and saucer with scene after Boucher, Vienna mark to base (af), and other items £40-60
165.    A selection of Royal Copenhagen ceramic plates, patterns including 'Mothers Day', 'White Christmas' and 'Choosing the Christmas Tree' together with others, majority in original boxes, approx 12 £80-120
166.    A Wilkinson dinner service, decorated in the 'Ko-Shan' pattern, comprising of a pair of vegetable tureens and a soup tureen, a sauce boat and stand, twelve large plates, twelve side plates, twelve soup bowls and twelve dessert bowls £50-100
167.    A George Jones Crescent dinner service 'Ascot' pattern, including four dinner plates, four side plates, four soup bowls, three twin-handled serving bowls, sauce boat, and cake stand £20-30
168.    A Baccarat crystal figurine of an imperial penguin, numbered 230/500 and signed 'R. Rigot', 31 cm £100-150
169.    A Daum France crystal bowl, constructed of clear glass with elongated sides of organic form, base etched `Daum France`, 34 cm width £100-200
170.    A 20th Century glass and brass mounted two-tier twelve-branch electrolier, baluster stem, dish sconces, 67 cm high £30-50
171.    A selection of 20th Century glass, including scent bottles, glasses and vases of assorted designs and colours (9) £80-120
172.    Three large clear glass spherical bottles, with corks, together with a green glass example, 53 cm high (4) £50-100
173.    Two blue glass vases by Henry Dean, one labelled, tallest 31.5cm, together with a pair of Zwiesel vases, 18 cm high (4) £50-80
174.    A pair of Orrefors glass decanters of flattened form decorated with engraved pheasants, signed and numbered H2453-121 to bases, 27 cm high (2) £50-80
175.    A mid 20th century Murano Mandruzzato Sommerso vase, with two textured sides and an internal blue colour, 17.5 cm high, together with an Italian blue vase, 22.5 cm high (2) £80-120
176.    A 20th Century Whitefriars flared green bowl, 27 cm diameter, together with a Dartington 'on the wings of love' purple bowl, marked to base, 22 cm diameter (2) £50-100
177.    A 1930's Monart glass bowl, mottled green and blue with controlled bubble decoration in clear ground, 26 cm diameter (af), together with two clear glass jars (3) £100-150
178.    A collection of 20th Century glass, including paperweights, trays and vases in a variety of colours and designs, including signed examples by Sekirk (12) £50-80
179.    A Hermes Saint-Louis crystal ice bucket, acid etched stencil to base, 12.5 cm high; together with an early 20th Century bachelor's decanter, and five short stemmed and footed liqueur glasses with etched decoration, 20.5 cm & 7 cm high £100-150
180.    A limited Edition Webb Corbett Ltd bust of Winston Churchill, modelled by Eric Griffiths, 167/250, 28 cm high £60-80
181.    An Isle of Wight glass paperweight in the Azurene design, signed 'Michael Harris' to the base, in original box £50-100
182.    A modern silver mounted cut glass decanter by Israel Freeman and Son, ovoid body, knopped stem, mushroom stopper, starcut base, white metal whisky label, 30 cm high, marked London 1977; together with a moulded glass example (2) £50-100
183.    A modern brass bound two bottle tantalus, square ring-neck diamond-cut decanters with faceted globular stoppers and labels, £50-80
184.    A cut glass comport, patterned bowl with lobed rim, faceted tapering stem, star cut circular base, 23 cm high; together with a cut glass ovoid jar and cover, star cut base, extensively decorated throughout, spreading cover with hexagonal tapering finial, 22.5 cm high (2) £50-100
185.    A collection of Stuart 'Westbury' pattern glass, comprising approximately 60 pieces, including a decanter, tumblers, hock glasses, wine glasses, liqueur glasses and others, together with two glass vases £100-150
186.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, pattern FT35, a moulded 'Marguerite' floor vase of squared sleeve form with three plain sides and a stylised Daisy on the other, in Teal 30 cm £50-100
187.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, pattern FT35, a moulded 'Marguerite' floor vase of squared sleeve form with three plain sides and a stylised Daisy on the other, in Kingfisher 38 cm £50-100
188.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, pattern FT35, a moulded 'Marguerite' floor vase of squared sleeve form with three plain sides and a stylised Daisy on the other, in Green 39cm £50-100
189.    Frank Thrower and Woods Brothers for Dartington Glass, a large Candy vase pattern FT223 in Green 28.5 cm. Only produced for six months in 1978, designed by Frank Thrower and made by Woods Brothers for Dartington. Original box. Quite scarce. Ref:- Dartington Glass - The First 20 years - Smithson, p80. £30-50
190.    Frank Thrower and Woods Brothers for Dartington Glass, a large Inkwell vase pattern FT224 in Amber 27 cm. Only produced for six months in 1978, designed by Frank Thrower and made by Woods Brothers for Dartington.. Quite scarce. Ref:- Dartington Glass - The First 20 years - Smithson, p81. £30-50
191.    Attributed to Hans Eric Anderson for Dartington Glass, a trio of short, footed candlesticks, pattern D69 13 cm, one in Kingfisher and two in Midnight, with a single D71 stick 19 cm in Midnight (4) £30-50
192.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of five FT228 small 'Marguerite' vases, early version with square top, two standing at 18.5 cm and three at 16 cm, all in Flint (5) £30-50
193.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a trio of small FT228 'Marguerite' vases, later round top version, two each of 18.5 and 16 cm, in varying shades of blue (3) £30-50
194.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of FT59 'Daisy' vases, 17 (2), 14.5 (2) and 12 cm (3) in Flint, Kingfisher, Midnight and Flame (8) £30-50
195.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of FT58 'Greek Key' vases, comprising a trio of large 23 cm examples, two in Flint and one in Midnight, plus thee smaller 14 cm in Cobalt, Flint and Midnight (6) £40-60
196.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of candleholders comprising a single FT92 'Nipple' 7 cm,, two FT61 'Abstract' 11 cm, four FT195 'Textured' 9 cm (of which two are boxed with candles) and FT98 'Polar' 6.5 cm (6) variously in Flint, Kingfisher, Midnight and Flame, (13) £40-60
197.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a trio of hexagonal vases FT84 9.5 cm, and FT96 8 cm in Kingfisher and Flint, plus an FT108 11 cm 2 nipple example in Flint (3) £30-50
198.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of posy vases to include FT2 Abstract 8.5 cm in Flint (2), Midnight (2) and Kingfisher (1) along with three FT72 Squat Greek Key 9 cm, each in Flint, Kingfisher and Midnight (8) £30-50
199.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of FT101 large square Polar vases with flared rims 11.5 cm in Kingfisher (2), Midnight (2 - one boxed) and Flint (5) £30-50
200.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of FT66 square Abstract vases with flared rims 12.5 cm in Kingfisher (3), Flint and Midnight (5) £30-50
201.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of FT101 small flared rim Polar vases 9 cm in Midnight (3) Kingfisher (2), and one each in Flint and Flame (7) £30-50
202.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a trio of FT292/291 Mucho Macho heavy figural style solifleur vases 18.5, 14 and 13.5 cm, and a pair of FT359 'Primavera' candle holder 18.5 cm, all in Flint (5) £30-50
203.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a quartet of FT95 'X Certificate' four nipple hexagonal vases 15 cm in Midnight (2), Kingfisher and Flint, along with two FT94 three nipple candleholders 13 cm, in Flint and Midnight (6) £30-50
204.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a group of FT88 hexagonal squat candleholder 8 cm, to consist of two trios each in Kingfisher and Midnight, and single examples in Cobalt, Flint and Flame (9) £40-60
205.    Frank Thrower for Dartington Glass, a small group of drinks/tableware to include an FT85 Decanter, FT109/4 'Polar' jug and a pair of FT109/6 'Polar' Hi-ball glasses all in Midnight (4) £30-50
206.    Late 20th Century Dartington Crystal, a large purse shaped glass vase of flattened lozenge form with pale green applied random strapping over a clear ground 28 cm h. Etched factory mark to base, and circular black and gold label to lower. £30-50
