Collectors Auction
Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 10:00

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1.      Cigarette Cards, Wills, a collection of L sized sets in a modern ringbinder, to name Old Inns 1st & 2nd Series, British Castles, Beautiful Homes, Famous British Authors, Dogs 2nd Series, Old Sun Dials and Animals & Their Furs, also including smaller sets English Period Costumes and Rugby Internationals (gd/vg)(10) £80-100
2.      Cigarette Cards, Wills, a further collection of L sized sets, in a modern ringbinder, to name Roses, Old Inns A & 2nd Series, British Castles, The Kings Art Treasures, Old Furniture 1st & 2nd Series, English Period Costumes, Garden Flowers New Varieties A & 2nd Series (gd/vg)(10) £60-80
3.      Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of L sized sets to name British Livestock (blue back), Wild Animas (Heads) A & 2nd Series, Zoo Babies, A Nature Calendar, Natural History (blue), Types of Horses, Aquarium Studies, Famous Beauties and Bygone Beauties (all gd/vg)(10) £80-100
4.      Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of large card sets, various Manufacturers, all in a modern ringbinder, to name Millhoff De Reszke Roses and England Historic & Picturesque, Players Zoo Babies and Natural History, Wills Old Inns 2nd Series, BAT Channel Islands 3rd Series, Hills Views of Interest, Phillips Old Masters and Churchmans Holidays in Britain (views), also includingds smaller cards, Ogdens Children of All Nations and Churchmans Wonderful Railway Travel (gd/vg)(11) £60-80
5.      Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a further collection of larger cards in a modern ringbinder, to name, Cigarette sets, Cavanders Ancient Egypt, De Reszke Roses, England Historic & Picturesque and Picturesque Old England, Sarony Around the Mediterranean, Players Zoo Babies (x2), Trade Sets, Cadbury Prehistorc Monster Cards and Cryselco Beautiful Waterways, also includingd smaller cards, Ogdens Children of All Nations and Phillips Mechanized Age (gd/vg)(11) £60-80
6.      Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a variety of L size sets to name, Players Mount Everest, British Naval Craft, Zoo Babies, Wild Fowl and Clocks Old & New, Wills Garden Flowers New Varieties A & 2nd Series, Senior Service Coastwise, Cavanders Camera Studies and Glorious Britain (gd)(10) £40-60
7.      Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of larger card sets to name, Wills The Kings Art Treasures, Dogs 2nd Series and Garden Flowers New Varieties A & 2nd Series (x2), Churchmans Holidays in britian and Wings Over The Empire (x2), alos including smaller sets, Churchmans Warriors of All Nations and Ogdens Modes of Conveyance (in original albums)(gd/vg)(10) £40-60
8.      Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of odd cards and part sets, all larger sized, various Manufacturers and genres (100s) viewing recommended (gd/vg) £60-80
9.      Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of loose cards, (majority L sized) mixed genres and Manufacturers, (viewing highly recommended)(qty)(gd/vg) £60-80
10.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Nature, a modern ringbinder containing a collection by various Manufacturers to name, Players a Nature Calendar (L), Poultry, Butterflies, Nature Series, Curious Beaks, Animals of the Countryside, Natural History and Wild Birds, also including Wills Life in the Tree Tops, Adkin Wild Animals of the World, Challis Wild Birds at Home (Baldric) and Trade Issues, Brooke Bond Bird Portraits (12)(gd/vg) £80-100
11.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of complete sets to name, Churchmans The Story of London and The Story of Navigation, Wills Historic Events and Celebrated Ships, Teofani Transport Now & Then and Bucktrout Inventor Series, also includingd a few part sets, all in a mordern ringbinder (gen gd) £40-60
12.     Trade Cards, Birds, Tetley Tea, British Birds (vgd) £30-50
13.     Foreign Cigarette Silks, American Tobacco, two sets, Birds in Flight, L20 set , mainly subsets A(a & c), together with two variations National Flags and Arms P52/53, mixed brands (missing Siam) together with 2 variations ( gd, slight discolouration to backs of a few) £80-100
14.     Cigarette Silks, Phillips, Birds of the Tropics (P set)(gd) £60-80
15.     Foreign Cigarette Silks, British American Tobacco, Arms of Countries (Spanish)(M25, plus 1 numbered variation) together with Crests & Badges of Australian Universities (backs intact, bar one)(M50)( £80-100
16.     Cigarette Silks Phillips, British Butterflies & Moths, part sets, L39/40 and M10/10, missing no.1 (gd) £60-80
17.     Foreign Cigarette Silks, American Tobacco, part set, Indian Portraits & Scenes (P9/10), mixed brands, missing no 11 Hupa Indian, also including a canvas issue (L3)(vg) £60-80
18.     Cigarette Silks, Phillips, Clan Tartans (L56)(gd) £30-50
19.     Foreign Cigarette Silks, Turkish Macedonian, Japanese Figures, M45/46 (missing no 34 Rati)(vg) £60-80
20.     Cigarette Silks, Phillips, Colonial Army Badges, complete set (M108) with I reprint (gd) £60-80
21.     Foreign Cigarette Silks, United Tobacco Companies (SA), Pottery Types, complete set L50 (vg, all backs complete) £80-100
22.     Cigarette Silks, Phillips, Flags, Set 5, complete P8 together with subset 5D (m6) and subset 5E (M6 plus 2 variations)(gen gd) £40-60
23.     Trade Silk Postcard, WWI silk photograph of Edith Cavell, England's Martyr Nurse, dated Brussels October 12th 1915, complete with original envelope (viewing recommended) £30-50
24.     Cigarette Silks, Phillips, Irish Patriots, complete set X12 together with P3/12 (gd) £60-80
25.     Foreign Cigarette Silks, Turkish Macedonian, Sporting Figures, A - E, as follows, Series A Set A15 plus centrepeice, Set B Set A15, Series C Set A 16/17, Series D Set A13 plus centrepiece and Series E A4/24 (vg) £80-100
26.     Cigarette Silks, Phillips, Victoria Cross Heroes I, (gd) £60-80
27.     Trade Silks, William Frankin & Sons, set of Shakespearean Characters, complete with folders (P6)(vg) £40-60
28.     Foreign Cigarette Felts, American Tobacco, a part set of the blanket issue College Athlete, Pennant, Seals, 28 P size, gd/vg (fringes intact) £80-100
29.     Trade Felts. Anon, National Dances, P6, possible part set (gd, no fringes) £30-50
30.     Trade Cards, Football, a selection of part sets including Amalgamated Press Famous Footer Internationals (Champion 1926)(4), The Champion Famous Football Captains (2), plus 1 double, Chums Periodical Football Teams (2), Magnet Library Football Teams (5, two duplicates), Topical Times Great Players (18, some duplication) and Footballers Panel Portraits (11), also includingd Thomson Adventure and Vanguard Football Photos (3) and one other (gen gd) £30-50
31.     Trade Cards, Football, a further selection, including Bassett Football Action (9), Barrett Famous Footballers (various Series)(29), Giants in Sport (6), Famous Sportsmen (3) and a selection of 12 other Bassett cards (various sets)(gd/vg) £30-50
32.     Trade Cards, Football, a collection by various Manufacturers including Fleetway Football Teams 58/59 (P26) and 59/60 (P30), Typhoo Famous Football Clubs (10), Fleetway Star Footballers of 1963 (9), Thomson World Cup Footballers (10), Football Stars of 1959 (6), Star Teams of 1961 (11), and Famous Teams in Football History (5) Cadet Sweets (6), Mitcham Foods Footballers (2) and several other single cards, (gd/vg) £40-60
33.     Cigarette Cards, Football, a mixture of part sets and single cards, including various Phillips Footballer (K size), Ogdens Football Club Captains and Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours, Wills Scissor Famous Footballers, Carreras Footballers, BDV League Colour Silks and more (various conditions, viewing recommended) £30-50
34.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, two hardback slot in albums containing various sets and part sets mainly Players and Wills, cards to note Players Arms & Armour, Celebrated Gateways and Counties and Their Industries, Wills Time & Money in Different Countries, Allied Army Leaders, Musical Celebrities, Historic Events and Naval Dress & Badges also including Societe Job Lighthouses, (albums poor, spines broken/damaged, cards mixed conditions) viewing recommended £50-80
35.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of part sets, held in plastic sleeves, Manufacturers including Churchman, Phillips, Players, Wills, Cavanders etc, (all gen gd)(1000s) viewing recommended £60-80
36.     Cigarette Cards, Transport, a variety of sets to name, Churchmans Wonderful Railway Travel, Wills Railway Engines, Railway Engines A Series, Strange Craft, Railway Equipment, Speed, and Players Aeroplanes (Civil), International Air Liners, Modern Naval Craft, Motor Cars A & 2nd Series, (gen gd, some marked)(11) £40-60
37.     Cigarette Cards, Floral, a selection of sets to name Players Struggle for Existence, Wills Roses A & 2nd Series, Wild Flowers A & 2nd Series, Garden Hints, Gardening Hints and Garden Flowers, (gen gd, some marked or stained)(8) £40-60
38.     Cigarette Cards, Sports, a selection of sets to name, Players Derby & Grand National Winners, Tennis, Cricketers 1930, 1934 and 1938, Football Caricatures by RIP, Association Cup Winners, (gen gd, some marked)(6) £40-60
39.     Cigarette Cards, Animals & Birds, a variety of sets to name Players Dogs (Head by A Wardle), Aviary & Cage Birds, Curious Beaks, Dogs (Full Scenic), Sea Fishes, Wild Birds, Birds & Their Young, Animals of The Countryside, Natural History, Gallahers Dogs, Wills Life in the Tree Tops, The Sea Shore, Dogs, British Birds and Animalloys, all in a modern ringbinder, (gen gd, some marked)(14) £60-80
40.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, contained in a modern ringbinder a selection of sets to name, Railway Engines (2 different), Garden Flowers, Household Hints (2 different), Allied War Leaders, Railway Equipment, Flags of the Empire, Wild Flowers (2 different), Wonders of the Past, The Sea Shore, Dogs and Engineering Wonders (gen gd, some marked)(14) £60-80
41.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a variety of sets in a modern ringbinder, to name Flags of the League of Nations, Country Arms & Flags, Gems of British Scenery, Military Uniforms of the British Army, Animals of the Countryside, Military Head-Dress, Cricketers 1938, From Plantation to Smoker, Riders of the World, Borough Arms 2nd Series, Polar Exploration, Dandies, Polutry and Products of the World, (ge gd, some marked and worn)(14) £60-80
42.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, a collection of sets, held in a modern ringbinder, to name, Animalloys, Household Hints, Do You Know, Wild Flowers (2 different), Life in the Royal Navy, Garden Hints, Flags of the Empire, Railway Engines, Speed, Roses, Railway Equipment, Overseas Dominions Australia and Gardening Hints (gen gd, some worn or marked)(14) £60-80
43.     Cigarette Cards, Cavanders, a variety of M sized sets, to name, Glorious Britain, Wordswoth's Country, Coloured Stereoscopic, Colonial Series, Peeps Into Many Lands A, 2nd and 3rd Series, Peeps into Prehistoric Times, River Valleys, The Homeland Series and Camera Studies, (gen gd)(11) £30-50
44.     Cigarette Cards, Military, a collection of sets in a modern ringbinder including Wills Allied Army Leaders, Life in the Royal Navy and Britain's Part in the War, Players Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, Regimental Colours & Cap Badges, Napoleon, Flags of the League of Nations, Military Uniforms of the British Army Overseas, RAF Badges, Military Head-Dress, Modern Naval Craft, (gen gd, a few stained)(11) £60-80
45.     Cigarette Cards, Players, contained in a modern ringbinder, a collection of sets, various genres, to name Motor Cars 2nd Series, Derby & Grand National Winners, Military Uniforms of the British Army Overseas, Miniatures, Coronation Series, Football Caricatures by RIP, Gems of British Scenery, Characters from Dickens (50), RAF Badges, Tennis, Players Past & Present, Cricketers 1934, Straightline Caricatures, Cricketers 1938 and Curious Beaks (gen gd, some marked)(15) £60-80
46.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, a variety of sets in a modern ringbinder, to name, Railway Engines (2 different), Garden Hints, Garden Flowers, Railway Equipment, Speed, Household Hints, Life in the Royal Navy, Do You Know, Flags of the Empire, (gen gd, some marked)(10) £40-60
47.     Cigarette Cards, Cavanders, a variety of sets, to name, Peeps into Many Lands A, 2nd & 3rd Series, Peeps into Prehistoric Times, Ancient Chinese, River Valleys, Ancient Egypt, Great Beauty Spots of Great Britain, Camera Studies and Homeland Series (gen gd)(10) £30-50
48.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a collection of larger sized cards in a modern ringbinder, to name, Clocks Old & New, Egyptian Sketches, Dandies, Cries of London A & 2nd Series, Characters from Dickens, Cats, Country Sports, British Pedigree Stock, Fables of Aesop, Famous Beauties, Famous Paintings and Film Stars, (all gd/vg)(13) £180-200
49.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of sets, to name Celebrated Gateways, Egyptian Kings & Queens and Dieties, Celebrated Bridges, Freshwater Fishes (pink back), Counties and Their Industries (numbered & un-numbered), Coronation Series (Ceremonial Dress), Fire Fighting Appliances, From Plantation to Smoker, Dogs (Heads by Wardle), Dandies, Derby & Grand National Winners, Ceremonial & Court Dress, Cricketers 1938 and Curious Beaks (all gd/vg)(15) £60-80
50.     Cigarette Cards, Cavanders, a collection of sets in a modern ringbinder, to name, Ancient Chinese, Foreign Birds, Peeps into Many Lands A & 3rd Series, Peeps into Prehistoric Times and River Valleys, also including M size, River Valleys and Homeland Series (gen gd)(8) £30-50
51.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a variety of sets, various Manufacturers to name, Wills, Garden Hints, Railway Equipment, Life in the Royal Navy, Garden Flowers and Household Hints, Cavanders Peeps into Many Lands 3rd Series and Peeps into Prehistoric Times, Players, Products of the World, Boys Scout & Girl Guide, Miniatures, RAF Badges and Modern Naval Craft (gen gd)(12) £50-80
52.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a selection of sets to name, Garden Hints, Natural History, Miniatures, Products of the World (x2), Players Past & Present, Butterflies, Film Stars (3rd Series), Animals of the Countryside, Fire Fighting Appliances (x2), Dogs (Heads, Wardle) and Aviary & Cage Birds (gen gd)(13) £50-80
53.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a selection of part sets contained in a modern ringbinder, various Manufacturers including Churchmans, Gallaher, Carreras, Lambert & Butler, De Reszke, Phillips and more, various genres (mixed conditions)(qty) £30-50
54.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of part sets, various Manufacturers including Glengettie, GP Tea, Paramount, Miranda, Ringtons, Phillips and many more, all transport related, viewing recommended (gd/vg)(qty) £40-60
55.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a further collection of part sets, various Manufacturers and genres, viewing recommended)(gd/vg)(qty) £40-60
56.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a small selection of rarer cards, Manufacturers including Wills Scissor, Ogdens, Wix, Mitchell, Max, A & M Wix, Lucana, Morris, Ogdens Tab Phiilips, Helmar, and BAT (viewing recommended)(mixed conditions) £40-60
57.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, Conundrums 1898 (gd/vg) £40-60
58.     Cigarette Cards, Sport, two Phillips sets to name, International Caps and Famous Cricketers, together with Carreras The Science of Boxing (gd/vg)(3) £60-80
59.     Cigarette Cards, Carreras, a selection of sets in a modern ringbinder including Kings & Queens of England, Amusing Tricks & How to Do Them, History of Army Uniforms, Orchids, Film Stars A Series, Old Staffordshire Figures (L), Flowers, A Kodak at the Zoo A & 2nd Series, Flags of All Nations and Do You Know? (all gd/vg)(11) £60-80
60.     Cigarette Cards, Phillips, a collection of sets (all M size) in a modern ringbinder, to name, Characters Come to Life, Shots From The Films, Our Puppies, Old Masters, Famous Love Scenes, Ships That Have Made History, Special Jubilee Year Series, Our Dogs, Animal Studies, Coronation of Their Majesties and Flower Studies (all vg)(11) £40-60
61.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a selection of sets, including Morning Foods Our England, World Locomotives and The Cunard Line, Reddings Strange Customs of the World, Cromwell Stores Do You Know?, Typhoo Travel Through Ages, Walls Do You Know?, Mr Softee TV Personalities, Collector & Hobbyist Fascinating Hobbies, Lamberts Historic East Anglia and Before Our Time, Dollinsdale Tea Do You Know and others (gd/vg)(19) £40-60
62.     Cigarette Cards, Sports, a collection of Player sets, to name Football Caricatures by RIP, Football Caricatures by MAC, Footballers 1928, Derby & Grand National Winners, Derby & Grand National Winners (transfers), Cricketers Caricatures by RIP, Cricketers 1930, Cricketers 1934, Cricketers 1938 and Cycling, (all vg)(10) £60-80
63.     Cigarette Cards, Military, Flags & Arms, a selection of Player Sets, to name Country Seats & Arms (1-50), 2nd Series (51-100) and 3rd Series (101-150), Flags of the League of Nations, Countries Arms & Flags, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Decorations & Medals and Drum Banners & Cap Badges, (all vg)(8) £40-60
64.     Cigarette Cards, Dogs, a collection of sets by Players, to name, Dogs (Scenic background), Dogs by Wardle (Eire, Heads A Series), Dogs by Wardle (full length), Dogs Heads by Biegel, Dogs by Wardle (transfers) and Dogs Heads, also including X size Dogs (scenic background) and L size Dogs by Wardle (Heads), Dogs by Wardle and Dogs (full length)(all vg)(10) £60-80