207.    Dartington/Wedgwood (English Country Crystal) 1982-86, a quartet of saucer top FJT6 Hexagonal vases, 25.5, 21, 20.5 and 16 cm with a pair of FJT2 'Grace' solifleur vase 23 cm (one boxed), all in Midnight (6) £30-50
208.    Dartington/Wedgwood (English Country Crystal) 1982-86, two FJT7 'George' candleholders, two FJT5 'Orson' vases, an FJT4 'Sarah' optic solifleur vase, a 'Devon' optic bud vase , and a boxed 'Helene' comport, all in midnight(7) £40-60
209.    Dartington/Wedgwood (English Country Crystal) 1982-86, a group of W29 'Arthur' candleholders, comprising two boxed examples 13 and 19 cm and a pair (one boxed) 27 cm examples, all in Midnight, another 19 cm in Flint, and an unusual Topaz example 13 cm, plus two W30 'Diana' candlesticks 20 and 13 cm in Midnight (8) £50-100
210.    A collection of four Mdina items of glassware, including a horse headed paperweight, a vase, a scent bottle and a goblet, all signed (4) £40-60
211.    A large collection of 20th Century glassware, including vases, bowls, jugs and paperweights in a range of colours (25+) £40-60
212.    A pair of Tiffany style table lamps, shades of leaded stained glass with floral motifs, brass knopped bases (2) £100-200
213.    A René Lalique opalescent and frosted glass 'Ceylan' pattern vase, of tapering cylindrical form, moulded in relief with pairs of budgerigars perched on foliage, wheel etched 'R Lalique France', no.905, 24.5 cm high £500-700
214.    A Rene Lalique opalescent and frosted glass 'Chicoree' pattern bowl, circa 1930, the exterior moulded with radiating leaves, etched 'R. Lalique France' to the base, 24cm diameter £100-200
215.    Rene Lalique opalescent and frosted glass 'Ormeaux' pattern charger, circa 1931, the outside moulded with fern leaves, etched 'R Lalique France' on underside, 35cm diameter £100-200
216.    A pair of Mr and Mrs glass snowmen, frosted glass bodies, colourless glass accessories, and metal arms, 30.5 cm high (2) £50-100
217.    A pair of Chinese cherry amber models of Buddhist lion dogs, one with ball, the other with cub, each 7 cm high, cased £300-500
218.    Two Chinese carved and pierced soapstone plaques, comprising a carved circular example in the form of a dragon, 15 cm diameter; the other with two dragons back-to-back, 17 cm wide, both cased (2) £80-120
219.    A Chinese hardstone footed bowl, 11 cm diameter £80-120
220.    An early 20th Century Japanese bronzed spelter vase, ovoid body, slender neck, relief decoration of cockerels to body and dragon to neck, character marks to base, 40 cm high £50-100
221.    A collection of Asian bone items, including a brass bound trinket box, applied brass elephant to hinged lid, four scrimshaw sword handles decorated with figures and landscapes; and four carvings of birds £40-60
222.    A group of Asian laquered boxes and pots, including papier mache, wooden and modern plastic examples, inlaid or painted decoration, two containing matching sets of ashtrays (6) £30-50
223.    A 19th Century Japanese mammoth ivory carving of a wise man being brought offerings by his student, 20 cm long, together with a modern hardwood stand (2) £400-600
224.    A 20th Century Chinese porcelain figure of a scholar, holding a scroll and staff (missing top of staff), impressed character marks to base, on a wooden stand, 38 cm high (excluding stand) £50-100
225.    A 19th Century Chinese soapstone teapot, the upper section carved to resemble a floral wreath, with a bird perched on the lid and the handle modelled as a twisted stick, 8 cm high £150-200
226.    A Chinese pewter bowl, the sides decorated with etchings of birds, flowers and classical figures, the two handles formed as the faces of temple dogs, supported on four feet, marks to base, 9.5 cm high, together with a ceramic glazed cup, 6.5 cm high and a section of beaded textiles (3) £50-100
227.    A wooden Buddha figure with carved features, 12.5 cm, together with a bronze horse, 12 cm and a carved wooden pot with contents 4.5 cm (3) £80-120
228.    A 19th Century Chinese bronze censer, the bowl of squat globular form with twin handles, on three raised feet with six character mark to the underside, 14.5 cm wide x 9 cm high £150-200
229.    A Chinese canton glazed bowl, decorated with flowers and butterflies, placed upon a carved wooden stand (af), 23 cm diameter £50-100
230.    An Indian wooden and brass inlaid twin-handled tray on stand, tray with central bird medallion surrounded by leaf and vine inlaid and relief decoration, stand with foliate decoration, stretchered supports, 76 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 69 cm high £50-80
231.    A modern Chinese lacquered folding table screen depicting the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, six sectioned, printed decoration to both sides, 23.5 cm high £50-80
232.    A 20th Century Japanese tea service, consisting of six cups and saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug and teapot af. decorated with figures in traditional dress (15) £50-100
233.    A Chinese crackle glazed baluster vase and cover, polychrome enamel warriors on cream crackle ground, moulded bands, character marks to base, 27 cm high (vase filled with contents) £50-100
234.    A Chinese celadon glazed stoneware model of a warrior, sitting cross-legged holding a lamp, impressed character marks to base, 13 cm high £50-80
235.    A pair of Japanese porcelain 'handbag' vases, applied dragon decoration, 16.5 cm high, marked to base; together with a 20th Century twin-handled ceramic vase, bird and foliate decoration on mottled blue ground, character marks to base, 18.5 cm high (3) £50-100
236.    An Indian walking stick, with lion head handle, snake twisting around shaft, and decorated with other animals including leopard, pangolin, dog and rabbit, most animals with glass beads for eyes; together with a knobbly stick, possibly Irish (2) £150-200
237.    A Tutsi beaded short sword, together with ten spears, some beaded (11) £100-150
238.    A tribal musical instrument club, 56 cm long £40-60
239.    A Zulu cowhide shield, assegai spear, and knobkerrie/club with offset head (3) £30-50
240.    A wooden pot with lid modelled as Cenufo lady on stool with pot on head, together with a Cenufo double faced mask, snake skin and brass antelope decorated pipe and copper bowl, brass necklace pendant, and a similar mask signed to back £50-100
241.    An Egyptian cartonnage fragment, possibly Roman period, sectioned painted panels depicting winged Isis and others, fragement of a cover from the mummy of a woman called Tijemesh (according to label on reverse of frame), 34 cm x 22 cm; Provenance: Sir William Howard Russell, by whom presented to Rev. C. E. Tisdall (according to label), framed and glazed £200-300
242.    A large African hide drum, 56 cm diameter 50 cm high £50-100
243.    An Ife wooden head, on plinth base, 38 cm high £40-60
244.    A Benin carved wooden seat, two sections, mask and floral decoration, 60 cm high; together with a Benin ebony mask, a Moroccan jambiya, a Kamba carved wooden figure, 13.5 cm high, and a carved wooden panel depicting figures dancing, 92 cm high £40-60
245.    A Yoruba carved wooden panel, depicting a blessing ceremony, 31.5 cm x 45.5 cm; together with a carnelian agate necklace, possibly restrung with later plastic beads (2) £50-100
246.    19th Century British School oil on canvas, 'Travellers on a Rural Road at Dusk', indistinctly signed (lower right), 30.5 cm x 40.5 cm, framed £50-100
247.    William Stone (1842-1913) oil on canvas, 'Traveller on a Path near a Lake', signed 'WStone' (lower right), 41 cm x 61 cm, framed £80-120
248.    Late 19th Century British School oil on canvas, 'Taking in the Harvest', indistinctly signed (lower right), 22.5 cm x 33 cm, framed; together with Reginald Jones (1857-1920) watercolour on paper, 'Cattle Grazing', signed 'Reginald Jones' (lower left), 24 cm x 34 cm, framed and glazed; and Eric G. Eustace (20th Century) pencil and watercolour on paper, 'Dunstable Priory Church', signed 'Eric G. Eustace' (lower left), 20.5 cm x 43 cm, framed and glazed (3) £50-100
249.    Guy Krohg (1917-2002) oil on canvas, 'Portrait of a Woman Preparing Food', signed and dated 'guy Krohg'/1923' (lower right), 55 cm x 33 cm; together with 'Per Krohg', exh. cat. Galerie Rambert, 1986 (2) £50-100
250.    17th Century English School oil on panel, 'Coat of Arms of Charles I', 94 cm x 104 cm, framed £100-150
251.    Mid 20th Century British School oil on board, 'Portrait of a Lady in an Armchair', signed and dated '* Anderson 64' (lower right), 73 cm x 57 cm, framed £50-80
252.    •David Hyde (b. 1929) oil on canvas, 'Middle-Eastern Street Scene', signed 'David Hyde' (lower left), framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
253.    Roger John Collins (20th Century) oil on board, 'Still Life with Vase of Flowers on Marble Plinth', signed 'Roger John' (lower right), 48.5 cm x 68 cm; together with 20th Century oil on canvas, 'Still Life with Urn of Flowers', signed 'Jan' (lower right), 62 cm x 75 cm; 20th Century oil on board, 'Still life with Vase of Flowers and Grapes in a Wooded Landscape' signed 'Glanderman' (lower right), 60.5 cm x 50.5 cm; and two oleographs, all framed (5) £80-120
254.    Haydn Cornner (b.1961) three oil on boards, 'Study of a Horse', 'Study of a Pig' and 'Study of a Cow', each signed 'H.CORNNER' (lower right), 16.5 cm x 24 cm; together with Robert Hughes (20th Century) three oil on boards, 'Avebury Village - Summer', 1985, 8.5 cm x 11 cm; 'The Waterfall', 1985, 6.7 cm x 5 cm; and 'Wiltshire Lane', 1984, 4.8 cm x 6.3 cm, each signed and dated, all framed (6) £50-100
255.    •Keith Gretton (b. 1934) acrylic on canvas, 'Dressed Up', signed 'Keith Gretton' (lower right) and titled and further signed to verso, 51 cm x 45.5 cm, framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
256.    •Laura Staniland Roberts (1906-1994) oil on board, 'Still Life with Flowers in a Jug', signed 'LROBERTS' (lower right), 45.5 cm x 35, framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-70
257.    •Lydia Corbett (b.1934) oil on board, 'The Hydrangea Cat', signed 'Lydia Corbett' (lower right) and further inscribed 'Sylvette David' (lower left), 39 cm x 64 cm, framed and glazed; Lydia Corbett was previously known as Sylvette David and was one of Picasso's muses in the 1950s, becoming the subject of over 40 works, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £200-400
258.    After Paul Falconer Poole RA (1806-1879) oil on canvas, 'Crossing the Heath on a Windy Day', bears a signature (lower right), 52 cm x 69 cm, framed £100-200
259.    Jan Vakowskaï (1932-2006) oil on canvas, 'Cheval d'Orgueil', 1993, signed, dated and titled to verso, 60 cm x 73 cm, framed £50-100
260.    David Farquharson (1839-1907) oil on canvas, 'River Landscape', signed 'David Farquharson' (lower left), 59 cm x 89.5 cm, framed £100-150
261.    Hermann Osthoff (1879-1918) oil on board, 'River Landscape with Forest', monogrammed 'H.O.' (lower left), 40.5 x 52.5 cm, framed £100-150
262.    Otto Gampert (1842-1924) oil on board, 'Quarry at Grafrath', monogrammed 'O.G.' (lower left), further inscribed and titled to verso, 33 cm x 47 cm, framed £120-180
263.    Reinholdt Nielsen (1891-1984) oil on canvas, 'Rocky Coastal Landscape', signed 'Reinholdt Nielsen' and further inscribed (lower right), 67 cm x 86 cm, framed
264.    1980s British School pair of acryllic on board, 'Studies for a BP calendar depicting British waterways and bridges, including Monmouth Bridge', 48 cm x 36 cm, framed and glazed (one glazing af) (2) £50-100
265.    Early 18th Century Dutch School oil on canvas, 'Portrait of a Gentleman Holding a Sword', 71 cm x 59 cm, framed (af) £200-300
266.    •Christine Wieland (20th Century) oil on canvas, 'No. 242', monogrammed (lower left), 80 cm x 60 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £150-200
267.    •Christine Wieland (20th Century) oil on canvas, 'No. 243', monogrammed (lower left), 100 cm x 100 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £200-300
268.    •Tim Williams (Contemporary) oil on canvas, 'Stags in a Forest', 2009, 50 cm x 60 cm, framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £100-150
269.    •Anna Varella (b. 1971) acrylic on board, 'Floral Still Life with Cat', signed and dated 'Anna Varella/2009' to verso, 100 cm x 75 cm, framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £100-150
270.    •Philip Marchington (b.1934) oil on canvas, 'Marine Scene with the Mount Stewart', signed 'Philip/MARCHINGTON' (lower right), 72 cm x 106 cm, framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
271.    •Laura Williamson (Contemporary) acrylic on canvas, 'Cordillera', signed 'Laura' (lower right), 42 cm x 59 cm framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £80-120
272.    •Laura Williamson (Contemporary) acrylic on canvas, 'Shamal', signed 'Laura' (lower right), 42 cm x 59 cm framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT
273.    •Carol Gillan (b.1961) acryllic on canvas, 'Steady...', signed 'CGillan' (lower left), 35.5 cm x 91.5 cm framed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £100-200
274.    20th Century British School oil on card, 'Fishing Boats on the Beach at Night', 16 cm x 28.5 cm,; together with J. Clutterbuck (20th Century) watercolour on paper, The Fens', signed 'Jn Clutterbuck', 17.5 cm x 23.8 cm; a similar watercolour by Clutterbuck and two 20th Century watercolours, all framed and glazed (5) £30-50
275.    •Fred Jay Girling (1900-1982) watercolour and gouache on paper, 'Marine Scene with MV Lairds Loch', signed 'FRED JAY GIRLING' (lower left), 25 cm x 37 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £100-150
276.    •Stephen McKenna (1939-2017) watercolour on paper, 'Study of Jacques-Louis David's "The Death of Marat"', signed and dated 'Stephen McKenna 1969' (lower right), 73.5 cm x 55.5 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £200-400
277.    •Ronald Maddox (1930-2018) watercolour and gouache on paper, 'Maltings at Letheringsett, Norfolk', signed 'Ronald Maddox' (lower right), 34.5 cm x 47 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £80-120
278.    Albert E. Hurst (20th Century) two watercolours on paper, 'Infirmary Locks, Blackburn', signed and dated 'Albert E. Hurst - 75' (lower right), 25.5 cm x 35.5 cm; 'Hikers in the Trough of Bowland', signed and dated 'Albert E. Hurst - 88' (lower right), 25.5 cm x 36 cm; together with John Barber (20th Century) acrylic on card, 'North American Squirrel', 24 cm x 23 cm; John Barber watercolour an pencil on paper, 'Midsummer Canal from the Maltings', signed and dated 'John Barber '97' and titled (lower right), 18 cm x 25 cm; and Valerie Thornton (1931-1991) limited edition coloured etching, 'Waterfront, Kings Lynn', signed, titled and numbered in pencil to margin, no 25/70, 40 cm x 62 cm (5) £80-120
279.    Andy Le Poidevin, watercolour on paper, 'One of the Bridges, Kintbury', signed and dated 'A.C.G.LePoidevin92' (lower left), 15 cm x 20 cm; together with four watercolours comprising, Hugh Ennion (20th Century), 'Venetian View', signed 'Hugh Ennion' (lower right), 13.5 cm x 18 cm; Hugh Ennion, 'Blickling Hall', signed 'Hugh Ennion' (lower left), 10 cm x 20 cm, James Wilkie (20th Century), 'Village Church', 25.5 cm x 36.5 cm; and John Barber (20th Century) 'The House on the Hill, La Rochefoucauld, France, signed 'John Barber' (lower left), all framed and glazed (5) £50-100
280.    Charles Bentley OWS (1806-1854) watercolour and pencil with scratching out on paper, 'Coastal Scene with Shipping', signed 'C.Bentley' (lower right), 10.6 cm x 14.5 cm, framed and glazed; Provenance: with David Messum Fine Art £150-250
281.    •Neil Westwood (b.1947) watercolour on paper, 'Farmyard Scene', signed 'Neil Westwood' (lower left), 29 cm x 39.5 cm, framed and glazed. ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £40-60
282.    Kevin Hughes (b.1947) watercolour on paper, 'River Neet at Stratton, Cornwall', signed 'Kevin Hughes' (lower left), 40 cm x 33.5 cm, framed and glazed; together with Peter W. Lamb (1905-1963) pastel on paper, 'Forest in North America', signed 'PWLamb' (lower left), 47.5 cm x 57 cm, framed and glazed (2) £80-120
283.    •Edgars Vinters (1919-2014) pair of watercolours on paper, 'The Pine Forest' and 'Autumn Dusk', each signed and dated 'EVinters/97', 46 cm x 61 cm, framed and glazed (2), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £100-150