65.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, a selection of sets, various genres, to name Aviation, Allied Army Leaders, Alpine Flowers, Association Footballers, Arms of Foreign Cities, Arms of the Bishopric, Air Raid Precautions, Animalloys, Britains Part in The War, British Birds, Between The Fires (sect), Borough Arms Second Edition (1-50), Second Edition (51-100) and Second Edition 101-150)(all vg)(14) £60-80
66.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, a further collection including, Air Raid Precautions, British Butterflies, Billiards, Between Two Fires (sect), Celebrated Ships, Cinema Stars 1st Series, 2nd and 3rd Series, Cricketers 1928, Do You Know 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Series and Dogs (all vg)(14) £60-80
67.     Cigarette Cards, Wills, L sized card sets including, English Period Costumes, Celebrated Pictures 1st & 2nd Series, British School of Painting, Animals & Their Furs, Butterflies & Moths, British Castles, Arms of Universities and Dogs A & 2nd Series, also including M size British Sporting Personalities (all vg)(10) £60-80
68.     Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, two hard back albums containing Ogden cards, sets including How to Swim, Dogs, Modern Railways, British Birds & Their Eggs, Air Raid Precautions, and Champions of 1936, also including part sets Smugglers & Smuggling (49) and Zoo Studies (49)(albums and cards gd)(2) £80-100
69.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, five hardback slot in albums, containing a variety of parts set, various Manufactures including Ogdens, Players, Gallaher, Wills, Phillips & Churchman, (albums and cards gen gd, a few with crease marks)(5) £80-100
70.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, in original albums, completed sets to name Wills The Sea Shore, Ogdens Sea Adventure, Brooke Bond British Butterflies, Walls Do You Know and partial completed Cadbury's More British Marvels,Walls Moonfleet Log Book and Captains Moonfleet Log Book, Brooke Bond British Costume, Butterflies of the World, Transport Through The Ages, Wild Flowers, Wild Life in Danger Trees in Britain, Flags & Emblems of the World and History of the Motor Car, also includingd a quantity of loose cards, viewing recommended (all gen gd)(qty) £60-80
71.     Trade Cards, Football, Chix Famous Footballers Series 1, 2 and 3 (gen gd/vg, viewing recommended) £80-100
72.     Trade Cards, Cadbury, British Marvels Album No 2, (cards gd, album poor/fair, staples rusted, pages loose) £20-40
73.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture a modern ringbinder album containing various Trade Sport sets to name Sporting Profiles Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali, Philip Neill Ten of the Best George Best, Brazilliant The Story of Pele, Greavsie Tribute to Jimmy Greaves, West Midland Collectors Busby Babes, Collectors Fare Reading FC, Barratt Football, Marks Middlesex 1892, Gloucestershire 1892 and Yorkshire 1892, Texaco Trophy Cricket, Esso Squelchers (9 books), Bassett Football Stars, Wagon Wheels 2004 England, Frames of Mind World Cup Winners 1966, Nabisco Footballers, together with an album containing 17 Re-print Cigarette Card set, also includingd several photographs and images relating to Manchester United (gen gd)(2) £60-80
74.     Trade Cards, Mixture, in two albums, one containing Children's Film to name Inkworks Pinocchio, Skybox Pocahontas and Topps Flintstones, the other Star Line Film Sets Hollywood Walk of Fame 1991 Sets 1 & 2 (250 cards)(all vg) £40-60
75.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Military Standards, Flags, Badges & Insignia, a modern album containing the following sets, Players Badges & Flags of British Regiments (brown numbered back), Badges & Flags of British Regiments (green back, no number), Regimental Standards & Cap Badges (blue), Regimental Colours & Cap Badges Territorial (one blue back and 1 brown back), Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, Wills United Service Regimental Colours & Cap Badges (blue) and Gallaher Army Badges, also including Trade Issues, Phillips Tea Army Badges Past & Present and Walters Toffee Cap Badges of the Territorial Army (all gen gd/vg, a few discoloured or with creases, viewing recommended)(11) £80-100
76.     Cigarette Cards, Arms, a collection of L size cards including, Wills Arms of the British Empire 1st and 2nds Series, Arms of Oxford & Cambridge Universities, Arms of Universities and Arms of Public Schools 1st & 2nd Series, also includingd smaller card sets, Arms of Companies, Arms of the British Empire and Arms of Foreign Cities, (all gen gd, a few discoloured)(8) £60-80
77.     Cigarette Cards, Players, a variety of sets including British Regalia (L), Countries Arms & Flags, National Flags & Arms (1 complete and a parts set), County Seats & Arms, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, Badges & Flags of British Regiments (brown, numbered), Drum Banners & Cap Badges and Regimental Standards & Cap Badges (gen gd, a few discoloured)(9) £60-80
78.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to name, Dextors Borough Arms, Cavanders School Badges, Wills The Kings Art Treasures and Heraldic Signs & Their Origins (both L size), Kensitas National Flags and Flags of the British Empire and Wills Borough Arms (various sets, series & editions)(all gen gd, a few discoloured) £80-100
79.     Cigarette Cards & Postcards Mixture, a collection of original cigarette and trade albums (mostly incomplete) together with a quantity of loose cards (unchecked for sets), also includingd modern postcards, various genres including comic, scenic and transport, cards to note Tucks Aviation (viewing recommended)(qty) £40-60
80.     Trade Cards, Somportex, Part set Film Scene Series James Bond 007, 33/60 cards plus 16 duplicates, together with Clevedon Confectionery part set British Ships 26 cards, many duplicates (gen gd) £40-60
81.     Cigarette Cards & Jigsaws, Mixture, a quantity of loose cards by various Manufacturers including Wills, Players, Churchmans, Cavanders, Carreras Turf, Lambert & Butler and more (unchecked for sets) together with a selection of empty cigarette boxes and four Good-Win Golden Casket Costumes Through the Ages Jigsaws No 1 Elizabeth 1558-1603, no 2 Charles II 1649-1685, no 3 George III 1760-1820 and No 4 Victoria 1837-1901 (not checked), also includingd a couple of Princess Diana Stamp sets (viewing recommended)(parcel) £40-60
82.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of original cigarette albums to name Wills Association Footballers, Railway Engines, The Reign of King George V, Safety First and Dogs, Players Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, Aeroplanes (Civil), The Kings & Queens of England, Modern Naval Craft, Film Stars and Hints on Association Football (cards gen gd, albums grubby with rust marks), together with loose card sets, Wills garden Hints, Speed, Motor Cars A, Wild Flowers A & 2nd Series, The Sea Shore, Animalloys, Railway Equipment, Railway Engines, Lucky Charms and Garden Flowers (mixed conditions)(qty) £40-60
83.     Trade Cards, Rare, issued by Boys Friend Periodical, four sets, Famous Boxers Series, Famous Flags Series, Famous Footballers Series, and Famous Regiments Series (12 cards in total)(mixed conditions, some have been cut, most are dirty) together with Penny Magazine Film Stars (2), Cadbury Flags (1), Rowntrees The Old & The New (1), Frys Tricks & Puzzles (blue back 1), Birds & Poultry (2) and Ancient Sundials (5), Edmonsons Throwing Shadows (1) and Home & Colonial Stores Advertising Alphabet (4)(mixed conditions)(viewing recommended) £40-60
84.     Trade Cards, Sport, a collection of part sets to name, Unions Jack Monarch of the Ring (5), Gem Library Footballers Special Action Photographs (7), Autograph Real Action Series (6), Autographed Action Series (2) and 7 double cards, together with Magnet Library Footballers Special Action Photos (3), Football Teams (8), and 7 double cards, (all gd/vg) £60-80
85.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets including Players Cricketers 1938, Flags of the League of Nations and Football Caricatures by MAC, Wills Association Footballers (qty, unchecked for set) two framed displays of cards Football Clubs & Badges and Players Footballers 1928-29 (nos 51-75), also includingd several scrapbooks with various Football related newspaper and comic cuttings (qty) £40-60
86.     Cigarette Boxes & Trade Cards, Mixture, Original albums Typhoo Tea Wild Flowers, and Brook Bond Wildlife in Danger and Wild Flowers, together with sixteen empty Cigarette packets, mainly De Reszke (fair) together with a few original part filled albums and a small collection of loose cigarette and trade cards (mixed) £30-50
87.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets to name, Phillips M size, Ships That Have Made History, Famous Love Scenes, Coronation of Their Majesties and Flower Studies, together with Players Sea Fishes, Aircraft of the Royal Air Force, Aeroplanes (Civil) and Modern Naval Craft, Wills Dogs, and Household Hints, Phillips Mechanized Age (x2), Soldiers of the King, Coronation of Their Majesties and Famous Crowns, also including Brooke Bond British Butterflies and Butterflies of the World (gen gd, some poorer)(qty) £40-60
88.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond and PG Tips, in original albums, complete sets to name Adventurers & Explorers, British Costume, Famous People, British Butterflies, Olympic Greats, Police File, Prehistoric Animals, Inventors & Inventions, History of the Car, History of Aviation, The Sea Our Other World, The Saga of Ships, Race into Space, Small Wonders, Queen Elizabeth I- Queen Elizabeth II, Woodland Wildlife, Wonders of Wildlife, Vanishing Wildlife and Trees in Britain, (all held by photographic corners)(vg)(19) £40-60
89.     Cigarette & Trade Cards, Mixture, a quantity of loose cards by various Manufacturers including Wills, Players, Brooke Bond etc (unchecked for sets) together with a selection of empty cigarette boxes (qty) £30-50
90.     Trade Cards, Brooke Bond, a collection of loose complete sets including Bird Portraits, Freshwater Fish, Butterflies of the World, African Wildlife, Flags & Emblems of the World, Features of the World, Inventors & Inventions, Wild Birds in Britain, Transport through the Ages, Play Better Soccer, History of Aviation, Trees in Britian, Wild Flowers A & Series 3, Vanishing Wildlife, British Costume, Police File, Incredible Creatures, Wildlife in Danger, Tropical Birds and Out into Space (all gd/vg)(21) £40-60
91.     Trade Cards and Albums, Mixture, a collection of loose complete sets to name, Typhoo The Swiss Family Robinson and British Birds & Their Eggs, Lyons Wings Across the World and HMS 1902-1962, Hornimans Pets, Brooke Bond Transport Through the Ages, Freshwater Fish, Flags and Emblems of the World, Butterflies of the World, African Wildlife, Trees in Britain, Play Better Soccer and Wild Birds in Britain, also including 14 unused albums (all gen gd) £40-60
92.     Trade Cards, Mixture, a collection of sets in original albums including, Shell World Wildlife Card Collection, (fair), Brooke Bond Wonders of Wildlife, The Sea Our Other World, History of Aviation, History of the Motor Car (x2), Oylmpic Greats, British Costume and Adventurers & Explorers, PG Tips Woodland Wildlife (x2), Queen Elizabeth I-Queen Elizabeth II, Features of the World, Small Wonders, and Unexplained Mysteries, and Typhoo Wild Flowers ((gd, cards held with photographic corners) £30-50
93.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, part set of Gallaher's Famous Footballers (green back 68/100) together with a small selection of sets including Players Kings & Queens of England, Wills Railway Equipment, Garden Flowers, Garden Hints, Gallahers Shots from Famous Films and Park Drive Champions, also includingd a Cigarette Card Value Catalogue 2005 £60-80
94.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, two hardback slot in albums containing sets to name, Players, History of Naval Dress, Association Cup Winners, Fire Fighting Appliances, Aeroplanes (Civil), Motor Cars, International Air Liners, Aircraft of the Royal Airforce, Cricketers 1930, Army Coprs & Divisional Signs, Football Caricatures by MAC, Dogs, Wills Railway Engines, Phillips Aircraft and a few odd cards (gen gd) £50-80
95.     Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a hardback album containing various Ogden Guinea Gold cards (album poor) together with a couple of partially filled original albums, complete sets: Carreras Birds of the Countryside, Wills Railway Engines, Players Animals of the Countryside, Nature Series, Wildfowl and Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Cavanders Animal Studies, Phillips Bird Painting, Senior Service Beautiful Scotland and PG Bird Portraits and a small selection of loose silks, (qty) £60-80
96.     Cigarette & Phone Cards, Mixture, several completed original albums including Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Wills Air Raid Precautions, Radio Celebrities, Our King & Queen, Wild Flowers and Life in the Royal Navy, some partially completed albums and a quantiry of loose cards, together with a modern album of telephone cards (approx 180), a small selection of postcards, stamp covers and playing cards, (qty) £40-60
97.     Trade Cards, Tea Card Albums, original completed albums including Brooke Bond Famous People, Butterflies of the World, British Costume, Asian Wildlife, African Wildlife, Prehistoric Animals, Race into Space, The Saga of Ships, Wild Birds in Britain, Wildlife in Danger, Trees In Britain, Transport Through the Ages, Tropical Birds, History of the Motor Car, British Butterflies and more, also including Typhoo Do you know? Travel Through the Ages, Wild Flowers and others, ( photographic corners used)(qty) £30-50
98.     Cigarette Cards, Mixure, two hardback slot in albums containing a variety of cards from Manufacturers Ogdens, Players, Gallahers, Wills etc., also a small quantity of loose cigarette and trade cards and an aboriginal art set of playing cards (qty) £20-40
99.     Cigarette Cards, L Size cards, a large slot-in hardback album containing various sets, to name Wills Old Sundials, Old London, Cathedrals, Players Picturesque London, The Nation's Shrines, Portals of the Past, Architectural Beauties, Picturesque Cottages, De Reszke Picturesque Old England, and several others (album and cards vg) £60-80
100.    Cigarette Cards, Film, a further large hardback slot in album containing various sets to name, Gallahers Champions of Screen & Stage, Stars of Screen & Stage, Shots from Famous Films, Famous Film Scenes, Film Partners, Portraits of Famous Stars and Film Stars, also Carreras Famous Film Stars, (album and cards vg) £60-80
101.    Trade Cards, Golf, two large modern ablums containing various sets in plastic sleeves, namely Pro Set Official PGA Tour Cards, Sheridan Collectobles Winners of the Ryder Cup 95, Gameplan Ryder Cup 1991, Birchgrey Ryder Cup 1987 winners, Imperial American Golfers, Panasonic European Open, Brindley Old Golfing Greats and many more, viewing recommended (2) £60-80
102.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a large collection of part sets and odd cards held in plastic sleeves, Manufacturers including Players, Wills, Carreras, Phillips, Millhoff etc (unchecked for sets)(1000's)(mixed conditions, gen gd) £80-100
103.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a further collection of part sets and odd cards held in plastic sleeves, Manufacturers including Players, Wills, Carreras, Phillips, Millhoff etc (unchecked for sets)(1000's)(mixed conditions, gen gd) £80-100
104.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, two modern ringbinders containing a quantity of M & L size cards, part sets and odd cards, various Manufacturers and genres, viewing recommended (all appear generally good)(2) £80-100
105.    Trade Cards, Mixture, in a modern ringbinder, a collection of part sets and odd cards, various Manufacturers including some foreign issues, Manufacturers to name, Wrights, Mars, Jacobs, Cadburys, Typhoo, Barrett, Rowntrees, Frys, Weetabix, Lyons, Brooke Bond and more, also including a few cigarette cards, (gen gd)(qty) £40-60
106.    Trade Cards, Sports, in a modern ringbinder, a large collection of cards relating to Football, Boxing, Rugby etc, part sets and odd cards, to name some, Thomson Coloured Photos of Star Footballers, Golden Wonder All Stars, Typhoo Football Clubs (complete), The Champion Famous Football Captains, Pluck Famous Football Teams, Barrett Famous Footballers (various part sets), Thomson Famous Footballers, Football Stars and This Year's Top Form Footballers, together with Kiddy's Popular Boxers, Champion Sporting Champions, Knock On Famous Prize Fighters, (gen gd, viewing recommended)(qty) £40-60
107.    Trade Cards, Cricket, a collection of part sets to name, Poppletons Cricketers Series, (mixed, gen fair), Barrett Test Cricketers, Thomson County Cricketers, World's Best Cricketers and more (gen gd,) £40-60
108.    Trade Cards, Thomson Adventure Pictures, 30 cards, mixed backs (gen gd) £40-60
109.    Trade Cards, Cricket, a small collection to name Barrett Australian Cricketers (2), Famous Cricketers (numbered 1), Famous Cricketers (unnumbered 3), Famous Cricketers (folders 2)(mixed) £40-60
110.    Cigarette Cards, Golds, part set Prints from Noted Pictures (3 brands) 5 cards, to name Scot's Greys, Crossing the Ferry, At The Top Of The Hill, Autumn Morning, and Derby Day (discolouration and a few markings, viewing recommended )(5) £100-120
111.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a modern ringbinder containing part sets of larger cards, some rarer, including Phillips Our Dogs (P), Our Puppies (P), Phillips Cricketers (L), Wills British Castles (L), Punch Cartoons (L), British Sporting Personalities (M), Cathedrals (L), Players British Butterflies (L), Types of Horses (L), Old Sporting Prints (L), British Livestock (L), British Pedigree Livestock, Imperial Tobacco Heraldic Signs, and numerous Ardath and De Reszke photocards (gen gd)(qty) £80-100