284.    •Jenny Jowett (Contemporary) two watercolours and pencil on paper, 'Nerine' and ''Tulip Douglas Bader', each signed 'Jenny Jowett' (lower right) and titled (lower left), the former 50.5 cm x 33.5 cm, the latter 43 cm x 31 cm, both framed and glazed (2), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
285.    •Jenny Jowett (Contemporary) set of four watercolour and pencil on paper, 'Galanthus Straffari', 'Galanthus Primrose Warburg', 'Galanthus Atkinsii' and 'Galanthus Elwesii Hiemalis Group', each signed 'Jenny Jowett' (lower right) and titled (lower left), 25 cm x 17.5 cm, framed and glazed (4), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
286.    •Jenny Jowett (Contemporary) three watercolours and pencil on paper, 'Galanthus Reginae-Olgae', 'Galanthus S. Arnott', and 'Snowdrops', each signed 'Jenny Jowett' (lower right) and two titled (lower left), 30 cm x 22.5 cm, 25.5 cm x 17.5 cm, 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm, each framed and glazed (3), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
287.    Three pencil and watercolours of botanical subjects, comprising Barbara Watson (1893-1978) 'Roses', monogrammed and dated (lower centre) 35 cm diameter (roundel); Adrian Dawnay (Contemporary) 'White Lily Casablanca Scented', signed dated and titled (lower right), 62.5 cm x 83 cm; and 20th Century 'Pandorea Jasminoides' 28.5 cm x 23 cm (oval), all framed and glazed (3) £50-100
288.    Four watercolours on paper of still life subjects, comprising Gillian Thrower (20th Century), 'Still Life with Daisies', signed and dated 'Gillian Thrower '94' (lower right), 24.5 cm x 35 cm; 20th Century, 'Floral Still Life', indistinctly signed 'Caroline Dess**' (lower right), 34 cm x 23.5 cm; Judith Shelvey (Contemporary), 'Still Life with Basket of Mushrooms', signed and dated (lower right), 23.5 cm x 30.5 cm; and 20th Century, 'Bouquet of Flowers', 27 cm x 37 cm, all framed and glazed (4) £30-50
289.    Alfred Edward Parkman (1852-c.1930) watercolour on paper, 'Coastal Landscape at Dusk with Fishermen and Beached Boats', signed and dated 'Alfred Parkman 1903' (lower right), 22 cm x 32 cm; together with Joseph Compton Hall (1863-1937) watercolour and gouache on paper 'Shoreham', signed 'J Compton Hall' (lower right), dated and titled 'SHOREHAM Sept 1896' (lower left), 15.5 cm x 33 cm; A. F. Fry (20th Century) ink and watercolour on paper, 'Rough Sea by the Cliffs', signed 'A.F.Fry' (lower left), 5.5 cm x 20.5 cm; and Early 20th Century watercolour and pencil on paper, 'A Continental Harbour', 22 cm x 32 cm, all framed and glazed (4) £100-150
290.    William Stewart (1823-1906) watercolour and gouache on paper, 'Boats in Choppy Water', signed 'W.STEWART' (lower right), 14 cm x 37 cm; framed and glazed £80-120
291.    Manner of John Cleveley the Younger (1747-1786) watercolour and pencil on paper 'Harbour Scene with Men-of-War', 37 cm x 51 cm, framed and glazed £80-120
292.    Arthur Severn (1842-1931) watercolour on paper, 'Coastal Landscape at Dawn', signed 'A.Severn' (lower left), 14 cm x 22 cm, framed and glazed
293.    Frederick William Woledge (act. 1840-1895) watercolour on paper 'Figures outside the Church at Sompting', signed 'F.W.Woledge' (lower left), 14 cm x 21.5 cm, framed and glazed £80-120
294.    Late 19th Century British School watercolour on paper 'View of a Castle Gardens', 34.5 cm x 24.5 cm; together with Late 19th Century British School pencil and chalk heightened with white on paper, 'Figure praying in a Crypt', monogrammed 'CW' (lower left), 16 cm x 24 cm; Early 20th Century French School coloured etching, 'Carcassonne, L'Entrée du Chateau, signed 'Barday' and titled in pencil to margin', 16 cm x 24 cm, and a reproduction print of 19th Century figures playing cricket, 17 cm x 24 cm, all framed and glazed (4) £30-50
295.    Charles Frederick Buckley (1812-1869) watercolour and gouache on paper, 'Figures Stopping on the Road by the Chateau de Chillon', signed 'C F Buckley' (lower left), 37 cm x 26 cm, framed and glazed £80-120
296.    Maria Gianni (1873-1956) gouache on paper, 'Figures on a Mediterranean Coastal Path', signed 'M.Gianni' (lower left) 35.5 cm x 23 cm, framed and glazed £50-100
297.    A group of mostly 19th Century watercolours of continental subjects, including 19th Century British School, 'Travellers in a Mountainous Landscape', 19.5 cm x 29.5 cm, label to verso with attribution to Thomas Richard Hofland (1816-1876) to verso; 19th Century British School, 'View of the Acropolis', 7.5 cm x 12 cm; 19th Century After Francesco Foschi (1716-1780), 'On the Road to Loretto', 24 cm x 35 cm; 19th Century Continental School, 'Figures outside a Ruined Church', indistinctly signed (lower left), 43.5 cm x 28.5 cm; 19th Century Continental School, 'Washerwomen at the River Bank', 31.5 cm x 20.5 cm; Early 20th Century Continental School, 'A Mediterranean Bay', 12 cm x 19.5 cm, all framed and glazed (6) £80-120
298.    W. Smallwood Winder (Late 19th/Early 20th Century) pair of watercolour on paper, 'Highland Landscapes', each signed and dated 'W.SMALLWOOD WINDER 1902', 17 cm x 24 cm; together with three 19th Century British School watercolours on paper, comprising 'River Landscape with Mountains' signed '*Robertson' (lower left), 19.5 cm x 40.5 cm; 'The Shore, Torosay and Ardgous', monogrammed 'FR' (lower right), 17 cm x 24.5 cm, and 'Lake Landscape at Dawn', 15.5 cm x 24.5 cm, all framed and glazed (5) £50-100
299.    George Alexander (1832-1913) pair of watercolours on paper, 'Sheep by a Stream' and 'Cattle on a Path' each signed 'G.Alexander' (lower left), 34.5 cm x 50 cm; together with a three further watercolours on paper, comprising M. F. Thomas (19th Century), 'Fishing in the River', signed 'M.F.Thomas' (lower right), 27 cm x 37 cm; 19th Century Continental School, 'Mountainous Lake Landscape', 33.5 cm x 50 cm; and 20th Century British School, 'Rural Crossroads', monogrammed and dated 'N/72' (lower left), 26.5 cm x 44 cm, each framed and glazed (5) £50-100
300.    19th Century British School set of four watercolours on card, 'Lewes Castle', 'Seaford Bay', 'At Lambley, Notts', and 'On The Thames', 13 cm x 21 cm, each framed, three glazed (4) £30-50
301.    Leeson Rowbotham (20th Century) watercolour and gouache on paper, 'Winter in Sussex', signed 'LEESOn Rowbotham', 9.5 cm x 18 cm; together with three watercolours on paper, comprising 19th Century British School, 'Mountainous Landscape with Lake', indistinctly signed and dated '1873' (lower left), 15.5 cm x 24.5 cm; 19th Century Continental School, 'Cattle by a Lake in a Mountainous Landscape', 27 cm x 36.5 cm; and 20th Century British School, 'Highland Cattle', 11 cm x 16 cm, each framed and glazed (4) £50-100
302.    Tom Rourdon (Late 19th Century) watercolour on paper, 'View of the River Lyd in Dartmoor', signed and dated 'Tom Roudon/98' (lower left), 17.5 cm x 30 cm; together with six 19th Century British School watercolours an pencil on paper, depicting landscapes and seascapes, each 16 cm x 24.5 cm, framed as two; and Early 20th Century British School watercolour on paper, 'River Landscape', indistinctly signed and dated 'F.E*t* 1912' (lower left), 16.5 cm x 29.5 cm, all framed and glazed (4) £30-50
303.    John H. Tyson (act.1886-1905) two watercolours on paper, 'Rural Landscape with River and Fields', signed 'John H. Tyson' (lower left), 24.5 cm x 40 cm; 'Extensive Rural Landscape with Hillside Town in the Distance', signed John H. Tyson (lower right), 20.5 cm x 34 cm; together with three watercolours and gouaches on paper, comprising R. Curzon (Late 19th Century), 'A Drover and his Cattle Passing a Rural Cottage', signed and dated 'R.Curzon/1879' (lower left), 16.2 cm x 24.5 cm; and Early 20th Century British School pair, 'Rural Cottage' and 'Flooded Road', each indistinctly signed, 13 cm x 29 cm, all framed and glazed (5) £40-60
304.    Lucretia Johnson (Late 19th/Early 20th Century) watercolour on card, 'Wooded Landscape with Daffodils', signed 'Lucretia Johnson' (lower right), 26 cm x 36 cm; together with Joie Welbrook-Smith, pastel on paper 'The Test near Longparish', monogrammed 'JWS' (lower right), 36.5 cm x 47 cm; Late 19th Century British School, watercolour on paper, 'View of a Meadow with Church in the background', 19 cm x 26.5 cm, all framed and glazed, T.J.Greenwood (20th Century) limited edition etching, 'Shrew', monogrammed in the plate and signed and numbered 16/50 in pencil to margin, 8 cm x 6.5 cm (4) £30-50