112.    Cigarette Cards, Ogdens, contained in a modern ringbinder a selection of rarer cards and part sets including Ogdens Australian Test Cricketers, Captains of Association Football Clubs and Colours, Racehorses, Derby Entrants 1929, Trainers & Owners Colours and Prominent Cricketers of 1938, also includingd Gallahers Famous Cricketers (91cards) (all gen gd) £80-100
113.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, a further modern ringbinder containing part sets (rarer cards) to name Wills Cricketer Series, Highnetts Cathedrals & Churches, Lambert & Butler Footballers, Churchman Famous Cricket Colours, Railway Historic Indian Views, Sunripe Famous Cricketers and Caricatures of Cricketers and many more, also includingd various Chinese backed cards, (viewing recommended)(gen gd) £100-120
114.    Cigarette Cards, Gallahers Kute Kiddies, part set, ( a few duplicates) 46 cards, (some dicolouration and markings) £30-50
115.    Cigarette Cards, Mixture, part sets Gallahers Regimental Colours (14), Phillips Famous Cricketers (28, some duplication) and Cricketers (10) (all gen gd) £60-80
116.    Foreign Cigarette Cards, Foreign, a hardback slot in album containing 35 cards from San Shing and Nanyang Tobacco Companies, 34 cards from Will's Pirate Chinese Issues, a hardback slot in album containing a mixture of British cards, a complete set Players Characters from Dickens and a small selection of loose Players cards (mixed conditions)cards, £30-50
117.    Cigarette Cards, Gallahers, a variety of sets in a modern ringbinder, to name, Fables & Their Morals, The Reason Why, Animals & Birds of Commercial Value, Zoo Tropical Birds and L size cards Art Treasures of the World First Series and Scenes from the Empire (gd/vg)(6) £40-60
118.    Cigar Cards, Castella, a selection of sets in a modern ringbinder, to name The Tank Story, Britains Steam Railways (part 28/30), In Search of Steam, Britains Motoring History, British Aviation x2 and Soldiers of Waterloo (vg)(7) £30-50
119.    Cigarette Cards, Players Transfer Sets, a ringbinder containing various sets, to name, Butterflies, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Poultry, Wild Animal Heads, Derby & Grand National Winners and Wild Birds (all vg/ex) £30-50
120.    Cigarette Cards, Lambert & Butler, a collection of sets in a modern ringbinder, to name Common Fallacies, Empire Air Routes, Hints & Tips for Motorists, Interesting Musical Instruments, Popular Film Stars (Overseas), Famous British Airmen and Airwomen, Third Rhodesian Series, Garden Life and Motor Cars A Series, also including a Lambert & Butler poster relating to the ban on Cigarettes 14th February 2003(folded) (all cards gd/vg) £60-80
121.    Postcards, one modern album - P3 RP period copies of hanged and starving Armenians in Turkey, 1916 (2), P4 St Andrews, New Brunswick, by Haddock (2), RP period copy of UK motorcycle combination on beach beside pier (1), RP Nassau sunset (1), PP coloured - USA, Canada and West Indies, F-G (105) £40-60
122.    Tennis Postcards, one period album - P4 RP portraits of tennis players mainly at Wimbledon, including H W 'Bunny' Austin, probably in 1926, Crole-Rees, Kingscote, Fyzee, Jacob, Lacoste, Washer, Washburn, Kay Stammers, Helen Wills, Jean Borotra and Suzanne Lenglen (71), P6 postcard-size photographs without printed fronts (56), royalty (26), G-VG (97) £100-150
123.    Japanese Postcards, one period lacquered album with decorative landscape with Mt. Fuji to front board - P3 including PP and coloured PP portraits, and paintings by A M Cook, F-VG (37) £50-80
124.     Raphael Tuck & Sons black interest Postcards, one modern album - P3 including Happy Little Coons (sic) Series, Coon Kids, Seaside Coons, Dark Girls & Black Boys and two Phyllis Cooper artwork cards featuring Golliwoggs (two with chewed corners, one heavily creased, five with old ink writing to front and general wear), F-G (92) £200-300
125.    Black interest Postcards, one modern album - P3/P4 black children including five Little Darkies and The N****r (sic) Series; and others with adults, F-G (67) £180-250
126.    Black interest postcards, one modern album - P3/P4 mainly by artist F.G. Lewin, adults and children including Valentine Coon Series and Comique, F-G (apx. 120) £350-500
127.    Postcards, one period album - P3/P4 RP Childe Okeford (2), Semley Hollow heavy snow 29 Feb 1916 (1), Westbury White Horse, cart in foreground (1), Weltje Road, Hammersmith (1), Barnes - Pond, Elm Bank Mansions (2), Blue Hall Cinema, Hammersmith showing Quo Vadis, 1924 (1), Ravenscourt Park (1), corner shop, Vartry Road/Holmdale Terrace, Harringay (1), Hammersmith Bridge with motor cab and bus approaching (1), with PP and coloured PP topographical and comic, and silks (4), F-VG, most pu (apx. 400) £80-120
128.    Postcards, one period album - P3/P5 RP two girls at mill looms, npu, pub. 'J Winstanley, 45 Merehall Street, Bolton's Outdoor Photographer', inscribed recto 'Aunt Elsie at Loom, Gray's Mill, Darcy Lever' (1), loom shuttle (2), horse drawn charabanc on Isle of Man (1), young Harry with bicycle (1), Manchester Regiment boys' band (1), PP and PP coloured topographical, WWI portratits, song cards, Tom Browne (1), other comic cards, RP Bolton Wanderers (1), G-VG (apx. 270) £100-150
129.    Postcards, mostly P4, some P6, PP and coloured topographical, European mainly Dutch interest (apx. 600) and postcards books (a lot) £20-30
130.    Postcards, large collection in steel six-drawer card index cabinet, some GB P2/P4, topographical coloured and PP, some commercial RP, some P6/P7, some overseas topographical, some originally arranged thematically and alphabetically (very apx. 5,500), with postcard books and packets (a lot) £300-500
131.    Postcards, seven period and five modern albums, mostly P2-P4, including greetings, sentimental, GB and global topographical, Romania, Gibraltar, Algeria, Switzerland, France, comic including Tom Browne, London, churches and song cards (apx. 1000) (a lot) £80-120
132.    Postcards, two period albums, P2-P4, including song cards, sentimental, greetings, local RP children in costume dancing (4), Wandsworth/Southfields school groups (7), Scouts - 1st Southfields Troop (1), groups of British soldiers in Darjeeling in tropical kit with topees with white plumes, possibly Grenadier Guards (2), comic, woven silks, advertising card Wimbledon Park Farm (1), commercial RP Nulli Secundus airship (1), PP topographical including Brighton, WWI, Greece (apx. 450) (a lot) £70-100
133.    Postcards, P2/P4, comic, including Tom Browne (10), Lawson Wood, Donald McGill, Felix the Cat, including on way to British Empire Exhibition (3) and others, P-G (apx. 200) £30-50
134.    Postcards, P2-P3, WWI - RP Peerless British Army lorries from 658 Company (formed March 1916 for 48 Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery ammunition supply), with crew (2), and lorry-mounted workshop with generator (1), G, npu, War Bond Campaign (13), various (6), RP French troops, 1912 (3), with others - RP Newcastle NSW Post Office (1), Colenso bridge after battle (1) Eastbourne war memorial in early days (1), Foochow Road, Shanghai, 1919 (1), personalities, advertising, Cambridge Boat Race crew 1913 (1) F-VG (62) £50-80
135.    Postcards, P2-P5, maritime and boating, including local RP Majestic in dry dock (1), HMS Dreadnought (1), SS Benalla (1), PS Lorna Doone (2), others (6), commercial RP Queen Mary and interiors (12) with coloured, PP and commercial RP (86), P-G (109) £40-60
136.    Postcards, mainly P2, some P4, UK topographical, commercial RP and PP, including trams in street scenes (2), goat carts, Felixstowe (1), Canterbury, Sawston, Spalding, Dorking, Ireland, London parks, Brentford, Stamford, Friar Park, Henley, Esher, Enfield, Portsmouth and others, P-VG (apx. 70) £40-60
137.    Postcards, P2-P4 RP UK topographical, including Kent - The Wheatsheaf pub, Ramsgate, 1904 (1), Pope's Tea Gardens, Deal (2), Herne Bay, Westerham, Canterbury bandstand, Wingham, Ashford (7), with Muller's No. 5 Orphanage, Ashley Down, Bristol (1), Laleham, on Thames (1), Littlebourne, Luton, Newton Abbot, Leigh on Sea Swimming Club, Peppard (2), Nettlebed (2), Handcross Hill (1) Lake District (26) and others, P-VG (80) £40-60
138.    Postcards, P2 RP millinery shopfront, Marshall & Co, 2 Market Place, Spalding, pu August 23 1910, from employee, noting decorations for agricultural show, F-G (1), P2-P5 RP street scenes - Bridlington, Bramhall, Locks Bottom, Brompton, Yorkshire, shops in Bletchley Road, Fenny Stratford, now Milton Keynes, Newton Abbot, Littlebourne, Cowley, Oxford, Ye Olde Stamp House, probably Handcross, Bury St Edmund's, Ipswich, Tredington, Bungay and Stamford, £50-80
139.    Postcards, P2-P4 RP London transport and street scenes - Pears Fountain and 93 Tram beyond, Isleworth, now junction of Spring Grove and London Roads (1), Kew Green, two motor buses approaching, pu 1913 (1), St Paul's Hammersmith with horse bus (1), Peckham, milk cart in foreground (1), shop in Brassey Square Battersea, cut down (1), other street scenes (6), other views (5), P-G, some fading (16) £40-60
140.    Postcards, P2 RP Cheddar and Cheddar Gorge interest - strawberry train with growers and railway workers carrying trugs, in front of open Fruit Van, pu, July 8 1907, with reference to strawberry growers (1), floods December 1907 (2), all by Collard, Cheddar, with landslip February 4 1906 (1), copy card (1), with PP and others, several Cheddar interest (32), P-G (37) £30-50
141.    Postcards, one modern album, P4 RP smartly dressed boy with new bicycle, G, npu, trimmed (1), Grace Darling lifeboat with tourists, copy card, P (1), PP Castrol advertisement of Bryan de Grineau's sketch of Sir Malcolm Campbell's Bluebird, G (1), Royal weddings (2), Bethlehem and Holy Land (6), greetings and others, F-VG (23) £30-50
142.    Postcards, Hong Kong interest, collection of RAMC driver, 1927-1928, RP street scenes and topographical, including new Peninsular Hotel (24), portraits driver (2), PP four-card panorama sets of Hong Kong (8), with silver prints - postcard size aerial views and Kai Tak RAF base (7), snapshot album including Hong Kong views and driver and ambulance, and various sketches (F-G) £40-60
143.    Postcards, mostly P2-P4, RP Robertsbridge (1), Hook Green (1), Royal Engineers 70th Field Company, 1915 (1), WRNS (Wrens) HMS Pekin June 1919 (1), with various including Holiday Fellowship (11) and UK and European topographical (apx. 250), P-G (a lot) £30-40
144.    Postcards, Swiss interest, National Festival for the elderly, 1928, npu, VG (1), 'Das Idyll Haus', exhibition card, Bern, 1914, pu, F (1), military cards with Swiss Army stamps, pu, F-G (4) and unused card with war production cancellation, VG (1) (7) £30-50
145.    Postcards, three modern albums, P3 RP HMS Hyderabad, mystery or 'Q' ship with concealed armament, G (6), song cards, with mainly P4 comic, coloured topographical, with P5-P6 comic including Grimes, ITMA and seaside cards (qty) £50-80
146.    Postcards, various periods, mostly P6, but P2 including RP Suffragette, incscribed verso Tunbridge Wells and dedicated Feb 13th 14, possibly after arson incident, P-F (1), Bournemouth comic suffragette marionettes, 1910 (1), Bedwyn (2), Edward VII funeral cortege at Windsor (1), with RMSP chromolitho advertising cards (5), topographical including Argentina (qty) £80-100
147.    Postcards, mostly P6, RP RNAS Cranwell groups (2), with silver prints of RAF station in Germany with Bristol and flipped RE8, with negatives, RP Krupp C39 coastal gun, with inscription verso (1), German officers at hunt (1), woven silks including regimental (6), Oilettes, RP Bedford Arms, Chenies, with butcher's van, pu 1937 (1), Edward VII Coronation ub (1), P3 RP soldiers and burial with salute, P4 Poole Pottery (7) and others (qty) £50-80
148.    Postcards, large quantity, P2-P6, UK topographical, arranged by regions, children and motherhood by theme, and World War One and Two, including commercial RP aircraft, Bairnsfather, coloured and other comic £40-60
149.    Postcards, P6, large quantity, art, sculpture and topographical, mostly indexed £20-30
Postcards, P2 Iraq, topographical, including view over Baghdad, street scene with British troops, with 'Iraq in British Occupation' cancellations, circa 1908, F (6), with others, pocket diary referring to service in Iraq, and silver prints of Iraq (a lot) £50-80
151.    Books and Playing Cards, postcard reference books (5), playing cards and game packs including Muffin the Mule and double patience pack, and museum and church guides (a lot) £20-30
152.    Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, bound volumes of letters and documents from the renowned firm of consulting engineers, including UK reports, tenders and law suits, including bridges, docks, urban, power stations, water works, with similar work in India, 1920s-1960s (two filing boxes) £50-80
153.    Books and Magazines, In Spionnagedienst, Pozzi, C A, Ons Vrije Nederland, Utrecht, with medical and veterinary reference books (5) and Dutch newspaper magazines De Prins and Katholieke Illustratie (in one filing box) £20-30
154.    World of Wonder Magazine Artwork Boards, various flora and fauna, gouache heightened in white, various sizes apx. 600mm x 450mm, early 1970s (14) £100-150
155.    World of Wonder Magazine Artwork Boards, various subjects - monastery, Aztec ruins, King Charles I and Christopher Wren, Mount Pelée volcanic eruption, flora and fauna (5), various sizes up to 600mm x 450mm (10) £70-100
156.    World of Wonder Magazine Artwork Boards, transport - Sikorsky H34/S58 (Westland Wessex in UK) with smaller illustrations of Sikorsky aircraft below, early biplane with smaller illustrations of aircraft below including Concorde signed Harry, sailing ship Thomas W Lawson, and clippers in storm, Mutinees of The Bounty, various sizes up to 700mm x 480mm (5) £50-80
157.    Advertising Ephemera, 'India Super Nonskid' tyre ashtray, Roosevelt/Churchill/Stalin victory matchbox holder, Worshipful Company 'The Royal Visit to South Africa 1947' playing cards, in box, Manchester Liners and State Express packs and two other packs (a lot) £30-50
158.    Bookplates, large collection including Christabel Frampton, Leng, Horner, Warburton, Carysfort, fancy dress ball ticket 1828 and others (a lot) £100-150
159.    Enid Blyton, dedicated ink signature on portrait slip, stuck down to card £20-30
160.    Scrap Album, early 19th Century commonplace book of cuttings, manuscript letters and transcriptions, Shinto, Schurhammer, G, Kurt Schoder, Bonn, 1923 (2) £40-60
161.    Postcards and Scrap Album. postcards - P2 RP The Old Leather Bottle, Cobham, Kent, rectangular vignette, F-G (1), with various cards, scrap album - greetings cards, chromolitho, silk and paper lace, circa 1880, and pressed flowers (a lot) £40-60
162.    A Huntley and Palmer Biscuit Tin, Kate Greenaway, the 'naughty tin', with salacious or scatalogical amendments by the disgruntled artist, 200mm diam., circa 1972, G £40-60
163.    British Road and Cycling Maps, Ordnance Survey mostly One Inch to One Mile (34), Bartholomew's (30), circa 1920-1930, Bacon's (3), and other maps and booklets (a lot) £30-50
164.    D C Thomson Free Pocket Comic Books, with Hotspur, Wizard and Rover (15), Vest Pocket Library (14), Hotspur Handy Books (4), GWR Jigsaw 'Bath', unchecked, F-G £50-80
165.    Nitedals Match Co Ltd Shop Stock, trade packs, unopened (8), with Fire Queen, one oversize, one regular, unopened (10) £30-60
166.    American colour-printed Advertising Fan/Paddles, including savings bank, Alka-Seltzer, Drug Stores, insurance companies and gasoline, 1930s, G (50) £70-100
167.    The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation, unused agency stock - enamelled iron sign, mirror and glass sign, each apx. 330mm x 450mm, with chain, VG (3) £150-200
168.    An album of British stamps, Barclay Classic in blue containing some Victorian, George V and later in the front, along with some modern mint stamps £60-100
169.    A small collection of British stamps and other items, including two albums, one with a small amount of 19th and 20th century World stamps, a group of postcards, matchboxes and also some presentation packs (parcel) £50-100
170.    A collection of British and World stamps, including a stockbook dedicated to the Olympics from the 1940s and 1950s onwards, another for Canadian stamps, four further stockbooks, and more (parcel) £70-100
171.    A collection of modern Royal Mail Mint Stamp Presentation Packs, approximately 150 (parcel) £60-100
172.    A collection of stamps and First Day Covers and coins, with several Royal Mail Mint Stamps sets, five albums of stamps and FDCs and more (parcel) £50-80
173.    A collection of First Day Covers and postcards, including several Concorde and transport related FDCs, a small album with European RP postcards and more (parcel) £50-100
174.    A collection of stamps and First Day Covers and postcards, one album of FDCs, an album of PHQ postcards, a bag of loose stamps, a vintage school boy Victory album and a mixed folder with album of 19th century and later world stamps (parcel) £50-100
175.    A collection of British and World stamps, in three Ideal albums and a small album, some 19th century but mostly early to mid 20th century, along with loose pages and much more (parcel) £80-120
176.    A collection of World stamps, one album with George VI Commonwealth and other, other albums, lots of loose stamps, along with stationary and more (parcel) £60-100
177.    A Victorian Penny Black stamp, IF, trimmed £50-100
178.    A collection of Victorian and 20th Century stamps, including a small stockbook with two Penny Reds and one Penny Blue, a modern five pound unused stamp, along with much more (parcel) £80-120
179.    A collection of Jersey Special Stamp sets, mostly 1980s to date, together with three albums of Jersey stamps, including some WWII and onwards (parcel) £80-120
180.    A collection of modern Royal Mail Mint Stamp Presentation Packs and other stamps, including approx 80 Mint Stamp sets, along with four albums of unused and other stamps and a Penny BlackAnniversary booklet (parcel) £150-250
181.    A collection of World stamps, presented alphabetically in 17 Consul and other albums, needs viewing (17) £150-250
182.    A collection of stamps, in eleven albums and stockbooks, all from South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (11) £80-120
183.    A collection of British stamps, predominantly used, in nine albums and stockbooks, some Victorian but mostly 20th century (9) £80-120
184.    A collection of First Day Covers, (qty) £50-70
185.    A collection of European and World stamps, presented in 16 stockbooks, very mixed and diverse (16) £80-120
186.    A collection of stamps, in several albums and stockbooks with quite a bit of German stamps (parcel) £50-100
187.    A collection of World stamps and other items, in three green folders and albums, FDCs, three pre-postage covers and more (parcel) £50-70
188.    A collection of stamps and other items, including a 1948 Olympics Souvenir Programme book, several mint sets, FDCs, loose stamps and more (parcel) £50-100
189.    A collection of stamps, including 5 folders and stockbooks, one dedicated to Malta, along with various British and World examples (5) £100-200
190.    A thematic collection of stamps, presented in a small stockbook and all relating to sports and Olympics from the 1950s onwards £50-70
191.    A collection of British stamps and First Day Covers, including a small stockbook with a page Victorian Penny Reds and a two Penny Blue, Edward VII and George V used examples, also some pre-decimel mint stamps and two folders of FDCs (3) £50-100
192.    A collection of New Zealand postage, including approx 2000 postcards, along with covers and other postage items (parcel) £50-100
193.    A collection of stamps, loose and in albums, a diverse variety of vintage and modern, with some face value, also some FDCs (parcel) £100-200
194.    A collection of Canadian stamps, in two albums and several loose pages, including Victorian and ealry 20th century and onwards £50-70
195.    A thematic collection of stamps, in two albums and several loose pages, all relating to the Scouts £50-70
196.    A collection of stamps, three plastic screw boxes, an album relating to horses, along with mint commemorative stamps in packs from Antigua and other Commonwealth Islands (parcel) £50-80
197.    A small collection of interesting stamps and related items, including a Trinidad SG 7, two Hospital Fund stamps, four block sets of East German Karl Marx 1953, and more, each with inscription £60-100
198.    A collection of modern stamps and coins, including two albums of Royal Mail Mint presentation packs and a box titled the Millennium Collection of presentation packs, two Royal Mint proof sets and modern coins, and a vintage stamp album (parcel) £100-200
199.    A collection of stamps and postcards, incuding an album with two thirds full of saucy postcards, another postcard album, a Saucy Postcards book, several 1950s B&W postcards, a novelty inOpen The Doorin naughty toy in box, a Disney stamp album, a schoolboy album and a more comprehensive stockbook with world stamps (parcel) £80-120
200.    A collection of First Day Covers, mostly 1970s, in two albums,along with two schoolboy stamp albums, and three John Player cigarette card books (6) £30-50
201.    A collection of stamps, including a small album called World-Wide containg some 19th century example, a lot of loose stamps and some packs, needs a good sort (parcel) £50-70
202.    A collection of American stamps, in five stock books, some 19th but predominantly 20th century examples (5) £30-50
203.    A collection of stamps and First Day Covers, mostly loose in plastic packets, including a list done by the vendor, mostly 1950s through to the 1980s (parcel) £40-60
204.    A collection of World stamps and First Day Covers, large box, also including a small collection of bank notes, six signed aviation related FDCs, various vintage and modern stamps, and three framed and glazed commemorative stamp sets (parcel) £80-120
205.    A collection of Royal Mail Mint stamp presentation packs, in two albums and loose, along with other mint stamp sets, including some Australian and overseas examples (parcel) £100-200
206.    An 1840 letter with Penny Blackstamp, the folded paper letter with print of Hungerford Market and writing from a gentleman in Devonshire place on 16th December 1840, addressed to Mrs Wood of Canterbury, the Penny Blackis an FD £50-100
207.    Six Victorian letters, five with Penny Reds, and one from the 1890s, together with a Victorian mortgage deed, a 1937 FDC and a Charles & Diana FDC £50-100
208.    A collection of World stamps and First Day Covers, mostly from the 1970s and in four albums and loose £30-50
209.    A vintage collection of stamps, in two Simplex albums, a duplicate album and loose pages, some late 19th century from Britain and commonwealth countries, mostly up to 1930s, and some FDCs £60-100
210.    A collection of 20th century loose British stamps (qty) £30-50
211.    Two stockbooks of unused modern British stamps, together with a vintage stamp album and a stockbook of 20th century stamps, also a presentation pack and some mint USA stamps £50-80
212.    Seven stamp albums, including SG The New Imperial Postage Stamp Albums Vol. 1 & 2, sparsely populated, three folders dedicated to QE2, a George VI SG album and one other £100-150
213.    A stockbook of British pre- and post-decimal mint stamps, also some European stamps £70-100
214.    A small vintage stamp album, the first page with a G J penny black, Penny Reds, three Two Penny Blues and others, the rest of the album with some 19th century and later European, US and commonwealth stamps £60-100
215.    A small collection of Edwardian and later stamps, on loose pages and also packets of various world stamps £30-50
216.    Two schoolboy stamp albums, one 1950s onwards Pelham Junior example, the other slightly later (2) £30-50
217.    A large collection of stamps, in albums, stockbooks and loose, along with two albums of FDCs, including a Climax Stamp Album with some Victorian Penny Reds and Edward VII examples, needs viewing (parcel) £60-100
218.    Five 1970s and 1980s albums of African postage, with envelopes from Kenya, East Africa and more (5) £50-80
219.    A collection of stamps and First Day Covers, in plastic crate, including a collectors folder with FDCs and some mint sets, some pre-decimal mint sets, three schoolboy stamp albums, two folders of FDCs and lots of loose stamps (parcel) £60-100
220.    A collection of stamps and postcards and cigarette cards, including a Simplex album with some Victorian and Edward VII but mostly George VI, another blue album and a Gay Venture album, loose stamps, along with some RP postcards, but most 1950s onwards and several albums with cigarette and trade cards (parcel) £100-200
221.    A collection of British stamps and First Day Covers, predominantly from the 1950s onwards, including a stockbook with some mint examples, a schoolboy album, three folders with used and mint stamps, a sparcely filled album, approx 45 Royal Mail Mint stamp sets and a quantity of FDCs (parcel) £100-150
222.    A Royal Mail Special Stamps Volume 14 album, together with three Royal Mail Mint Stamp RAF sets and loose stamps (parcel) £30-40
223.    A collection of Royal Mail Mint stamp presentation packs, approximately 150 (parcel) £100-200
224.    A collection of Royal Mail mint stamps, including several first class stamp booklets, a Millennium Collection box, a Millennium Moments pack, a Collection Box, and four booklets £40-60
225.    A collection of Aircraft and Military-related First Day Covers, including an album titled British Experimental Jet Aircraft FDCs with single and multiple signatures of aviation and related people, several loose signed Aviataion FDCs, an album of Military Medal related covers with signatures and more (parcel) £80-120
226.    A collection of modern coin First Day Covers, in two albums and on corrugated plastic panels, including £2, £1, 50ps, crowns and more £60-100
227.    A collection of mint and other stamps, predominantly from the Isle of Man, Gibralter, Guernsey, Jersey and other countries, quite a bit of face value, and more (parcel) £60-100
228.    Two boxes of 20th Century stamps, some in thematic folders, some mint from Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Commonwealth and various countries, also two schoolboy albums, two small folders of PHQ postcards, FDCs and more (parcel) £80-120
229.    A collection of stamps and other items, including a Queen Mother £5 coin and note cover from 2000, other Queen Mother related stamps and two further coin covers, a Royal Mail Presentation Pack folder with Mint sets and some FDCs, six various schoolboy stamp album collections and more, in two boxes (parcel) £80-120
230.    Leicester City FC, seventy-five plus home programmes from the 1960s including some testimonials and charity games generally in good condition with some team changes in pen (Athletico de Madrid, Hannover and The Rangers) £40-60
231.    Leicester City FC, fifteen programmes from the 1950s featuring testimonials, souvenirs and league including 1956/57 League Champions, Mal Griffiths and Ian McGraw programmes £40-60
232.    Leicester City FC, seven home programmes 1946-1950 various conditions Arsenal (1946) Burnley (1947) Blackburn, Hull, Sheffield Wed, Fulham (souvenir) 1949, Leeds & Doncaster (1950) £40-60
233.    Leicester City FC, nineteen programmes FA cup final 1961 V Spurs including two ticket stubs, three programmes for the semi-final and replays at Elland Road, City Ground and St Andrew's, 1963 FA cup final programme plus semi-final, 6th, 5th and 3rd round programmes, 1969 FA cup final programme plus semi-final, 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd round programmes, 1968 FA cup programmes 3rd & 5th rounds together with two League cup programmes from 1968/69 season all in good condition £60-80
234.    Leicester City FC, two FA Cup programmes, final V Wolverhampton Wanderers 1949 (good condition) semi-final programme V Portsmouth 1969 (small tear on spine) together with four celebratory newspapers, one being the 'Sports Mail' Cup Final Souvenir 1949 £40-60
235.    Leicester City FC, approximately seventy five away programmes, thirty five plus from the 1950s including The Villa, Wolves 1954, Liverpool 1956, Notts County 1952 & 1953 and others plus twelve from the 1960s and twenty six from the 1970s generally good condition with some writing to replace player's names. £50-80
236.    Leicester City FC, approximately one hundred away programmes including one from 1948 Cardiff, eighty from the 1950s that including Corby Town, Fulham and Bolton and the rest from the 1960s that including Cardiff, Spurs and Barnsley, all generally good condition with some writing to replace player's names. £50-80
237.    Leicester City FC, thirty five Leicester Reserves match sheets dating from 1949 to 1965 including many Combination League games and the second leg final programme against Spurs 1967 plus three further programmes two Leicester V Gibralter FA 1962 & 1969, a charity match 1962 remembering the 1949 cup and a Skive V Leicester team sheet, various years and conditions and some have players names written in £50-80
238.    Leicester City FC, two very detailed scrap books chronicling 1955-56 and 1956-57 seasons together with some limited information for the early 1960s seasons and four Leicester Schools' programmes dated 1947 x2, 1950 & 1952 various conditions £50-70
239.    Leicester City FC, fourteen books including Keeping the Faith, Farewell to Filbert St, Fossils and Foxes plus books by Alan Birchenell, Martin O'Neil and Frank Worthington and others together with three framed and glazed photographs, two of the stadium and a team photograph, four Evening Mail Football annuals 1947, 1949, 1950 & 1951 plus lapel badges, player models, magazines and more £50-80
240.    Leicester City FC, approximately two hundred home programmes years 2000s (55) 1990s (53) 1980s (38) 1970s 51) together with approximately eighty five away programmes years 2000s (23) 1990s (35) 1970/80s (32) league, cup and testimonials generally in good condition with some writing to replace player's names. £40-60
241.    Tottenham Hotspur, a superb scrap book, very well presented, of the early days after the war chronicling the development through Arthur Rowe, Joe Hulme, Jimmy Anderson and the appointment of Bill Nicholson, forty four pages of press cuttings, photographs and more £100-150
242.    Tottenham Hotspur, a wonderful scrap book chronicling the 'Double' 1960/61 and the arrival of Jimmy Greaves and the FA cup win in 1962, thirty eight pages £100-150
243.    Tottenham Hotspur, a third superb scrap book covering many of the Jimmy Greaves years and containing a signed picture of him and including the FA cup win 1962, the European Cup Winners Cup 1963 and the FA Cup 1967 and more £100-150
244.    Tottenham Hotspur, eight handbooks dating 1966/67, 1969/70 to 1975/76, good condition £40-60
245.    Tottenham Hotspur, nine handbooks dating 1976/77 to 1983/84 and 1985/86, good condition £40-60
246.    Tottenham Hotspur, 'History of Tottenham Hotspur' book, good condition, no dust cover £100-150
247.    Tottenham Hotspur, three books 'Spurs the Double' Julian Holland, 'Spurs go Marching on' and 'Spurs Supreme' both by Ralph Linn, good condition £50-70
248.    Tottenham Hotspur, two books 'Soccer my Spur' a signed copy by Dave Mackay and 'Forward with Spurs' Cliff Jones, good condition £50-70
249.    Tottenham Hotspur, 1959/60s memorabilia including Eastern Football News 'Pink Un' February 14th 1959 (worn edges) Evening Standard cup final 1962 colour souvenir, ES -article Burnley, Spurs teams of contrast, Spurs in Action, pictorial surveys of season 1961/62, 1962/63, 1963/64, Top Team Profile 1968-69 and Spurs official publication of players 1961 generally all good condition £50-70
250.    Tottenham Hotspur, a collection of memorabilia including four official calendars, 1983 (Villa & Ardilles) 1984 (Perryman & Crooks) 1989 ( Waddle & Gascoigne)1996 (Anderton & Sherringham) plus Spurs News 1983-84 (14 copies) 1985-86 (15 copies) and a Shoot gift poster all time winners poster 1981, all good condition £60-80
251.    Tottenham Hotspur, various memorabilia including Weekly Herald paper UEFA Cup final 17th May 1974, Herald 21st May 1981 'Super Spurs FA Cup winners, Herald souvenir edition 1973 League Cup Final 1973, Herald 1972 Spurs players from 1882-1972, Evening Standard Worthington Cup Final 1999, good condition £50-70
252.    World Cup 1966, Daily Express World Cup magazine, Bobby Moore on cover, Evening News two page edition and a two page Evening News souvenir edition featuring Jimmy Greaves and Ian Callaghan good condition £40-60
253.    World Cup 1958, five programmes, final Sweden V Brazil, England V Soviet Union, Northern Ireland V France, Paraguay V Scotland and Hungary V Wales all in good condition but have loose front covers with the final programme having a creased front cover £100-120
254.    World Cup 1966, original programme for the 1966 final England V West Germany generally good condition but with loose cover and pencil writing of teams in the middle together with the souvenir programme for the final with some pencil writing for some of the games £70-100
255.    World Cup 1966, four tickets from the World Cup Finals 1966, final July 30th, Semi-final July 26th, Quarter-final July 23rd and 3rd & 4th place final July 28th generally good condition a little grubby £80-100
256.    Geoff Hurst, a Geoff Hurst montage celebrating the 1966 World Cup win combining different sized prints and a signed football boot with COA (870mm x 670mm depth 130mm framed & glazed) good condition £100-150
257.    Nobby Stiles, a b/w print of Nobby Stiles heading a ball in the World Cup and states it is personally signed by him (900mm x 700mm framed & glazed) good condition £50-80
258.    World Cup 1966, a replica World Cup shirt with eight signatures covering the front that including a possible two signatures each from Gordon Banks and Martin Peters (630mm x 880mm framed & glazed) good condition £150-200
259.    World Cup 1966, a print of the England team measuring 580mm x 480mm framed and glazed with eight signatures at the foot of the photograph good condition £50-70
260.    Gordon Banks, a framed and glazed display of a number of prints from the World Cup 1966 and a signed glove with details on a plaque (870mm x 670mm) good condition with COA £100-150
261.    World Cup 1966, 'Boys of 66', print with Bobby Moore holding the World Cup, a Brian West limited edition 609/700 (framed & glazed 600mm x 660mm) £50-70
262.    Sticker Albums, seven Wonderful World of Soccer Stars albums World Cup Mexico 1970 X 2 one complete, First Division 1968-69 X 2 both missing a few stickers, First Division 1969/70 a few missing, First Division 1971/72 a few missing and a Collectors album 1974, incomplete, various conditions £30-50
263.    Midlands Football Clubs, over two hundred programmes mainly Aston Villa, Birmingham, Wolves, Derby and Coventry from years ranging from 1950 to 2012 with virtually some early dates from all clubs various conditions with some writing to replace players' names £40-60
264.    Football Internationals/Finals, fourteen England International programmes with seven from the 1950s, four England schoolboy programmes 1951, 1953, 1958 & 1963 plus fifteen finals or play-off finals together with Football League programmes v Scottish League and the Irish League, a Common Market football programme from 1973, four FA cup final tickets 1961, 62, 63 & 1969, four International tickets England V Scotland 1951, 55 & 57 with an England v germany 1954 together with five other stubs, generally all in good condition, some with writing of players £50-70