305.    Cecil Jack Keats (Late 19th/Early 20th Century) pair of watercolours on paper, 'Bringing in the Harvest' and 'Rural Landscape with a Figure in a Punt in the Foreground', each signed 'C.J.Keats' (lower left), 31 cm x 48.5 cm; together with three further watercolours on paper, comprising John Mercer (19th Century), 'A Winter Scene', 32 cm x 25.5 cm; J. Ward (Early 20th Century), 'Postman outside of a Rural Cottage', signed 'J.Ward' (lower right); and 19th Century British School, 'Stop on the Road with Cattle Watering', 18.5 cm x 24 cm, label to Mary Anne Roundell to verso, all framed and glazed (5) £100-150
306.    •Andrew Archer Gamley RSW (1869-1949) watercolour on paper, 'Winter Landscape with Two Figures in the Snow', signed 'andrew Gamley' (lower right), 28 cm x 37.5 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-80
307.    Jan Harbon (Contemporary) three watercolours on paper, 'Studies of Flowers' each signed 'J Harbon' (lower right), 14.5 cm x 12.5 cm; 18.5 cm x 13 cm; 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm, each framed and glazed (3) £50-70
308.    •Peter Rush (b.1937) watercolour pen and pencil on card, 'Illustration for Jackanory', signed and dated 'Peter Rush BBC TV '77' (lower right), 49 cm x 63 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
309.    Victor Veilinsky (20th Century) watercolour on paper, 'Landscape with Two Figures', monogrammed (lower right) and inscribed to verso, 38.5 cm x 21.5 cm, framed and glazed £50-100
310.    W. Wray (20th Century) pair of pencil watercolour and gouache on paper, 'Middle-Eastern Coastal Landscape with Figures Conversing' and 'Middle-Eastern Coastal Landscape with Camel Riders', each signed 'W.Wray' (lower right), 18.5 cm x 35.5 cm, framed and glazed (2) £50-100
311.    20th Century French School four pencil and watercolours on paper, 'Mule de Boudoir', 'Soulier Stella', 'Soulier de Luxe' and 'Mule Parisienne', each inscribed with title, 30 cm x 38.5 cm, framed and glazed (4); Provenance: Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo £80-120
312.    Melanie Davis (20th Century) watercolour on paper 'Play with Me', signed 'M Davis' (lower right), 17 cm x 25 cm; together with two prints of cats; Late 19th Century French School watercolour on paper, 'Bridge Leading to a Chateau', indistinctly signed, inscribed, and dated '1888' (lower right), 12 cm x 16.5 cm; Jean Hutchinson (20th Century) pastel on paper, 'Lost Garden of Heligan', signed J.Hutchinson (lower left), 30 cm x 22.5 cm; Jill Hallett (Contemporary) watercolour and pencil on paper, 'What's for Pudding? Harvest Mice', monogrammed 'JH' (lower right), 29 cm x 20 cm, all framed and glazed except one (6) £30-50
313.    John Rock Jones (c.1840-1896) watercolour on paper, 'River Landscape with a Castle and Cattle by the Shore', signed 'JROCK JONES' (lower right), 24 cm x 32.5 cm, framed and glazed £40-60
314.    S.P.G. Donnell (20th Century) pair of gouache on card, 'Blue Tits' and 'Birds on a Branch', each signed and dated (lower right), 36 cm x 31.5 cm, one framed and glazed; together with E.H.Bibbing (20th Century), watercolour and gouache on paper, 'Birds on the Shore', signed and dated 'E.H.BIBBING.1959' (lower left), 22 cm x 30 cm, framed and glazed; after Wilhelm Buehler (1924-2009) two lithographs, 'Graufalke/Black Shouldered Kite' and 'Baumfalke/Tree Falcon', each 38.5 cm x 29 cm, framed and glazed (5) £30-50
315.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976) mixed media on paper, 'Design for The Winter's Tale, depicting Chorus as Time, signed Osborne Robinson (lower right), 72.5 cm x 56 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £150-200
316.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976), pencil ink and wash on paper, 'Set Design for The Emerald Castle of the Wizard of Oz' signed 'OSBORNE ROBINSON' (lower right) and further inscribed to mount, 30.5 cm x 38 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £150-200
317.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976), pencil ink and watercolour on paper, 'Set Design for 'Marriage à la Mode', signed 'OSBORNE ROBINSON' (upper right) and further inscribed to mount, 35.5 cm x 48 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £150-200
318.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976) three pencil ink and watercolour on paper costume designs for Marriage à la Mode, 'Argaleon', 'Hermogenes' and 'Doralice' each signed 'OSBORNE ROBINSON' (upper right) and further inscribed to mounts, 44 x 35.5 cm (3), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £500-700
319.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976) three mixed media on paper costume designs for Macbeth, 'Cloak for Macbeth', 'Lady Macbeth Cloak with a Further Depiction of Lady Macbeth to verso' and 'Lady Macbeth Nightrobe' each signed 'OSBORNE ROBINSON' (upper right) and titled (upper left), black framing lines, 59 cm x 47 cm, probably from the 1938 RSC performance (3), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT
320.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976), pencil ink and watercolour on paper, 'Masquerade Costume', signed 'OSBORNE ROBINSON' (lower left), titled (upper right) and further inscribed, 49.5 cm x 38 cm, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £100-150
321.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976) two mixed media on card, 'Easter 1194 Richard Coeur de Lion at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre', signed 'OSBORNE ROBINSON' (lower right within black framing lines) and extensively inscribed, 54.5 cm x 42.5 cm; 'Queen Elizabeth I Visits Northampton 1564', signed 'OSBORNE ROBINSON' (lower left within black framing lines) and extensively inscribed, 53 cm x 36 cm, possibly designs for murals for the Grosvenor Centre, Northampton (2), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
322.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976) three pencil ink and watercolour on card, 'Brochure Design for Royal Theatre Northampton', signed and dated 'OSBOURNE ROBINSON 1971' (lower right outside of the framing lines) and further inscribed, 49 cm x 41.5 cm; 'Adventure in Repertory: Northampton Repertory Theatre 1927-1948', monogrammed 'O.R' (lower left) and extensively inscribed outside of the framing lines, 54 cm x 76 cm; and 'Signing of Magna Carta', design for a mural at Academy of Freedom, Howard Payne College, Texas, signed and titled outside the framing lines, 40.5 x 46.5 cm (3), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £80-120
323.    •Thomas Osborne Robinson (1904-1976) two watercolour and pencil on paper, 'Workers outside the Factory Gates', signed 'TOSBORNE ROBINSON' (lower right), 40 cm x 47; 'A Shop in Montmartre, Paris', signed and titled to mount, dated 'August 1926' (lower right) and further indistinctly inscribed, 26.5 cm x 24 cm; together with Thomas Osborne Robinson pencil and ink on paper, 'Interior of a Grocers', signed and dated 'OSBORNE ROBINSON 70' (lower right), 26 cm x 44 cm (3), ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
324.    William Henry Pearson (Late 19th/Early 20th Century) watercolour and pencil on paper, 'Off Deal, Kent', signed, dated and titled 'OffDeal/WHPearson/02' (lower left), 26 cm x 48.5 cm, framed and glazed £50-100
325.    Four botanical watercolour and pencil studies, including Peter Pitcairn (20th Century) 'Study of Mushrooms', 13.5 cm x 27 cm; Emily Westwood (20th Century) 'Floral Study, 12 cm x 9 cm oval; and two others, all framed and glazed £50-100
326.    Jules Pascin (1885-1930), pencil on paper, 'Study of a Female Nude Back' (recto) and 'Study of a Female Nude Side and Bust Study' (verso), recto with signature stamp (Lugt 2014a) and studio stamp (L.2014b), verso with signature stamp, 30 cm x 20.6 cm £150-200
327.    Marissa Davies (20th Century) chalks on paper, 'Two Figures, One Holding a Scroll', signed and dated to mount 'Marissa Davies '86', 76 cm x 56 cm, framed and glazed £80-120
328.    Krome Barratt (1924-1990) ink on paper, 'Light 141-73', signed and inscribed '3579APL. KROME' (lower right) and further inscribed to verso, 26.5 cm x 37 cm, framed and sectionally glazed; together with Krome Barratt 'Logic and Design in Art, Science and Mathematics' (George Godwin Ltd, 1980), signed by the author (2) £50-100