265.    Football Programmes, approximately three hundred programmes, virtually covering all the clubs across the leagues, with programmes dating from the 1950s to 1980s, generally in good condition with some writing to replace players' names £50-70
266.    Football Programmes 1950s, generally in good condition with some writing to replace players' names. £40-60
267.    Football Programmes, approximately one hundred and fifty, covering many clubs including non-league dating from 1950s -2000 which including a number of Oxford United programmes with twenty from 1960s plus some team cards and a mug and badge for Hearts £40-60
268.    Football Books, approximately seventy books about Midlands football clubs, Sky Sports year books 2013- 19 (4) reference books for programmes, football clubs and non-league football all in good condition £50-80
269.    World Cup/1970s, 1966 team photograph, Soccer Star albums 1968/69, 1969/70 & Mexcico 1970, Esso coin collection 1970 plus Manchester Utd and Chelsea silk scarves and much more £50-80
270.    Speedway, a superb collection of over two hundred postcards and photographs of speedway riders and teams from the 1940s and 1950s presented in an album with some personal photographs including with many of them autographed on the back such as Jack Dawson and Arthur Forest good condition £100-150
271.    Sports Books, twenty one predominantly hard back books mainly cricket but also rugby, golf and others including Fotheringhams Sporting Trivia, head on Botham x2, Cricket's strangest matches, Another Slice of Johnners and more good condition £40-60
272.    Tennis, 'The Magpie' Lawn Tennis Court and Instructor by I. Plomer-Walker, scientific lawn tennis coach, in reasonable condition, not complete missing figures £40-60
273.    Horse racing, fifteen mainly action photographs of various race horses all framed and glazed including horses Ascari, Bay Breeze and Rogue Spirit plus a mounted head on photograph of a horse race and a print of a photofinish £40-60
274.    Horse racing, Members' Badges Great Yarmouth 1984, 1985, 1996, 1996, 2003 & 2005, Newcastle 1977, 1981, 1983, 1986 (2) 1991, 1992(3) 1996 & 1997 Goodwood 1965, 1975, 1980, 1989 & 1994, Chepstow 1970, Southwell 1993, Leicester date unknown, Plumpton 1977 and Fontwell 1976, 1981, 1991, 1997 and 2000 thirty total, good condition £50-70
275.    Horse racing, Members' Badges Stratford 1972, 1978, 1985, 1994, 1995 Plumpton 1971, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2004, Market Rasen 1989, 1996, 1999 (2) 2004 Warwick 1992, 1994, 1996 (2) 1997 (3) 1998 (3) 1999 (2) 2001 (2) Beverley 1990 Hamilton 1975, thirty two in total, all good condition £50-70
276.    Horse racing, Members' Badges Hurst Park 1959 Uttoxeter 1991 (5) 1992 (5) 1994, 1996 (8) 1999 (2) 2002(2) Thirsk 1991 (4) 1992, 1993, 1998 (2) 1999 Doncaster 1979, 1990, 1992 (2) 1993 (4) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001,2002, 2003, 2005 RCA 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 & 1995 fifty four total good condition £70-90
277.    Cricket, a rare Kinora reel of C. B. Fry playing in Hove in 1901, No 521, in good condition £200-250
278.    Cricket, a framed and glazed Castle Beer Special Edition presentation featuring fifteen cans all with a different print of South African players and details of their career 35cm x 41cm x 9cm £40-60
279.    Athletics Weekly, twenty five bound volumes in books dating from 1981 - 1987, good condition £60-80
280.    Athletics Weekly, magazines dating from July 1987 - December 1999, approximately 450 in total £100-150
281.    Runners World, Magazines dating from 1987 - 1994 approximately ninety six good condition £60-80
282.    Runners World, Magazines dating from 1995 - 2002, approximately ninety six, good condition £60-80

Motor Racing, three framed and glazed signed photographs of Alain Prost (220m x 280mm) Ayrton Senna & Martin Brundle (310mm x 360mm) and Michael Schumacher (240mm x 290mm), reasonable condition £40-60
284.    Chelsea, a large framed and glazed autographed shirt from the early 2000s, white with 'Fly Emirates' sponsor with fifteen autographs including Di Matteo (1030mm square) plus a framed 'Samsung' shirt having a dedication to Brian and seven signatures (1080mm x 990mm) £50-70
285.    Golf Autographs, player's autographs collected by the vendor at the 1968 Open including Arnold Palmer, Ian Richardson, Doug Sanders and Stan Peach together with a Barclays Capital Cap signed by D Clarke and a Carnoustie badge £50-70
286.    Mixed Sports memorabilia, eighty plus speedway programmes with approximately fifty Oxford from the 1950s, five Playfair cricket annuals (2000s) cricket books, Wisdens (1996 & 2006) Ice Hockey magazines 1980s (15) eight volumes of 'The Game' (1970s) and a programme Arsenal V Middlesex 1949 Dennis Compton's Benefit (contains written scores) £50-80
287.    A WWII period pocket compass by J.H.Steward Ltd of Strand London, having green cardboard dial, with printed design, maker's name to reverse, 7.5cm diameter, complete with brown leather carry case (2) £50-100
288.    A collection of framed and glazed items, including a 1st Bn The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regt) painting of their cipher and dates, Staffordshire Ceramic plaques with various designs, cigarette cards, photographs of Third Reich Officers, and more, together with a collection of rolled maps and pictures of naval ships broken down labelling each part (parcel) £40-60
289.    A large Flare Ground Indicator box, No.1 MK4 Yellow, marked FRAG, together with a 25mm M910 ammunition carry case, and a .303 Ball Mk7 Ctn case (3) £30-50
290.    A collection of WWII and later satchels and bags, mainly all marked with maker's marks, broad arrows and dates, various colours, styles and ages (parcel) £60-100
291.    A collection of 30 Military related books, including Agincourt by Juliet Barker, Nelson The New Letters, Masters and Commanders by Andrew Roberts, The Enemies of Rome by Philip Matyszak etc (30) £60-100
292.    An assortment of WWII Royal Air Force items, comprising a black and white photograph of B Flight, No.4 Squadron 5 I.T.W, May 1942, Airman's Service Book, a small photograph album of No.11 School of Recruit Training, b/w photograph of the Signal Section R.A.F Debert, Canada June 1943, with signatures to reverse, Call Up for Service letter, an RAF England felt shield, two badges and more paperwork (parcel) £80-120
293.    A Scottish Drum Major's Mace, having Malacca cane, with white metal domed top, having King's Crown, having applied chain decoration, with lower white metal spike, no inscription or markings £200-300
294.    A Merryweather Carbon Tetrachloride hand pump type fire extinguisher, together with a wall mounted hand operated fire alarm by Perry Barr Metal Co Ltd £30-50
295.    A large collection of military related books, including A Short History 7th Armoured Division, Men of Steel I SS Panzer Corps, Cinque Ports Battalion, D-Day and many more £40-60
296.    A WWII 'Precautions' enamel sign, the sign instructing how to store A W Bombs (Special Incendiary), 30cm x 20cm £30-50
297.    A Victorian Special Constable wooden truncheon by Parker Holborn, marked 233 to bottom, decorated with VR cipher on black painted ground, 44cm long £50-100
298.    A WWI Inter Allied Victory medal, together with a 50th Independence Anniversary medal, a Home Guard whistle, a bullion pendant, cloth and cap badges, and original magazines from WWII (parcel) £50-80
299.    An assortment of naval related items, comprising a military issue Bosun's whistle, various Tallies, b/w photograph of HMS Vanguard, b/w photographs and postcards, stamps, 1945 Gunnery pocket handbook, 1950s Manual of Seamanship 2 volumes and more (parcel) £60-100
300.    A group of four armbands, two for Civil Defence Corps, one being Welfare, one for RP and the other MP, together with an R.E.M.E stable belt (5) £40-60
301.    A 19th Century Naval bronze signal cannon, bearing naval anchor to the top of the 28cm long barrel, attached to wooden body, with applied metal design £150-250
302.    A large collection of military related books, including Towards Ireland Free by Liam Deasy, Marching to the Sound of Gunfire, The Iron Pirate, To Lose a Battle and many more, some signed by the author (qty) £40-60
303.    A 15ct gold Naval sweetheart brooch, 2.7g, together with two white metal RAF sweetheart brooches, a silver ARP badge and two silver and mixed metal medals (6) £40-60
304.    An assortment of items, including a military-issue telescope, a pair of spires, WWII miniature medal group, trench art, buttons, badges and more (parcel) £30-50
305.    An Austro-Hungarian metal wall crest, having the two eagle heads, together with a white metal combined sport shield metal ware, a black and white photograph of a young soldier, a b/w photo of Det 3rd Batt The Queen's Own ( Royal West Kent Regt) 1916, plus other framed and loose items (parcel) (parcel) £40-60
306.    One cased gas mask, in metal tube and original cardboard box, together with an Artillery sack, novelty Royal Artillery Poker dice and hipflask, a desk pen stand modelled and a Boeing B-17F and other items (parcel) £50-80
307.    Of Operation Grapple and Emu Claypan interest, various items including black and white photographs of detonations, various sights, a signed book with a play the troops performed called 'Bulldust', signed, but numerous troops, a pewter tankard for Operation Grapple and other items (parcel) £60-100
308.    A selection of items to Commemorate the Battle of Arnhem, including photographs of the Commemorative Parachute jump, a plate, booklets, FDCs and more (parcel) £20-30
309.    Naval Interest, a collection of items relating to HMS Plym and HMS Camania, including tallies, black and white photograph of HMS Plym in Montebello Islands 1952, watercolour of the two ships in Montebello, a black and white photograph album containing images of ships, aircraft and various sights and more (parcel) £60-100
310.    C F Wray (late 19th Century) after N. Hadden, oil on canvas, Cornet A Hadden, Notts Gentleman Yeomanry, Notts Riots 1795, depicting Hadden in full uniform on horse back at the Bread Riots of Nottingham 1795, where he charged the rioters and jumped his horse into the middle of them to try and disperse them, signed and dated 1895, to lower right, 60cm x 60cm £100-150
311.    A Jaeger Le Coultre military pocket watch, the chromed case stamped to reverse with broad arrow G.S.T.P 281754 XX, having cream dial, Arabic numerals and luminous numerals to the hour and quarter marks £120-180
312.    A group of four Morse Code keys, one having dual controls, in vintage briefcase (5) £40-60
313.    A WWI presentation cylinder from a Sopwith Pup, the inverted cylinder having applied RFC cap badge, on wooden plinth, with silver presentation plaque, 'Presented by G. Topham to B.J Seabrook in Commemoration of his first flight Dec 4th 1918. This Cylinder was taken from an Aeroplane that helped in the defence of London during The Great War 1914-18', the plaque hallmarked London 1918, approx 35cm tall £1200-1800
314.    An Edward VII Officer's cross belt and pouch, the black leather belt having three bullion bands, and brass mounts, the pouch with crowned ER VII cipher and two bullion bands £100-150
315.    A Khaki Drill Jacket No.2, O.R, together with a No.1 Drill Tunic, plus khaki trousers and another tunic (4) £60-100
316.    A British Royal Naval Lieutenant's Dress Jacket and Trousers, together with a longer example, plus trousers and a Naval Great Coat (5) £60-80
317.    A 1946 Pattern tunic, together with a shirt and two pairs of trousers (4) £60-100
318.    Two RAF Sergeant's No.1 dress uniforms, comprising of jackets and trousers, both with multiple badges and patches (4) £40-60
319.    A 1943 Duffle Coat, in cream, Size No.1, with broad arrow and dated 1943, by Prices Tailors Ltd £60-100
320.    A Royal Marine's No.1 Dress jacket and trousers, by H. Edgard & Sons Ltd, together with a green example, both having Royal Yacht badges, plus multiple bullion and cloth badges (4) £60-80
321.    A 1949 Pattern Battle dress blouse, together with another example, plus a 1964 pattern shirt (3) £60-80
322.    Overseas uniforms, including an American US Airborne Jacket and trousers, the jacket having numerous badges and decorations, another US example plus two German examples (parcel) £50-80
323.    A Royal Naval Engineer Officer's Dress jacket and trousers, together with a Lieutenant's jacket, a Seaman's Drill coat and trousers and another (parcel) £60-80
324.    A 1960 Pattern No.2 jacket, having Gurkha buttons, together with trousers, plus a French Foreign Legion camouflage jacket and trousers (4) £40-60
325.    A 1944 Pattern Field Jacket, together with a 1949 Pattern Battledress Blouse, with shirt and tie, plus two other British jackets, one with trousers (parcel) £50-80
326.    Two Royal Engineer's Dress Uniforms, including jackets and trousers, together with a camouflage jacket and trousers with braces (parcel) £50-80
327.    Two British RAF uniforms, one having Air Electronics wing badge, plus an RAF Greatcoat (3) £60-80
328.    Four British Army Uniforms, various ages and Regiments, three in green the other a formal uniform (4) £50-80
329.    A collection of British and Overseas shirts and trousers, £30-40
330.    A United States Air Force dress uniform, having rank patches to arms and multiple medal ribbons to breast, size 40R, together with another and trousers (3) £40-60
331.    A pair of WWII windproof trousers by Lubin & Son Ltd, dated FEB. 1944, size No.3 in camouflage £50-80
332.    A 1949 Pattern Battle dress uniform, together with a later East Lancashire Regiment Dress uniform (4) £60-80
333.    A collection of Royal Army Medical Corps uniforms, including dress and formal wear, jackets and trousers, complete in military issue tin travel trunks for Brigadier B N Evans, plus another tin trunk £60-80
334.    A Scottish Argyll and Sutherland Highlander's Tartan Bonnet hat, having the large cap badge with white feather plume to one side, the lower tartan stripe supporting wire body covered in black feathers, including chin strap £200-300
335.    A WWII period leather flying cap, unmarked, having padded ear muffs, adjustable strap to back and chin strap £60-100
336.    A Gurkha Kilmarnock hat, with cap badge to the front, together with another Gurkha hat (2) £40-50
337.    A collection of Naval caps and hats, some having bullion badges to front, two having tallies for HMS Bellerophon and HMS Manchester, together with a selection of buttons and epaulettes (parcel) £50-80
338.    An assortment of overseas caps and hats, including Foreign Legion, German Third Reich, Russian etc (parcel) £60-80
339.    A group of 10 British peak caps and hats, including two RAF, a Royal Engineers, Royal Hussars and more (parcel) £70-100
340.    A collection of British and Overseas side caps and berets, including Royal Highland Regiment of Canada, early Royal Artillery, American and Russian (parcel) £60-100
341.    A cased pair of Cork Helmets, including a Pith Helmet and slightly smaller example, in original carry case by Gieves £80-120
342.    A 1965 helmet, possibly a motorcycle rider's helmet, painted green with Eagle above wreath insignias to sign with Roman Numerals below CCLXXXIX (289), with camo cover, together with a British Turtle helmet, painted black (2) £60-100
343.    A 19th Century Spanish 1908 Pattern Infantry Enlisted Man's Issue Shako, having Spanish crest to front, light grey felt with red piping, peak with infantry buttons to side, AF £120-180
344.    A 19th Century Italian Shako, having crossed keys badge with initials to front, white feather plume, black fabric body with single gold bad to top, AF £80-120
345.    A 19th Century Austro-Hungarian Officer's Kepi, having the crowned double-headed eagle to front, with FJI to centre of crest, single green band, and plume to front, makers label to inside E. H. Schwaab of Prague, AF £120-180
346.    A 19th Century German helmet, possibly Fire Fighters, having small brass comb, with wreath, fuse, bugle and crossed rifle helmet plate, leather chin strap connected to brass lion head mounts to either side, AF £60-100
347.    A 19th Century Austro-Hungarian Officer's Shako, having Officer's Bullion Cockade to front with gilt double headed eagle badge with pierced 15 to centre, single wide band to top, AF £100-150
348.    A 19th Century French Officer's Kepi, possibly Grenadiers, having bullion fuse badge to front with bullion ball cockade, with two gold bands on red ground, AF £80-120
349.    A 19th Century Spanish Cavalry helmet, the green metal helmet with brass plate with Spanish crest and motto 'Una Grande Libre' flanked by two dragons, with brass spike to top and purple feather plume, brass chain chin strap and red leather liner, AF £400-600
350.    A 19th Century Austro-Hungarian Officer's Shako, having black felt body with single gold band, bullion cockade with horse hair 'ponytail', double headed eagle badge with Franz Josef I initials to centre, AF £100-150
351.    A 19th Century Spanish Forage cap, possibly Hussars, having column and wreath badge, with felt and bullion cockade having initials to centre, gilt chain chin strap with lion finials, red felt and gilt flap to top, by Felipe Alcaraz, AF £100-150
352.    A 19th Century French brass Sapeur Pompiers (fire fighter's) helmet, having high comb, with French crest and motto to the front, red feather plume, missing liner and chin strap, AF £150-200
353.    A 19th Century Italian Officer's Shako, the black hat having single gilt band to the top with V shaped gilt design to the sides, traditional crossed key with initials badge to the front with red plume, gilt strap top of visor with lion finials, leather chin strap, AF £100-150