329.    Late 18th Century English School miniature on ivory, 'Portrait of Hon. Mrs Bouverie', inscribed to backing, 6.9 cm x 5.4 cm, framed and glazed to recto and verso; together with a plaster bust of a cherub, 6 cm high £50-100
330.    Late 19th/Early 20th Century British school miniature on card, 'Portrait of a Judge', 5.7 cm x 4.9 cm, framed, glazed and in a tooled leather case £50-100
331.    After David Roberts (1796-1864) lithograph, 'General View of the Ruins of Luxor from the Nile', 32.5 cm x 49 cm, framed and glazed; together with Henry George Walker (1876-1932) coloured etching, 'Harbour Scene', signed in pencil to margin, 14.5 cm x 26 cm, framed and glazed (2) £50-100
332.    Michael Oelman (b. 1941) limited edition coloured etching, 'Love at First Sight', signed, titled and numbered in pencil to margin, no. 142/150, Christie's blindstamp, 35.5 cm x 29.5 cm, framed and glazed; together with Glynn Thomas (b. 1946) limited edition coloured aquatint, 'Along the Stour', signed, titled and numbered in pencil to margin, no. 105/150, Christie's blindstamp, 48 cm x 34 cm, framed and glazed (2) £50-100
333.    Man Ray (1890-1976) lithograph on paper, 'Nudo', artist's proof of an edition of 100, 1964, signed in pencil and further inscribed 'Anatom - Epreuve d'Artiste' to margin, contemporary inscription to verso, 50 cm x 66 cm; a variation on Man Ray's 'Venus Restaurée' £300-500
334.    Jules Pascin (1885-1930) limited edition etching, 'The Prodigal Son', stamped with signature (Lugt 2014a), numbered an inscribed in pencil '27/100 - Bien Affectueusement a Jaqueline/Avril 1962 - Lucy' and further inscribed with title, 33 cm x 47 cm £80-120
335.    Jules Pascin (1885-1930) two limited edition etchings, 'Young Women', stamped with signature (Lugt 2014a), numbered and inscribed '14/50 affectueusement a Jaqueline Lucy/Avril 1962' and further inscribed with title, 12.7 cm x 17.6 cm; 'Six Female Nudes', stamped with signature (Lugt 2014a), numbered and inscribed '14/100 Avril 1962-/a Jaqueline avec mon affection/lLucy and further inscribed with title, 11.5 cm x 9.5 cm (2) £100-150
336.    Jules Pascin (1885-1930) two etchings, 'Seeing New York', stamped with signature (Lugt 2014a), inscribed '... a Jaqueline et Ivor affectueusement Lucy Octobre 1966' and further inscribed, 12 cm x 15 cm; limited edition 'Tribute to Venus', stamped with signature (Lugt 2014a), numbered and inscribed '14/100 en toute affection/ a Jaqueline/Avril 1962 Lucy, 17 cm x 24 cm (2) £100-150
337.    19th Century after Rembrandt van Rijn etching, 'Portrait of Cornelis Claesz Anslo', 18 cm x 15 cm, framed and glazed £50-100
338.    A 1903 calendar for Eastmans, three roundels with beauties representing England, Scotland and Ireland, 58.5 cm x 40.5 cm; together with a pair of reproduction prints after Alphonse Mucha for Moët & Chandon, each 63 cm x 25 cm, all framed and glazed (3) £50-100
339.    •Denis Ryan R.W.S (Contemporary) limited edition print, 'Blundels School - View of the Tower and Chapel', 25 cm x 37 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
340.    •Christopher Corr (b. 1955) limited edition lithograph, 'The Holi Elephant's Parade', signed and numbered in pencil to margin, 25/125, 53.5 cm x 27 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £50-100
341.    After Anthony Brandt (1925-2009) limited edition lithograph, 'Amor Expectant', 3rd edition proof no. 133, 79 cm x 52 cm, framed and glazed £50-80
342.    Three early 19th Century later hand coloured maps published by Charles Smith, comprising 'The World on Mercator's Projection', 27 cm x 36 cm; 'England and Wales', 36 cm x 27 cm; and 'Scotland' with inset map of the Shetland Isles, 36 cm x 27 cm, each with later annotations, framed and glazed (3) £80-120
343.    After Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833-1898) two late 19th/early 20th Century photograveures, comprising 'The Annunciation', 51 cm x 21 cm; and 'Aurora', 47 cm x 19.5 cm, each framed and glazed (2) £120-180
344.    After Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833-1898) late 19th/early 20th Century photograveure, 'Mirror of Venus', 30.5 cm x 51 cm; together with After Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) photogravure, 'Dante's Dream', published by Felix Rosenstiel', 30 cm x 45 cm, both framed and glazed £80-120
345.    A collection of antique maps of Lancashire, including examples by Robert Morden, John Seller, John Cary, William Henry Toms, R. Creighton, and others, all later hand coloured, framed and glazed (6) £100-150
346.    Christopher Saxton later hand coloured map of Lancashire engraved by William Hole, 'Lancastriae Comitatus Palatinus Olim Pars Brigantum', 29.5 cm x 30.5 cm, framed and glazed £100-150
347.    A pair of 19th Century hand-coloured maps published by Greenwood & Co., comprising 'Map of the County of Derby', with a vignette of Chatsworth, from a survey of 1824-1825, engraved by J&C Walker, published 1830; 56 cm x 66.5 cm; and 'Map of the County Palatine of Lancaster', with a vignette of Lancaster Castle and Church, from a survey of 1818, engraved by J. Dower, published 1830; and 62 cm x 68 cm; together with a reproduction of a first edition ordnance survey map of Baslow and Bubnell (Derbyshire Sheet XXIV.I.), 70 cm x 101 cm, all framed and glazed (3) £100-150
348.    •Prunella Clough (1919-1999) limited edition aquatint, 'Primitive Plant', signed and numbered in pencil to margin, no. 6/20, 14.8 cm x 18.5 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £300-500
349.    A collection of 20th Century prints, including Matthew Alexander (b.1953) pair of limited edition lithographs, 'Coastal Landscape' and 'River Landscape', signed and numbered in pencil to margin, 13 cm x 31 cm; together with Peter Watson (20th Century) ink and watercolour cartoon strip, 'A Career in Construction', 44 cm x 28 cm, three decoupage panels including a Beatrix Potter example, and two further prints, all framed and glazed (8) £40-60
350.    A group of early to mid 20th Century playbills from the Northampton New Theatre, including 'Casino Oriental' 'My Bare Lady', 'Vice Takes a Holiday', and others, together with Colin Robinson, 'Thomas Osborne Robinson Beginnings' (Northampton Museums and Art Gallery, 1977' (10) £50-100
351.    •Eric Slater (1896-1963) coloured woodcut, 'Cuckmere Haven', 1929, signed, dated and titled in pencil to margin, 25 cm x 29.5 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £100-200
352.    A 17th Century later hand coloured map of Berkshire after Christopher Saxton (c.1540-c.1610), 'Comitatus Bercheriæ vulgo Barkshyre qui olim fedes A-trebatvm', 24 cm x 33 cm, framed and glazed; together with an 18th Century later handcoloured map of Cornwall by Thomas Kitchin (1718-1784), 19.5 cm x 27 cm, framed and glazed; and a 17th Century distance chart Berkshire, 12 cm x 11.5 cm
353.    A late 18th/early 19th Century printed parchment titled 'Maximes du Sage', central panel with French maxims for living, surrounded by hand coloured floral border, 52 cm x 40 cm, framed and glazed £50-100
354.    Steven Townsend (b. 1955) three limited edition prints, 'The Three Musketeers' no. 129/600, 38 cm x 54 cm; 'Border Collie', no. 442/600, 41.5 cm x 56.5 cm; 'Cheetahs', no. 365/650; all signed and numbered in pencil to margin and blindstamped, framed and glazed (3) £50-100
John Speed (1552-1629) engraved map of Hampshire, 'Hantshire described and devided' with inset map of Winchester, published by J. Sudbury and G. Humbell, 37 cm x 47 cm, framed and glazed £150-200
356.    •Nick Hornby (b. 1982) limited edition drypoint, Cross Section of a 727 airplane', signed, dated and numbered in pencil, no. 1/5, 19 cm x 19 cm, framed and glazed, ARR MAY APPLY TO THIS LOT £30-50
357.    A miscellaneous collection of wines and spirits, 31 bottles including cognac, rum, whisky and 1979 Chateau Cambon la Pelouse; together with two wicker hampers £150-250
358.    A large selection of miniature bottles of spirits and liqueurs, including vodka, martini and brandy, some bottles empty (approx 110) £50-100
359.    A selection of 20th Century gloves, including eleven pairs of white suede and leather examples, one black suede pair and an ostrich feather scarf (parcel) £30-50
360.    A 19th Century long stitch embroidery panel of a medieval princess kneeling before king, 38.5 cm x 29.5 cm, framed and glazed £50-100
361.    A selection of silk scarves, in assorted designs, colours and sizes, including two by Liberty, together with a Visconti tan bag and one other (parcel) £50-80
362.    A large collection of textiles, tablecloths, place mats, doilies, handkerchiefs and more, some Deco embroidery, crochet or printed designs (parcel)
363.    A Chinese silk work picture, decorated with eight dragons, framed, figures to include two on horseback and one on the back of a dragon, underneath a sky filled with bats and birds, 27 x 27 cm, framed £30-50
364.    A late 19th Century Chinese robe, of orange silk decorated with embroidered three five claw dragons and a scene of two temple dogs guarding a temple with mythical birds either side, interior lined with blue silk, 98 cm length £300-500
365.    A large selection of 20th Century cotton and linen, tablecloths, napkins and serviettes with hand and machine embroidered decoration, some with edges trimmed with crochet borders and white work, some items new with tags (parcel) £50-100
366.    A large selection of 20th Century cotton and linen, tablecloths, napkins and serviettes, some with edges trimmed with crochet borders and others decorated with white work and embroidery, together with a selection of crocheted doilies, some items new with tags (parcel) £50-100
367.    A 20th Century dark brown mink three-quarter length coat, with a brown silk lining, length 120 cm £60-80
368.    A selection of 20th Century fur accessories, including stoles and scarves (4) £40-60
369.    A group of Turkish saddle bags and rugs (5) £40-60
370.    Two 20th Century fur coats, a rabbit fur three-quarter length coat, 85 cm, with a matching stole and a brown fur three-quarter length coat lined with brown silk, 102 cm, together with three synthetic fur coats, one labelled 'Alpine Fashion Furs' and a fur stole (6) £60-100
371.    A Kazak woollen rug, central indigo pole medallion on red ground, indigo and ivory border, geometric decoration throughout, 217 cm x 145 cm £50-100
372.    A 20th Century kilim runner, seven panels with comb decoration on blue ground, ivory border with cruciform motifs, 212 cm x 69 cm £50-100
373.    A 20th Century Greek woollen circular rug, floral and bird decoration on cream ground, 'National Welfare Organisation, Athens' label, 186 cm diameter £100-150
374.    A 20th Century silk Qum rug, green and ochre central floral medallion on ivory foliate field, ochre spandrels, foliate and patterned border, 166 cm x 107 cm £300-500
375.    A 20th Century Middle Eastern woollen carpet, with six geometric medallions upon a purple ground and multiple borders to the edge, 235 x 152 cm £50-100
376.    A 1920s Kurdish rug, pale blue field which graduates to dark blue at the lower edge with four central hooked medallions and narrow geometric borders, 173 cm x 102 cm £100-150
377.    A mid 20th Century Kurdish rug, cream field with three large brown central hooked medallions and brown, tan and cream geometric borders, 203 cm x 107 cm £100-150
378.    A Turkoman runner, the red ground with a row of nine shaped medallions surrounded by stylized flower heads and scrolling tendrils within shaped and narrow panelled borders, 300 cm x 85 cm £150-200
379.    A Turkoman rug, decorated with symmetrical motifs and medallions upon a burgundy field, surrounded by many borders, 200 cm x 150 cm £120-180
380.    A woollen runner, single row of five motifs on red ground, within a rosette border, 85 cm x 285 cm £80-120
381.    An early 20th Century German mantle clock, flattened red circular form, circular dial, metal mounts in the form of masks and wings with traces of gilt, raised on single pedastal above a gilt metal base with inset porcelain plaque painted with Tyrolean scene, 35 cm high; together with an early 20th Century mahogany cased Napoleon Hat mantle clock (2) £50-100
382.    A 20th Century Eureka 1000 day electric clock, white enamel dial with Arabic numerals signed 'Eureka Clock Co Ltd.', pattern no.14614, dated 1906, within a stepped walnut case with boxwood stream, 30 cm x 22.5 cm x 12 cm £150-200
383.    A 19th Century and later mahogany circular cased wall clock with fusee movement, the painted dial with Roman numerals and inscribed `E. Collier, Marlborough`, within a moulded surround, diameter approx 36cm (some alterations), together with a Smiths Sectric electric wall clock in brown bakelite, 18 cm (2) £80-120
384.    An early 20th Century oak cased 'clocking in' clock by Time Recorder Supply & Maintenance Co.', glazed panel door revealing circular cream dial with Roman numerals, above clocking in mechanism, 98 cm high £50-100
385.    A Black Forest cuckoo clock, chalet case with carved leaf decoration, pineapple weights; together with a 20th Century wooden lantern clock, and a brass mantle clock movement, marked M.B. £50-100
386.    A pair of 20th Century clocks, consisting of a Dutch wall clock, dial with Roman numerals and flanked by brass twisted pilasters, a walnut case with a figure of Hercules holding a globe, the finial inscribed 'Nu Elck Syn Sin', and spandrels embossed with a cherub, with weights and a German movement, 48 cm long; together with a French mantel clock, the dial with Arabic numerals, within a wooden case, the movement marked W278, 65 cm length (2) £50-100
387.    A Victorian mahogany Wellington chest, seven graduated drawers, acanthus corbels, missing original plinth, one pull and key, 50 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 96 cm high (af) £80-120
388.    A late 19th Century mahogany two seat sofa, two circular backrests flanking pierced splat, cabriole legs, modern upholstery to back rests, arms and seat, 125 cm wide £100-200
389.    A reproduction mahogany hall stand, two hooks, single bevelled mirrored panel, shelf above single drawer and panel door, 50 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 215 cm high £50-100
390.    A modern cherry wood dressing table by Brigitte Forestier, hinged lid revealing mirrored panel and fitted interior, shaped apron, turned and tapered supports, marked to underside, 84 cm wide x 41 cm deep x 88 cm high; together with a matching blue upholstered stool (2) £50-100
391.    A modern cherry wood bow-front chest-of-drawers by Brigitte Forestier, seven drawers, shaped apron, marked to reverse, 68 cm wide x 44 cm deep x 125 cm high £50-100
392.    A pair of modern cherry wood bedside cabinets by Brigitte Forestier, each with three drawers, shaped apron, marked to reverse, 54 cm wide x 34 cm deep x 57 cm high (2) £60-80
393.    A 19th Century ebonised and marquetry boulle-work bonheur du jour, ormolu mounts, arched panel doors revealing fitted shelf above two short drawers, shaped frieze drawer containing baize writing surface, urn finials, cabriole legs, 82 cm wide x 52 cm deep x 163 cm high £400-600
394.    An Edwardian mahogany long case clock by S.Smith and Son, 6 Trafalgar Sq., London, arched brass dial with steel chapter ring and arched moonphase, Arabic numerals, subsidiary seconds dial and Westminster/Whittington and Chime/Silent selector dials, swan neck pediment with rosette terminals and acanthus leaf (af), applied foliate carving throughout, glazed panel door revealing tubular bells, 57.5 cm wide x 37 cm deep x 250 cm high £800-1200
395.    A reproduction mahogany Davenport, each side with four short drawers, hinged lid with inset writing surface revealing fitted interior, bun feet, 52.5 cm wide x 52 cm deep x 82 cm high £40-60
396.    A pair of modern ladder racks, each three sectioned with fall down fronts, some keys af (2) £150-250
397.    A G-Plan style coffee table, 137 cm wide x 46 cm deep x 42.5 cm high £50-100
398.    A modern mahogany bookcase, sliding glazed doors, fixed shelves, 153 cm x 38 cm x 92 cm £100-150
399.    A modern teak coffee table, four sectioned top, shaped apron, 122 cm wide x 92 cm deep x 40 cm high; together with a 20th Century mahogany side table, inset tooled leather top, 122 cm wide x 61 cm deep x 56 cm high; and a reproduction mahogany Canterbury (3) £50-100
400.    A mahogany and brass bound campaign style coffee table, three drawers with opposing blank drawers, 122 cm wide x 58.5 cm deep x 41 cm high £50-100