354.    A WWI Prussian Pickelhaube spiked helmet, having large badge to the front with motto 'In Treue Fest', stamped 1916 inside, AF £100-150
355.    A 19th Century Austro Hungarian Officer's Czapska helmet, having double headed eagle to the front with central number 8, single gilt band to the top, with horse hair plume and FJI button to top, leather and brass chin strap, AF £120-180
356.    A 19th Century Spanish Officer's Shako, having cream ground with single gilt band, having badge to front with brass cockade and red plume, hat by Claudio Moreno, AF £120-180
357.    A 19th Century Italian Officer's Shako, having small gilt band around the top and two large gilt V's to either side, with red lined design, crossed keys helmet plate with initials to centre with cylindrical bullion cockade, AF £100-150
358.    A 19th Century Spanish Cavalry helmet, the green metal helmet with brass plate with Spanish crest and motto 'Una Grande Libre' flanked by two dragons, with brass spike to top and white feather plume, brass chain chin strap and red leather liner, AF £400-600
359.    An Imperial Austrian Officer's Shako, having thick gilt band to top, with applied bullion tassel, and brass and white feather cockade, bullion band to the visor and FJI double headed eagle badge, AF £120-180
360.    A 19th Century Spanish Officer's Shako, having crest helmet plate to front, with band with fleur de lis decoration on cream ground, red cockade with white feather pommel, small oval F Y badges to inner head band, AF £150-200
361.    A 19th Century French Gendarmerie à Cheval brass helmet, having tall comb with horse hair mohawk and a female head finial, red, white and blue feather plume, lion heads to side with brass covered leather chin strap, AF £150-250
362.    An Austrian Officer's Shako, having three gilt band design, with FJI double headed eagle badge, bullion cockade, bullion band to the visor, Sohr & Menner Wien label to inside, AF £120-180
363.    A Spanish Officer's Shako, cream ground with single band with fleur de lis decoration, crest badge to front, crossed cannon buttons to either side, AF £120-180
364.    Two Royal Berkshire Helmet badges, both being two piece, together with an Oxfordshire two piece helmet badge and a modern Ministry of Defence Police helmet badge (4) £60-100
365.    An assortment of badges and other items, including Normandy Campaign medal, awarded to 21979, a 1953 Commemorative medal, RAF Sweetheart brooch, cloth badges, including bullion examples, epaulettes, buttons, cap badges and more (parcel) £60-100
366.    A WWI period German-Bavarian Pickelhaube helmet plate, the central crowned oval shield flanked by two crowned lions, on scroll with motto 'In Treue Fest', complete with screw mounts, with original wing nuts £30-50
367.    A small collection of British and Overseas cap badges, including London Rifle Brigade, King's Own Scottish Borders, South Wales Border and more, together with a WWII F. Barker & Son (1932) Ltd Mk IX pocket compass (parcel) £30-50
368.    A collection of badges and buttons, including two silver examples for the Royal Kent West and East, Royal Artillery, Prince of Wales Devon Rifles 2nd Vol, Tank Corps and more, selection of buttons, cloth badges and various medallions (parcel) £60-80
369.    An RAF cap badge, together with a silver filigree sweetheart brooch, Air Gunner wing badge, Spitfire button, Nursing badges and a vintage Frodsham wristwatch, in inlaid box (parcel) £70-90
370.    A collection of WWII and later badges, including a two piece Canadian Women's Army Corps, 4th Hussars of Canada, South African Defence Rifle Association Orange Free State and Transvaal, RAF, and more, together with a silver and enamel brooch, Livery buttons and a side cap bearing a Red Star and three line rank insignia (parcel) £100-150
371.    A WWI Army Service Corps Trio, Victory, War and 1914-15 Star, awarded to T4-045249 DVR. L. K. POLL A.S.C, complete with ribbons and original cardboard box £60-100
372.    A WWI Mercantile Marine War medal, with WWI British War medal, awarded to George Kent (2) £50-80
373.    An Imperial Service medal, awarded to ERNEST EDWARD ELGAR, in original box, together with For King and Empire Services Rendered badge marked 416022 £60-100
374.    A WWI Worcester Regiment trio, awarded to 2498 PTE W.BANNER, together with a WWI Royal Marine Light Infantry duo, awarded to PO.17993 PTEW.C.MC GLYNN, plus a WWII Burma Star (6) £70-100
375.    A WWI and WWII Army Service Corps medal group, comprising Victory, War, Mons Star with clasp, War and Defence, awarded to MS-2451 PTE A.W.A HITCHMAN A.S.C, together with an Old Contemptibles Association enamelled car mascot and badge , a selection of wartime postcards and a hand drawn Christmas 1914 67th Coy A.S.C M.T dinner menu (parcel) £180-220
376.    A WWI Royal Marine Artillery medal trio, awarded to R.M.A 6612 GR.C.H.STEVENS, together with his Metropolitan Police Coronation 1911 medal, plus his Pre-War and WWI service papers, postcards and more (parcel) £80-120
377.    A Masonic Cheshire Charities medal, for BRO. W.C.TAYLOR. LIFE GOVERNOR C.E.M.I.& C.M.B.I, together with handbook, sashes and pouch (parcel) £60-100
378.    A Turkish Ottoman Order of Medjidie neck badge, the mixed metal badge with red enamel decoration, stamped to reverse £150-200
379.    A WWI medal duo, awarded to 1587 PTE. A. HALL. 12-LOND R, together with a High Jump medal (3) £40-60
380.    A collection Masonic and Buffalo Jewels and Regalia, including 17 Jewels, 5 being silver gilt, mainly for Newbury Lodge 3710, together with a gavel, sashes and much more (parcel) £100-150
381.    A large framed display of R.A.O.B medals and Regalia, including 9 jewels, 5 being silver, sashes etc all for George Henry Archibald Gibbs, Gibbs was in the Navy in WWII and also a Mason at the Jubilee Lodge No.7291, complete with two framed certificates from the Grand Lodge of England, a black and white photograph of him in his naval uniform and a family made Timeline of Gibbs (parcel) £100-150
382.    A WWI Royal Artillery trio, comprising Victory, War and Territorial Force War medal, awarded to 1152 GNR .S. H. GREEN R.A (3) £120-150
383.    A WWI Royal Artillery duo, awarded to 114269 GNR. S. LEES. R.A, with a collection of various medal ribbons (2) £40-60
384.    A Brunei medal group, awarded to Major P Bakmand, OC Muara and Senior Engineering Officer in the Pahlawan, comprising Brunei Coronation 1968 medal, in 22ct gold, The Royal Brunei Malay Regiment General Service medal and Order of the Setia Negara Neck badge, plus the miniatures, in Spink & Sons boxes, together with photocopies of articles on Bakmand with the Sultan (parcel) £1500-1800
385.    A WWII Civil MBE medal and shoulder tie, complete with original fitted Royal Mint box of issue and cardboard outer case, awarded to Miss Constance Irene Murray, Clerical Officer, Offices of the Cabinet and Minister of Defence, together with the sixth issue of the London Gazette Honour Roll 1945 where she is mentioned (page 300), a selection of typed and hand written correspondence from 10 & 12 Downing Street, Whitehall Cabinet Office, The Air Ministry and Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood, some letters with blind stamps, signatures including Stuart Anderson, Patrick Kinna, T L Rowan, J H M Phillips and more (parcel) £200-250
386.    A German Third Reich Double Decal helmet, having National Eagle and Tri-Colour Shield Decals, with original liner £80-120
387.    A collection of German badges and medals, including SS skull cap badge, a Prussian helmet badge, a Parachutist badge, Wings, a silver hallmarked Swastika badge, Kreismeister 1936 badge, Merit with swords and more (parcel) £100-150
388.    Adolf Hitler, Bilder Aus Dem Leben Des Führers, the cigarette card album containing approx 200 black and white photographs, copyright 1936, AF, together with a West German peak cap (2) £50-80
389.    A collection of Third Reich badges, including 1939 Iron Cross marked to pin, Close Combat, makers name to reverse, two skull badges, Secret Societies Brotherhood and four others (9) £50-80
390.    A WWII Merit Cross with Sword 2nd Class, awarded to Sergeant Hermann Schmitz, complete with original documents and a black and white photograph of Schmitz in uniform, together with a boxed reproduction Merit Cross with Swords, marked to reverse (parcel) £50-80
391.    A WWII period German/Italian badge, having motto 'vincere e vinceremo' loosely meaning 'To Win and We Will Win', showing the closeness of the German and Italian Forces, 1.5cm diameter £40-60
392.    A Reproduction print of Adolf Hitler by Rohr, together with an Iron Cross, £50-80
393.    A Third Reich Panzer Assault badge, Panzerkampfabzeichen, awarded for 25 engagements, marked JFS to reverse £200-300
394.    A Third Reich Tank Battle badge, silver, with pinback, marked E W E £80-120
395.    A WWII Luftwaffe Flak badge, pinback fixing, no visible maker's marks £100-120
396.    A Third Reich Army Flak badge, Flakkampfabzeichen des Heeres, pinback, Brehmer markneu kirchen stamped to reverse £200-300
397.    Three Third Reich Infantry Assault badges, silver, bronze and another, one marked W.H, another marked R.S., the other unmarked and missing pin (3) £100-150
398.    A Third Reich Winterschlacht Im Osten 1941-42 medal, together with an RJA Youth Sport Proficiency lapel badge, marked Wernstein to reverse, and the 1936 Summer and Winter Olympics books (4) £50-80
399.    A Kreigsmarine Naval Document seal, for the Z10 Hans Lody, marked Stempel-Kaiser Berlin SW to the side of the handle £80-120
400.    A selection of Third Reich cloth badges, comprising Police Officer's Sleeve eagle, an Army Field cap badge M43, Luftwaffe breast eagle, three SS Officer's shoulder pips, Panzer Regiment eagle patch, Administration Clerk lapel pips and wreath, Sniper sleeve badge, plus another eagle (10) £100-120
401.    A WWII Luftwaffe Paratrooper's cloth badge, gold eagle, on silver wreath, on blue fabric £60-100
402.    Three Army Heer Cockades, the smaller one marked to back 'GES GESCH' (3) £50-60
403.    Two Third Reich DRL Sports badges, one marked 'Wernstein Jena D.R.G.M 35269', the other 'Wernstein Jena Lobstedt, D.R.G.M 33918' (2) £60-80
404.    A Third Reich Eagle pin by Ferdinand Wagner, marked RZM M1/8 to reverse, together with three zinc eagle badges, two for Heer and the other Luftwaffe (4) £70-100
405.    A Luftwaffe Ground Assault badge, mixed metal, pinback, no visible maker's mark £100-200
406.    A DRK Service medal, the German Red Cross medal with red and white enamel decoration, with applied eagle and Swastika motif, AF £70-100
407.    Three Condor Legion Wound badges, Gold, Silver and Black (3) £100-120
408.    A 1934 porcelain DLV/NSFK Honour Plaque for Faithful Service, having central Swastika wing and prop design with surrounding motto ' Fur Treue Mitarbeit Deutschlandflug 1934', makers marks to back, 8cm diameter £80-120
409.    A Third Reich Black Wound badge, marked 3 to reverse, together with Black Spanish Civil War Wound badge, and a Silver Wound badge, marked 33, possibly Friedrich Linden (3) £50-80
410.    A Third Reich medal group, comprising WWI Iron Cross and Cross of Honour, both court mounted (2) £80-120
411.    A Silver Wound badge, marked 13 to reverse, Gustav Brehmer, in fitted LDO box, together with another Silver Wound badge, marked 30 to reverse, also in fitted box (4) £120-150
412.    A group of Third Reich medals, comprising the Eastern Front medal, the War Merit Cross without Swords, the Hindenberg Honour Cross with Swords marked N & H and Ribbon bar, and the Merit Cross with Swords (5) £80-120
413.    An assortment of Third Reich medals, including the Cross of Honour without swords, marked CW to reverse, a Prussian 15 Year Long Service Cross, both court mounted, a Hindenburg Cross with Swords, marked G & S, plus an example with no swords, marked 4 R.V. PFORZHEIM to reverse, a Luftschutz Air Raid Defence miniature medal and a selection of ribbons (parcel) £80-100
414.    A miniature German Army Dress dagger, having bone twist grip handle, 12cm long blade £30-50
415.    Three NSDAP badges, including Membership badge, marked Ges Gesch RZM M1/78, a lapel badge by Zimmerman, marked M1/72 RZM and a party badge with pierced design, marked RZM M1/*6* (3) £70-100
416.    A Third Reich Mine Rescue 2nd Type medal, complete with ribbon £100-120
417.    A Third Reich SS enamel stick pin, having SS in black enamel ground, marked RZM to reverse, 18mm diameter £100-150
418.    A WWII Assistant Stretcher Bearer's Armband, (Hilfskrankenträger), together with a Civilian Service armband, 'Im Dienst der Deutschen Wehrmacht', having eagle and Swastika stamp to front (2) £80-120
419.    A Spanish Civil War Condor Legion medal, together with an Italian African Campaign medal, both having ribbons (2) £100-150
420.    A group of various Third Reich badges, including Hitler Jugend Marschiert Köln badge 15.10.1933, 1934 Reichsparteitag Day, Erste Reichstagung Berlin, House of German Art 1937, 1st May 1937, and two 1st May 1937 badges, most having maker's names to reverse (7) £70-100
421.    A War Merit Cross with swords, silver, marked 1 to pin, complete with original fitted box with design of the Cross to front £100-150
422.    A Third Reich Loyalty medallion, Schleswig-Holstein, the ceramic medallion with motto 'Wahre Treue War Schwer Errungen' (true loyalty was hard won), complete in Carl Poellath Schrobenhausen box (2) £100-120
423.    A group of 10 Third Reich stick pins, including Cross of Honour, Wound, West Wall, Eastern Front, General Assault, Panzer Assault and more (10) £60-100
424.    A German Landes Kriegerverband Lübeck 25 Year enamel badge, marked HCHTIMM BERLIN C-19, together with an NSAD Staff badge, marked 37 Ges Gesch RJAD in triangle, plus a Red Cross Helferin badge marked Ges Gesch and makers mark to reverse (3) £120-180
425.    A German Afrika cuff band, having embroidered Afrika and two leaf design, 47cm long £80-120
426.    A Third Reich period German Border Protection medal, Zollgrenzschutz, for long service, bronze (1) £50-80
427.    A 40 Year Faithful Service medal, together with a boxed 25 Year Faithful Service medal (3) £40-60
428.    A German Waffen SS Visor cap eagle, marked RZM 40, with two pins £100-120
429.    A German Waffen SS Visor cap Totenkopf, marked RZM 5/8, with two pins £100-120
430.    A group of 11 Third Reich stick pins, including two SA, Hunting, eagle and Swastika, DRL Sport, two medal groups, and three others, some with makers marks (11) £60-100
431.    An NSDAP 10 Year in Gau Essen lapel pin, marked 935 to reverse £200-250
432.    A ceramic German Fighting Games 1934 medallion, having makers marks to reverse (L.H.S), 5cm diameter, in original fitted box (2) £100-150
433.    A collection of 11 Third Reich stick pins, including Red Cross, WHW 1936/37 and 1938, 1939 Eagle, Swastika and wreath, and seven others, some have makers marks to reverse (11) £60-100
434.    A German Army Tank badge, for the Panzer Lanyard, together with a Panzer Assault badge, both with no visible maker's mark (2) £100-150
435.    A German General Assault badge, by Assman, makers mark to reverse with number 1, together with an Army Marksmanship lanyard badge (2) £100-150
436.    A 40 Year Faithful Service medal and miniature, in fitted Deschler & Söhn Munchen box (3) £70-100
437.    A group of ten Third Reich stick pins, including Infantry Assault with LDO Packaging, Luftwaffe, Red Cross, NSDAP Party, two life saving DLRG and three others (10) £60-80
438.    A WWII German Secret Document seal, having eagle and Swastika to centre with writing around the edge, 3.5cm diameter £80-120
439.    A Third Reich Blut und Boden (Blood and Soil) commemorative medal, in box, together with Deutschland Flug 1935 Breslau Commemorative plaque, a Luftwaffe Outstanding Technical Achievement medallion box, a Hitler Commemorative medallion in box, 1 Schilling Kampfs, and another badge (5) £100-150
440.    A German Waffen SS stick pin, the oval pin with SS, Swastika and F M design (1) £100-150
441.    A German AfrikaKorps cuff band, together with a Kreigsmarine tally (2) £60-80
442.    A German War Merit Cross, silver, marked 50 to pin, Karl Gschiermeister, in original fitted box with cross design to lid (2) £50-80
443.    A collection of German badges, including Gau Hamberg WHW 1936/7, Iron Cross Flag lapel (Jager), Deutsche Jugendfest 1936, badge of the Dutch Labour Service c.1941/44, Wettkanpfstag der sa Gruppe 1936, 1935/36 Dank Dem Helfer Gau Essen WHW, and the National Day 30th January 1935 badge (7) £120-180
444.    An assortment of various German badges, comprising N.S-Frauenschaft, Tag Der Deutschen Seefahrt 1935, Nordmark Treffen 1936, Wermacht Faithful Service miniature, West Wall miniature, Memel miniature, Silver Hunting, Edelweiss Regiment Cap badge, German Shield Day, and a Luftsport Hilft badge (10) £120-180
445.    A collection of 12 Third Reich enamel stick pins, including Hitler Youth, , D.D.A.C, NS-RKB, Veteran Organisation, two 25 Year Veteran, Arbeits Dank (red and orange), RKB, Reichskolonailbuns and two Nazi flags (12) £80-120
446.    A German Luftwaffe Paratrooper badge, Fallschrimschützenabzeichen, marked BSW to reverse (1) £250-300
447.    A German EM-GE starter pistol by Gerstenberger u. Eberwein, model 6, complete with original box and instructions, plus two boxes of extra loud blank cartridges £80-120
448.    A Webley Xocet 22-5.5 cal air rifle, serial 893786, together with a Webley 4x32 telescopic sight, and Webley Pro-System silencer, complete with all instruction manuals (parcel) £100-150
449.    A Theoben .22 Cal air rifle, serial TB4008, together with Tasco 2-7x32 telescopic sight, in material carry case £150-200
450.    A Webley Junior .177 air pistol, serial J10065 £100-120
451.    A cased Parker Hale 'Targetscope', together with another similar, Tel Sighting No.32 MkI OS. 466A KL scope, and two modern examples (5) £100-150