401.    A mahogany canteen table, tooled leather insert, pad feet, 12 person stainless steel setting, 77 cm wide x 48 cm deep x 57 cm high £150-200
402.    A 20th Century marble stand, rotating top, fluted column, stepped octagonal base, 108 cm high £200-300
403.    An early 20th Century stained beech sewing cabinet, hinged lid revealing fitted interior, decorate with carved lunettes, turned supports united by undertier, 53 cm wide x 32 cm deep x 45 cm high £50-100
404.    A set of four mahogany balloon back dining chairs, carved pierced splats, turned supports, green stuffover seats (4) £50-100
405.    An early 20th Century oak pedestal desk, leather insert, one pedestal with side cupboard, file cupboard and single drawer; other pedestal with four short drawers, 135 cm wide x 75 cm deep x 75.5 cm high £80-120
406.    An 18th Century Dutch armoire, two panel doors, sarcophagus projections to sides and door above single frieze drawer, three carved applied panels of foliate and classical ornament to front, bun feet, 203 cm wide x 74 cm deep x 212 cm high (af)
407.    A pair of Regency ebonised carvers, cane seats with modern cushions, gilt foliate decoration, tapered and stretchered supports ; together with three Regency ebonised single chairs, cane seats, x-frame backs, gilt classical decoration, turned, tapered and stretchered supports (5) £200-300
408.    A modern Danish oak dining room table, 181 cm wide x 90 cm deep x 74 cm high; together with a set of eight oak dining room chairs, including two carvers, reeded uprights, teracotta drop-in seats (9) £100-150
409.    A two bench wooden picnic table, 149 cm wide x 130 cm deep x 71 cm high £50-100
410.    An oak armchair, rush seat, fleur-de-lis to backrest £50-100
411.    A giltwood and composition pier mirror, arched plate within beaded and foliate decorated frame, surmounted with putto plating the flute, 135 cm high x 64 cm wide; together with a giltwood rectangular wall mirror, bevelled glass plate, foliate decorated frame, 73 cm high x 104 cm wide (2) £50-100
412.    A Georgian and later oak chest-of-drawers, two short over three long drawers, panelled sides, bracket feet, 89.5 cm wide x 49 cm deep x 97 cm high (heavily restored) £60-100
413.    An early 20th Century oak wall cabinet, ebony and holly chequered inlay, one shelf above two glazed doors, with Harris Lebus label, 74.5 cm wide x 23 cm deep x 63 cm high £30-50
414.    A late 19th Century mahogany pedestal desk, leather insert, gallery, nine drawers, 123 cm wide x 54.5 cm deep x 79.5 cm high (a marriage) £100-150
415.    Two Chinese hardwood side tables, quatrefoil tops with inset marble panels, carved and pierced decoration, larger 55 cm diameter x 69 cm high, smaller 43 cm diameter x 46 cm high (2) £400-600
416.    A mahogany chest-of-drawers, two short over three graduated long cockbeaded drawers, 109 cm wide x 48 cm deep x 89 cm high £80-120
417.    A mahogany bowfront chest-of-drawers, two short over three graduated long cockbeaded drawers, missing feet, 110 cm wide x 57 cm deep x 90 cm high £80-120
418.    A 20th Century mahogany and chequer strung dressing table, arched kneehole flanked by two panel doors, tapered supports, carved scroll decoration, missing mirror, 122 cm wide x 54 cm deep x 71 cm high £80-120
419.    A George III mahogany crossbanded bow-front sideboard, three drawers, squared supports (af), 128 cm wide x 59 cm deep x 79 cm high £120-180
420.    A pair of reproduction mahogany crossbanded and strung serpentine chests-of-drawers, each with four long drawers and bracket feet, 74.5 cm wide x 47 cm deep x 79 cm high (2) £120-180
421.    A George III mahogany crossbanded and satinwood strung Pembroke table, notched curved corners, tapered supports and casters, 100 cm wide x 81 cm deep x 73 cm high (extended) £80-120
422.    A mahogany crossbanded bow-front chest-of-drawers, two short over three graduated long cockbeaded drawers, bracket feet, 69 cm wide x 49 cm deep x 78.5 cm high; together with a mahogany framed stool, shaped apron, shell carved cabriole legs, pad feet, modern floral upholstered seat (2) £50-100
423.    A mahogany crossbanded and ebony strung octagonal topped side table, turned baluster pedastal, tripod base and casters, 47 cm diameter x 65 cm high; together with a circular topped side table, 46 cm diameter x 53 cm high; and a reproduction yew veneered serpentine chest-of-drawers, four drawers, bracket feet, 51 cm wide x 44 cm deep x 79.5 cm high (3) £50-100
424.    A mahogany and strung circular centre table, squared tapered supports united by undertier, 76 cm diameter x 72 cm high (af) £50-100
425.    An Arts and Crafts corner chair, spindle back, rush seat, 70 cm high £40-60
426.    A William IV mahogany nursing chair, swept scroll outline, green button back upholstery £50-100
427.    A 19th Century walnut three tier what-not, pierced foliate side panels above single drawer, turned supports and casters, 75 cm wide x 42 cm deep x 104 cm (gallery af)
428.    A ebonised sedan chair, studded leather seat, shaped arms, turned supports (one af), reputed to have been used by the Constable of Hungerford on Tutti Day, 118 cm long x 51 cm wide x 82 cm high. £120-180
429.    A Georgian mahogany semi-circular drop flap side table, shaped gallery, front cabriole legs with pad feet, 106 cm wide x 79 cm deep x 93 cm high (extended) £40-60
430.    A mahogany x-framed stool, cane seat, floral cushion; together with a mahogany bedside cabinet, gallery top, single panel door, tapered turned supports united by undertier, 36 cm wide x 38 cm deep x 78 cm high; and a mahogany and chequer-strung toilet mirror, shield shape bevelled glass panel (af) (3) £60-100
431.    A 20th Century walnut veneered bureau, fall front revealing leather insert and fitted interior, two drawers, cabriole legs, 76 cm wide x 43 cm deep x 102 cm deep £30-50
432.    A stick back Windsor elbow chair, pierced splat, turned and stretchered supports, together with a set of four later wheel back Windsor chairs (5) £100-150
433.    A late 19th Century mahogany high backed arm chair, studded red upholstery to spring seat, head rest and arms, cabriole legs £30-50
434.    A 20th Century hardwood jardiniere stand, carved pierced foliate decoration, circular marble insert top, four claw and ball feet, 103 cm high £40-60
435.    AMENDMENT: the width of this dresser is actually 128 cm
An early 20th Century Ipswich oak dresser, three shelf plate rack with oak leaf decoration surrounding two panel doors, above two short drawers, turned and stretched supports, 182 cm wide x 52 cm deep x 181 cm high £500-700
436.    A 19th Century mahogany card table, rectangular fold-over top with green baize playing surface, squared supports, 91 cm square x 73 cm high open £200-300
437.    A modern IKEA three-seater sofa, floral upholstery; together with a modern IKEA armchair, striped upholstery; and a modern ottoman, striped upholstery (3) £50-100
438.    A late Victorian mahogany card table, quartered hinged top revealing green baize playing surface, single, drawer, squared tapered and fluted supports with casters, 85 cm square x 71.5 cm high open £120-180
439.    A Victorian rosewood sewing table, octagonal hinged top with drop finials, octagonal trumpet pedestal, turned base, three scrolled cabriole supports and casters, 42 cm diameter x 79 cm high £100-150
440.    A Georgian style oak desk, leather insert to top, two drawers with carved scroll decoration, barley-twist supports united by stretcher, 91.5 cm wide x 53.5 cm deep x 76.5 cm high £80-120
441.    A 19th Century mahogany elevated bookcase, elevavated section with two glazed panel doors revealing adjustable shelves, above base with two panel doors revealing adjustable shelf, 139 cm wide x 43 cm deep x 224 cm high £200-300
442.    A William IV mahogany tilt-top breakfast table, octagonal tapering column on quadraform base, scroll feet and casters, 130 cm diameter x 76 cm high £250-350
443.    A pair of walnut balloon back chairs, scrolled spats, cabriole legs, maroon stuffover seats; together with a set of four mahogany balloon back chairs, horizontal rail with rosette, cabriole legs, maroon stuffover seats (6) £120-180
444.    A mahogany and inlaid cheval mirror, shaped top, acorn finials, 142 cm high £30-50