452.    A 19th Century percussion cap pocket pistol, having engraved sides and wooden handle, no makers marks, proof marks to the unscrewable 7.4cm barrel £120-180
453.    A British Enfield Martini-Henry Artillery converted carbine, .303 calibre, having Crown and VR cipher to the side, dated 1898, marked A.C.I, breach loading, marked 'Not For Ball', to the top, serial 6725, multiple proof marks, RFA mark to applied disc on butt, PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED A SECTION 1 FIREARMS LICENSE TO PURCHASE THIS LOT £150-250
454.    A 19th Century Middle Eastern Percussion cap musket, having wooden stock, with 94cm long barrel, with white metal decoration, appears to have proof marks to top of barrel £100-150
455.    A 19th Century Blunderbuss, marked Spencer to the barrel, with large proof marks, AF, together with a Poleaxe head, AF £50-100
456.    A Harrods Gun & Rifle Dept ammunition case, having four compartments with leather inserts, together with a Stephen Grant Gun case, AF £60-100
457.    A stone axe head, having some damages, AF £30-50
458.    A collection of Middle Eastern Kukri knives, including two large and two smaller, plus two mounted on a presentation shield with Gurkha badges, all complete with skinning knives, and another miniature example without, AF £50-80
459.    A George V Infantry Officer's sword, by Robert Mole & Sons, having GRV cipher and shield to decoratively engraved single fullered blade, pierced design to the hand guard, complete with scabbard and belt straps £120-180

A Scottish Sgian-dubh knife, having silver hallmarked mounts, together with another knife in sheath (2) £60-80
461.    A French Yataghan bayonet and scabbard, inscribed to the spine of the blade and dated 1867, the bayonet and scabbard have the same serial number H99404, the scabbard possibly previously used as old serial number K89992 has had a line put through it (2) £30-50
462.    A group of 5 bayonets, including a French Yataghan dated 1844, a two socket bayonets and two spike bayonets, one having cruciform blade (5) £80-120
463.    An Argentinian model 1891 bayonet and scabbard, together with a Yataghan style bayonet, two double edged bayonets and another (5) £80-120
464.    A German Mauser bayonet by E.u.F Horster, together with a similar example, plus two double edged bayonets, all having scabbards (4) £70-100
465.    A British Naval Dirk by Gieve Matthews & Seagrove, having shagreen handle with lion head pommel, etched single sided 46cm long blade, complete with scabbard, scabbard marked P.H.G.J £180-220
466.    A vintage hunting knife by Fagan & Son, complete with sheath, together with two Middle Eastern knives, one having bone handle with applied white metal decoration, and another (3) £40-60
467.    A converted sword, having single fullered curved blade, having later wooden hand grip, blade and grip AF £30-50
468.    A U.S Civil War sword by Ames MFG Co, marked to blade with makers name and Chicopee, US JH 1964 to the other side, having 82cm long side fullered blade, kidney shaped brass guards, texture hand grip £100-150
469.    A British Infantry Officer's sabre, possibly a marriage, having 1786 pattern ivory and brass handle with beaded hilt guard, leading to unmarked 72cm long curved blade £80-120
470.    A Dutch Infantry Officer's sabre by Yzerhouwer, having curved 77cm long single fullered blade, with makers marks to one side and J F Segers design to other, with wire twist grip and brass guard, complete with scabbard £100-150
471.    A British Cavalry Trooper's sword by Wilkinson London, having 86cm long single fullered slightly curved blade, marked with makers name and numerous proof marks to either side and spine of the blade, with large one piece guard and criss cross hand grip, complete with military issued scabbard £120-180
472.    A WWI Imperial German Artillery Officer's sword by Simpson & Co Suhl, having wooden grooved hand grip with steel guard marked S.P.10.4, with single fullered curved 76cm long blade, marked 18 with proof marks to spine and guard, complete with scabbard marked H.A.M.2.46 £150-200
473.    A Victorian General Staff Officer's sword by Henry Wilkinson, having crowned VR cipher to one side of single fullered blade and crowned crossed sword and baton to the other, 16761 to the spine, also with crossed sword and baton design to the pierced guard, with scabbard, possibly a marriage £200-300
474.    A George V Cavalry sword, having decorative single fullered 83cm long blade, with cipher to both sides, the large single piece hand guard with pierced design, also with cipher, complete with leather bound scabbard £80-120
475.    An early Victorian Infantry presentation sword by Hodson & Sons, presented by the 2nd V.B Hampshire Regiment, to Acting Surgeon A.B Wade, M.B by his Brother Officers who attended his ambulance lectures in 1886, engraved down one side of the blade then cipher to the other, blade 84cm long, complete with leather bound scabbard £100-150
476.    A Naval Officer's sword, having lion head pommel, shagreen and wire grip, 80cm long engraved blade, maker's name worn, missing scabbard £100-150
477.    A late 18th/early 19th Century French Officer's Sword, possibly Napoleonic, having fan shaped hilt guard, same as the cuirassier officer's sword c.1790, the 97cm long blade having engraved design, with numerous shapes £120-180
478.    A WWI Japanese Shin-Gunto, the blade signed by Amahide and dated 1942, having shorter blade, 54cm, complete with tassel, shagreen and bound hand grip, with scabbard £300-400
479.    A French Yataghan bayonet and scabbard, dated 1870, together with a cut down T-Back bayonet, used in the trenches (3) £30-50
480.    A WWII machete, dated 1941 to handle and having makers name to the blade, together with a small kukri, AF £30-40
481.    A late 19th Century sword stick, having concealed 64cm long blade, the horn handle, with carved bone decoration, white metal lion head finial £40-60
482.    A 1943 Legitimus Collins & Co machete, No.1250, complete with sheath marked Carson Co. Ltd, dated 1940, together with a WWII Case XX machete bush survival folding knife (3) £100-150
483.    A US Remington 1913 bayonet, marked 1913, 17 to the blade, together with a Remington 1917 pattern bayonet, both having leather and steel scabbards (4) £80-120
484.    A German K98 ASW bayonet, serial 6065, marked to blade ASW, small markings to end of handle, together with steel scabbard and leather frog, serial 2974 (2) £60-100
485.    A US M4 double sided fighting knife, together with a US M8A1 scabbard and frog (2) £40-60
486.    A British No.7 MkI/L bayonet, dated 1948, together with steel scabbard and frog (2) £70-100
487.    A 19th Century bamboo sword stick, having fern decoration to outside, having 69cm long single fullered tapering blade £100-150
488.    A WWI German M1898/05 Butcher bayonet, marked Waffenfabrik Mauser A.G Oberndorf a N to the single fullered tapering blade, marked W16 to the spine, complete with steel scabbard (2) £150-200
489.    A Japanese Type 30 bayonet by Tokyo Hohei Kosho Arsenal, together with another Japanese type 30 bayonet by the Toyada Jido Shokki Seisakusho Arsenal, both with steel scabbards (4) £60-100
490.    A Spanish M1913 bayonet, marked ARTILLERIA, TOLEDO, serial 7872, with steel and leather scabbard, together with Spanish 1941 Bolo bayonet, 1664L, complete with steel scabbard and frog (4) £50-80
491.    Two French Lebel bayonets, both having cruciform blades, one serial 81817, the other 8622 with leather frog (4) £70-100
492.    A British 1907 Pattern bayonet by Wilkinson, marked 8 '15, complete with leather and steel scabbard and frog (2) £60-80
493.    A group of four French bayonets, including a Yataghan with steel scabbard, a lebel with cruciform blade and steel scabbard, a Gras T-Back with steel scabbard and a cut down Yataghan (7) £100-150
494.    Two German bayonets, comprising M1884/98, serial E 6586, with steel scabbard (1653), together with an Alex Coppel Solingen bayonet, serial 797 marked to cross guard, with leather and brass scabbard marked Kk 4421 (4) £60-80
495.    Three socket bayonets, one having leather and brass scabbard (4) £60-100
496.    A Fairbairn Sykes fighting dagger, unmarked to the cross guard or handle, together with leather scabbard, AF (2) £60-80
497.    Two Swedish M1896 knife bayonets, both marked EJ AB, serial 180 and 384, one having numbers to the cross guard 9/25 No.39, both with steel scabbard one with leather frog (4) £80-120
498.    A WWI German 84/98 sawback bayonet, by Erfurt, serial 9795, blade 24.5cm long, complete with steel scabbard (2) £150-200
499.    Two French Lebel bayonets, both having cruciform blades and steel scabbard, serials 57145 and 80016, one has 52cm long blade the other 34cm (4) £70-100
500.    A Spanish Fighting knife, possibly Civil War, having double edged heavy blade, 25cm long, with steel scabbard, both with serial no.F 5559 (2) £40-60
501.    A Canadian 1907 Ross Rifle Co. Bayonet, with leather scabbard and frog, together with Heckler & Koch bayonet, scabbard and frog, possibly G3L (4) £60-80
502.    A Belgian FN49 SA30, with steel bayonet and leather frog, together with an Austrian M1895 carbine bayonet with steel scabbard, plus another bayonet with scabbard and frog (6) £60-80
503.    A British WWII Lee Enfield GRI MkII bayonet, together with a British No.9 MkI spike bayonet, a No.4 MkII Spike bayonet and two others, all five having scabbards and frogs (10) £100-150
504.    An Italian 1891 Pattern Rocca 1941 bayonet, with brass and leather scabbard, together with a Swiss M1918 Elsener Schwyz Victoria bayonet with steel scabbard (4) £100-120
505.    A P1888 Metford MkI bayonet, marked 5' 90 and WD with broad arrow, complete with leather and steel scabbard with leather frog (2) £70-100
506.    A group of five Continental bayonets, including a Portuguese 1904 Pattern by Simson & Son, a Czech TGF Mauser, German-Ersatz Carter EB48 Ottobre, plus two AK47 knife bayonets, all with scabbards, four with frogs (10) £100-150
507.    A WWI German M1898/05 sawback bayonet, by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen, marked W15 to the spine of the blade, with steel and leather scabbard, steel marked 13.P.R.175. (2) £150-200
508.    A WWII Japanese military sword, having arsenal stamp, 65cm long single fullered curved blade, with leather covered handle and scabbard, brass and shagreen pommel (2) £200-300
509.    A WWII Japanese Showa Military sword, signed Noshu Seki Kojima Katsumasa, c1940, 65cm long tapered blade (2) £300-400
510.    A Middle Eastern wooden handle kukri, together with a reproduction fighting dagger, and a T.Turner Encore multi-knife (3) £50-100
511.    FOREWORD An important Collection of Flight & Aircraft manuals relating to Peter P Baker. Baker later in his career became a test pilot for Concorde 001 in the UK along with many other accolades - RAF Hornchurch, A post war S.O. Book 321 from the Royal Air Force Personnel Selection Training School Hornchurch, complete with hand written notes and some diagrams, F-G £50-80
512.    RAF Flying Volume 1, A 1954 Royal Air Force Manual, Flying Vol 1, Aircraft and Equipment, the amendment record sheet with hand written dates January 1955 - February 1960 each entry signed P.P.Baker, loose leaves in original binder, F-G £50-80
513.    RAF Flying Volume 2, A 1955 Royal Air Force Manual, Flying Vol 2, Aircraft Operation, stamped on the front cover Royal Aircraft Establishment Library 11 June 1957, the amendment record sheet (detached), with hand written dates September 1956 - June 1958 all signed Sqn Ldr P.P. Baker, loose leaves in original binder, F-G £50-80
514.    A USAF Pilot's Handbook, A September 1957 USAF Pilot's Handbook for performance flight testing, the experimental flight test pilot school Edwards Air Force Base California, loose leaves in original binder, G £80-120
515.    A Dart Herald Flight Manual, An approved flight manual for a typical Dart Herald 214, built by Handley Page, Specimen Copy No 180, Loose leaves in original binder, G £80-120
516.    A British Aircraft Corporation Technical Manual, BAC One-Eleven engineering handbook, loose leaves, in original binder, G £50-80
517.    A Concorde Prototype Checklist, loose leaves in a black binder with gold lettering, with added Dymo labelling 'Pilots Office' Expanded Copy No 5, dated on pages 1972, together with a similar binder Concorde 01 Checklist with no contents other than an amendment page with several signatures and dates for 1974/75, F-G (2) £100-150
518.    A Concorde Flight Manual, loose leaves in a grey binder with blue lettering and Concorde logo, labelled on spine Concorde Flight Manual ACFT 01, initialled on inside cover in ink P.P.B. incorporating sections 1-7.10, dated 1971-73, F-G £100-150
519.    A Concorde Flight Manual, loose leaves in a grey binder with blue lettering and Concorde logo, labelled on spine Concorde Flight Manual G-BBDG, ACFT 202 Volume 1, initialled on some pages in ink P.P.B. including hand written notes with many printed pages listing P. Baker, incorporating sections 7. 03, 7.04, 7.06, 7.11, dated 1974-80, F-G
this is a really important prototype folder with internal meetings memos regarding development and testing/feedback. It is not a generic manual £100-150
520.    A Concorde Flight Manual, loose leaves in a grey binder with blue lettering and Concorde logo, labelled on spine Concorde Flight Manual ACFT 01, initialled on inside cover in ink P.P.B. incorporating sections 7.11-7.25, dated 1971-72, F-G £100-150
521.    A Concorde Crew Manual, loose leaves in a grey binder with blue lettering and Concorde logo, labelled on spine Concorde Crew Manual Prod.2 Copy No 42, with hand written annotations, and printed pages listing P. Baker, dated 1969-82, F
The file cover is Concorde but the contents are quite an important BAC1-11 manual with notes, memos etc. PPB was the Project test Pilot for the BAC 1-11 £100-150
522.    A Concorde Test Pilot's Personal Training Note Book, A vinyl album containing 92 pages of printed schematic and diagramatic pages all with detailed hand written training annotations, some pages stamped in red Prototype 001, dated 1967-1972, G £1000-1500
523.    A Fokker 50 Aircraft Operating Manual, A Fokker 50 Aircraft Operating Manual, 1986 loose leaves in a blue vinyl binder with white lettering and Fokker emblem, G £50-80
524.    A Space Models Concorde Foyer Display Model, a 1:36 scale fibre glass model, lacking stand, in original cardboard packing box, fine fracture to underside front section, and chips to paint work around one brass stand slot, 47in long, G, box F £500-800
525.    Concorde and Comet Artwork, an unframed watercolour depicting Concorde, G-BOAG, on flight from NY JFK to Heathrow July 2003 and BOAC G-ALYP Comet on flight from London to Johannesburg May 1952 signifying fifty years of commercial airliners, also depicting the South African national coat of arms and B.O.A.C logo, monogrammed T J 2002, with British Airways Concorde Certificate of authenticity on reverse, 10in wide X 5in high, G-E £80-120
526.    A Royal Mint Concorde A Supersonic Era Montage, a framed and glazed montage commissioned by the Royal Mint, inset with 2003 Alderney silver proof £5 coin depicting Concorde, limited edition 24/500, factory packaged with certificates, 27in wide x 22in high, E £50-80
527.    A Limited Edition Print Concorde Simply The Best, a framed and glazed print by Timothy O'Brien, complete with eight signatures, 164/1950, published by Westminster, 24in wide x 21in high, G-E £40-60
528.    Concorde Limited Edition Prints, a duo of framed and glazed prints comprising, Queen of the Skies by Anthony Hansard, signed by the artist and Captain Jock Lowe, 1844/1950, 19in wide by 15in high, together with Perfect Timing depicting Concorde, QE II and Red Arrows, complete with four signatures, by David Kearney, 676/1950, 23in wide x 19in high, both published by Westminster, G-E, (2) £50-80
529.    An English Pewter Concorde Model, a polished pewter model on wooden plinth by English Miniatures 1995 (unboxed), together with a modern printed metal panel depicting Concorde and two calendars 2004/2007, F-G, (4) £40-60
530.    An English Pewter Concorde and Other Aircraft Models, a boxed group of ten polished pewter models on wooden plinths by English Miniatures 1995, comprising a limited edition Concorde Example and nine others of WWII and later military aircraft, G-E, Boxes G, (9) £50-80
531.    Concorde Links of London and Caithness, a boxed Links of London travel clock inscribed Concorde on the dial, with quartz movement in stainless steel case and brown leather outer case, together with an unboxed Caithness Super Sonic 1976 paper weight depicting Concorde, limited edition 33/150, 2012, G, Box F, (2) £50-80
532.    A Concorde Gold Necklace and Pendant, a 9 carat gold necklace with pendant in the form of Concorde (6.9 grams), in Wray & Co of Plymouth case, G-E, Box F £80-120
533.    A Concorde Display Model, a window display fibre glass model on chrome tripod stand, with some marks/minor chips to paint work and fractures to paintwork on one wing, (25in long), F-G £100-150
534.    A Concorde Desk Ornament by Links of London, a boxed palladium plated desk ornament/paper weight in the form of Concorde taking off, on ebonised plinth with plaque commemorating Concorde 1976-2003, 6in wide x 6in high, G-E, Box G-E £50-80
535.    A Links of London Silver Concorde Cufflinks, a boxed pair of 925 silver Concorde 1976-2003, torpedo cufflinks with blue velvet draw string bag in box with card sleeve, G-E, Box G-E £50-80
536.    A Links of London Silver Concorde Charm Bracelets, two boxed 925 silver Concorde1976-2003, charm bracelets, each with blue velvet draw string bags, in box with cards sleeve, G-E, Boxes G-E, (2) £80-100
537.    Carrs Silver Concorde Book Marks, two boxed 925 silver Concorde 1976-2003, book marks, each with leather tassels boxed, G-E, Boxes G-E, (2) £80-100
538.    Carrs Silver Concorde Money Clips, two boxed 925 silver Concorde 1976-2003, money clips, each boxed, G-E, boxes G-E, (2) £60-80
539.    Carrs Silver Concorde Book Mark and Special EFX Silver Concorde Port Label, a factory sealed 925 silver Concorde 1976-2003, book mark and a boxed 925 silver Concorde Port decanter label, G-E, Boxes G-E, (2) £80-100
540.    Concorde 1976-2003 Luggage Label Pen and Medallic Coin, a boxed trio comprising, Links of London silver plated luggage label with leather belt strap and draw string velvet bag, a chrome ballpoint pen by Cross and a gold plated limited edition last flight of Concorde medallic coin by Tower Mint for Compton and Woodhouse with certificate, G-E, Boxes G-E (3) £60-80
541.    Concorde 1976-2003 Keyrings Tie Clips and Lapel Pins, a boxed/cased collection including Wave keyrings (5), and similar oval key rings (6), together with Cliveden Collection silver plated tie clips (2) and lapel pins (2), G-E, Boxes/Cases G-E, (15) £60-80
542.    A Concorde 1976-2003 Celebration Bear by Hermann, a boxed (with outer box), 2003 limited edition mohair bear in Concorde Captain outfit, 537/1976, with certificate produced for Compton and Woodhouse, and boxed Corgi 59902 Concorde in new livery with moving nose cone, originally a free gift with the bear, G-E, Boxes G-E, (2) £40-60
543.    Concorde Models and Commemorative Ceramics, boxed models including Corgi CSCA05002 Concorde two piece set (2), snap together plastic Concorde desk ornament, and larger 1:1200 scale plastic Concorde desk ornament, together with a boxed Royal Worcester limited edition plate The Final Flight of Concorde, and boxed Wedgwood Concorde blue Portland oval photograph frames (2) and matching boxed pin dishes (2), G-E, Boxes G-E, (9) £40-60
544.    Concorde and British Airways Collectibles, Concorde 1976-2003 leather luggage labels by Smythson of Bond street in card envelopes (2) and a group of plastic with leather belt straps original Concorde luggage labels inscribed Miami (10), together with boxed and cased B A ball point pen and pencil set by Carole Plus and an Anya Hindmarch B A First Class wash bag (no contents) depicting a B.O.A.C. Stratocruiser, G-E, Boxes G-E, (14) £50-80
545.    Concorde 1976-2003 Collectibles, mostly on paper including, factory sealed 2004 desk calendars (13), Concorde notebooks (5), 27 years of Concorde six postcard sets (2), 2001 Smythson of Bond St diary, Concorde 2003 paper gift bags (4), Concorde stationary sets (2), Concorde T Shirt (large) and a DVD 27 Years of Supersonic Flight (factory sealed), G-E, Boxes G-E, (29) £50-80
546.    Concorde Final Flight Dining Set, a complete set including Royal Doulton British Airways porcelain table ware, three glasses with B A insignia, stainless steel cutlery (4), four napkins (green and white) stainless steel napkin holder and two leather B A coasters, G-E, (24) £50-80
547.    Concorde Royal Doulton Dining Ware, several differing styles, including gold line and crest comprising seven dinner plates (EC 1035) some wear to gilding, side plate (CE 4504), trio (CE 4505, EC 1005, EC1004) and bowl (EC 1006), together with black and silver lined trio (EC1087, EC1089, and Wedgwood EC1004), with matching side plate (EC1049) and white glazed items six dinner plates (EC1140), four bowls (EC 1137), four side plates (EC1138), thirteen pieces of BA stainless steel cutlery, and various paper coasters and linen napkins, F-E , (45+) £80-100
548.    Concorde 1st Day Covers Autograph and Photographs, a framed and glazed 1st and Last Flight 1st day cover by Benham signed by Captain Jock Lowe 2004, 51/150, 2003 medallic 1st day cover limited edition by Westminster and a set of five final flight London to New York October 2003 1st day covers one with printing error SEO Evans rather than SFO Evans, together with a 21st October 2003 limited edition certificate flown on G-BOAE signed by Captain Mike Bannister, 43/100, three 2003 official photographs The Concorde Family and a postcard 2003 depicting Concorde by Adrian Meredith, G-E (12) £80-100
549.    British Airways and Concorde Publications and Brochures, Concorde a Celebration commemorative magazine Sep/Oct 2003, Concorde The Collection catalogue 2003 and eleven 2004 Concorde calendars (all in card cases), together with BA News editions 9th Oct 2003-22 Apr 2004, BA Touchdown Autumn and Winter 2003/2004, Heathrow Skyport Oct/Nov 2003, Concorde Special News Oct 2003, (140+ editions in total) and a folder of print outs from BA News Interactive 2003/2004 also contained on a memory Stick, G-E (150+) in two boxes £60-80
550.    Alan Stammers Monochrome Unframed Limited Edition Prints, a trio of prints comprising, Into The Air 380/500, Final Checks 87/500 and Soaring High, all signed by the artist and Cpt Mike Bannister, all three in postage tubes, G, (3) £60-80
551.    MacCarthy Interiors Ltd Aircraft Furnishing Prints, a group of five sepia prints depicting pre and Post-war commercial aircrew, in matching aluminium frames with hard plastic backs, all with manufacturers labels and packaged fixings with protective film over fronts (unused), supplied for aircraft by MacCarthy Interiors Hangar 9 Redhill Aerodrome, each 12in wide x 18in high, G-E £50-80
552.    A Spitfire Desk Ornament, 1950s painted wooden model of QV K Mk1 Spitfire on brass support, with circular oak plinth, some wear to paintwork, 18in wingspan, 14in high, G

This aircraft was the favourite of the ace Sq. Ldr. and C.O. Brian J E Lane RAF (1917-1942)
553.    A Chromed Metal V-1 Rocket Desk Ornament, a chrome model of a WWII German V-1 rocket, with military insignia transfer on ashtray plinth, inscribed 'Presented To E.J. Clayton by the Staff Xmas 1948', marked underneath WJF 1946, 4in wingspan 6in high, G £100-120
554.    Bristol Beaufighter and Bristol F2B Desk Ornaments, a 1950s cast aluminium model of a Bristol Beaufighter with amateur painted details on rectangular marble plinth, 9in wingspan, 7in high, together with a 1:72 scale aluminium model of a Bristol F2B fighter flown by Major A.E. McKeever France 1917, with fine detailing and transferred insignia on stepped kite shaped plinth, 6in wingspan, 5in high, G (2) £80-120
555.    Wellington and Spitfire Desk Ornaments, a cast brass Wellington bomber desk ornament on circular plinth, with a cast aluminium Spitfire desk ornament with perspex propeller, on rectangular plinth, each 9in wingspan, 6in high, G, (2) £50-80
556.    An Air France Lockheed Constellation Desk Ornament, cast aluminium with perspex propellers, on circular bisected globe plinth with enamelled detail outlining Africa and Europe inscribed Air France Reseau Aerien Mondial, 1950s, 10in wingspan 7in high, G £100-120
557.    A post-war RAF Canberra Desk Ornament, a cast painted aluminium English Electric Canberra WH924 desk ornament, with transferred detail on metal support and teak plinth with aircraft name plate, 10in wingspan, 7in high, some chips to nose cone finish, G £60-80
558.    A post-war RAF Canberra Desk Ornament, cast painted aluminium English Electric Canberra B (I) 8 WT329 desk ornament, with some transferred detail in black livery on arrow shaped plinth, 11in wingspan, 8in high, G £80-100
559.    A post-war Sea Vixen Desk Ornament, cast painted aluminium Royal Navy DH 110 Sea Vixen WG 236 desk, with transferred detail on metal support and rectangular teak plinth, 8in wingspan, 7in high some scratches to one wing, G £50-80
560.    A post-war De Havilland Comet Desk Ornament, a cast painted aluminium B.O.A.C. Comet G-AYLP desk ornament, with some retouching to underside, on wooden support with wood and perspex stepped diamond shaped plinth, 10in wingspan, 10in high, G £60-80
561.    Aircraft data sheets, collection of pre-WWII illustrated Aircraft data sheets, including Empire Flying boats, Gloster Gladiator and many more, G (39) £40-50
562.    Aircraft pictures, A quartet of aircraft pictures, including The Age Of Chivalry, a Michael Turner numbered print, a photograph of the Red Devils parachute team, signed by team members, plus 2 others, G, (4) £40-60
563.    Aircraft images, A pair of framed Aircraft images - Comet 2 and De Havilland Venom Mk3, believed to have been hung in RAE Farnborough, overall size approx, 50 x 45cm, VG-E, (2) £40-60
564.    Motor Sport ephemera, collection of Motor Sport, car tuning and car sales literature, mainly from the 1960s and early 1970s, featuring several Hillman Imp items, Davrian and Janspeed, F-G,(qty) £30-60
565.    Ferrari 250 SWB images, set of 3 mounted colour photographs of the iconic sports racing car, no 1 from a limited edition of only 50 sets, photographed and signed by Neill Bruce the retired Ferrari UK official photographer, showing the ex Walker-Moss car, the Schlesser-Simon car and the 3rd place finisher at Le Mans 1961, driven by Noblet and Guichet, overall size 38 x 30cm, E, (3) £40-70
566.    Ferrari 250 GTO images, set of 3 mounted colour photographs of the iconic sports racing car, no 1 from a limited edition of only 50 sets, photographed and signed by Neill Bruce the retired Ferrari UK official photographer, showing the Ecurie Francorchamps car, now owned by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd and the Innes Ireland car that won the 1962 TT, overall size 38 x 30cm, E, (3) £40-70
567.    Commercial Vehicle images, A sizeable collection of silver print photographs covering a large portion of the 20th Century, some advertising photographs, G-E, (qty) £50-70
568.    Ship and Railway Lamps, ship's copper masthead light, lens damaged, and two railway lamps, all untested, F (3) £50-60
569.    Automobile literature, including 'Cars For The Connoisseur', a hard back book by Classic Car Dealer Fiskens and other items, G (qty) £30-40
570.    Railway wheels, one possibly a porter's cart wheel, the other a brake wheel, F, (2) £30-50
571.    A constructed wooden skeleton model kit of a Sopwith Camel, the famous WWI biplane fighter, well detailed model in Perspex display case, 52cm wingspan, E £180-250
572.    A vintage Smiths car clock, 95mm diameter and a Lucas battery top-up bottle, F-G (2) £50-80
573.    A modern Tucher & Walter clockwork tinplate Titanic Model, 62 cm long, in original box, E £150-250
574.    Titanic memorabilia, including 2 small model ships 14.5cm and 10 cm long in cases, 2 small framed prints, a metal model ship, size apx 80cm long and other items, VG-E (7)cm £50-80
575.    Bentley, Bentley hardback books, accessories brochure and a bound folder, E (6) £40-60
576.    Commercial vehicle component photographs, large collection of mainly commercial vehicle component photographs, in 80 envelopes, with various lorry images, G-VG (qty) £40-60
577.    Commercial vehicle sales literature, covering several eras, makers including Leyland, Steyr, MAN, with many covering the Dennis brand, G-VG (qty) £50-70
578.    Commercial vehicle sales literature, mainly 1960s onwards, makers including Dodge, Commer, Bedford, Leyland, Guy and many others, G-E (qty) £50-70
579.    Rolls Royce Bulletin, dated January 1956, believed to be the launch bulletin for the then new Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and its Bentley stablemate the S series, pp38, with numerous black and white images, some damage to spine, G £20-50
580.    James Bond 007, An collection of various items from the film The Spy Who Loved Me - press release from United Artists, covering the Lotus Esprit used and modified for the film, also including a car brochure with the signature of Caroline Munro, (not checked for authenticity), girl in the helicopter, and a Lotus cars compliment slip, VG (5) £40-60
581.    A Jaguar Mk2 Grille, with 2.4 litre badge, F £30-50
582.    A Riley RMF 2.5litre Motor Car 1953, currently carrying registration number 9 RHX, 1 of only 1050 made, this is a RHD export model first registered in Singapore and returned to the UK in 1957; fair condition, requiring complete restoration, we are advised that the engine had an overhaul shortly before it went into dry storage in circa 1990, offered with many spare parts £3000-5000
583.    Riley RMF parts, pair of Riley RMF boot hinges, shop-stock original parts, with a pair of Desmo wing mirror plinths and a pair of brake and clutch pedal gaiters, E (6) £40-60
584.    Ferrari lithographs, seven numbered Ferrari factory issued lithographs, released in 1989 and depicting Ferrari in Formula 1 from 1951 to 1982, printed in Italy by Punto Grafico, drivers comprise Amon, Parkes, Brookes, Ascari, Lauda, P Hill and G Villeneuve, in original packaging, 99.5 x 68.5 cm, E, (7) £100-200
585.    Porsche prints, pair of numbered Porsche prints by Walter Gotsche, featuring a Porsche 356 in rally scene and a Porsche 917 in Racing livery, 64 x 36 cm, E (2) £30-40
586.    Porsche posters, road vehicles - 928, 944T, 959 (3), racing - Spa 1000km 1986, Le Mans 1985 and 1970, VG, one creased F (6) £50-70
587.    Ferrari posters, drivers Michele Alboreto nos 501/87 and 322/84 and Gerhard Berger nos 502/87 and 946/95, (car only) all printed in Italy, each 98 x 68cm, E (4) £40-60
588.    Ferrari sales brochures, 512 Testarossa press pack no 324/84, BB 512i brochure no 221/81 and further 512 type brochure no 200/80, all printed in Italy in very limited numbers, E (3) £60-100
589.    A Ferrari 512S technical document, Ferrari built 25 512S Racing cars for its own team and a few chosen private teams during 1969 and 1970, one of only 70 copies printed by Copy Art Maranello, text in English and Italian, provenance ex-Chinetti USA and Ferrari UK, some minor staining along the top of the cover and a few pages, VG £200-300
590.    Ferrari F40 posters, very large folded poster, extending to almost 9 feet, Ferrari no 95991443 dated 07/89, the other smaller, script in several languages, both printed in Italy, E (2) £80-120
591.    Autographed photograph of Jacky Ickx, ex-Formula 1 and multi Le Mans winner, 18cm x 13 cm, VG £30-50
592.    Hot Wheels Ferrari Formula 1 Racing cars, F300, FI-2000, F2001 versions, all as driven by Michael Schumacher, in original boxes, E, boxes F-VG (3) £30-60
593.    Carriage lamps, set of period-style carriage lamps - pair of front lamps and single rear (3) £50-80
594.    Bugatti ephemera, Collection of motoring books and other publications, mainly Bugatti related, Including a biography of Ettore Bugatti, Full throttle by Tim Birkin and others, F-G (qty) £40-60
595.    Renault ephemera, Renault Owners Manuals, mainly from the period 1960-1990, covering models 6, 14,16, 5, plus many others (38), with official press photographs (70) including Nicole's spoof wedding to Vic Reeves, VG-E (qty) £50-70
596.    Commercial vehicle literature including Studebaker Leopard with price list, dated 1935, White trucks USA, circa 1937, Tempo Wiking, and others similar, some with dates inscribed, F-VG (qty) £50-100
597.    Light commercial vehicle sales literature, including Austin A30/35 van and pick up, Austin Gypsy, including price list, Mini van, Standard 10 van and pick up, Atlas van, Goggomobil, Jorven-Kalmar, Commer and others, VG (16) £70-90
598.    Commercial vehicle sales literature, mostly 1940 - 1970, makers including Commer, Dodge, Proctor, Latil, Maudsley and many others, G-VG (qty) £60-90
599.    Bus and Coach photographs, large quantity of bus and coach photographs, mainly covering the second half of the 20th Century, with some press and advertising images, G - E (qty) £60-80
600.    Commercial Vehicle Photographs, loose photographs covering much of the 20th Century, including some rare press images, VG-E (qty) £60-80
601.    Commercial vehicle photographs, from many commercial vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers, including press photographs, VG-E (qty) £50-70
602.    Damon Hill Formula 1 memorabilia, including model racing cars by Minichamps and Onyx (5) a Jordan Grand prix cap and a Damon Hill supporter's club tee shirt, clothing apparently unworn, with tags attached, VG (7) £50-70
603.    Bus photograph collection, some probably for advertising or editorial purposes, F-G (qty) £30-40
604.    Bus photograph collection, mostly during 1969, some probably for advertising or editorial purposes, 9 envelopes, F-G (qty) £70-90
605.    Bus photograph collection, probably taken between 1967 and 1969, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 9 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
606.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related, probably from 1965 - 1967, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 9 envelopes, F-G (qty) £70-90
607.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related, probably from 1960 - 1964, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 13 envelopes, F-G (qty) £80-100
608.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, mostly taken throughout the 1950s, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 13 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
609.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, probably taken between 1947 and 1949, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 9 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
610.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images probably taken between 1943 and 1946, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 11 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
611.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, probably taken during 1942, probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 12 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
612.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, mainly taken during 1941, probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 12 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
613.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, mainly taken during 1940, probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, split into 10 envelopes, F-G (qty) £70-90
614.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, 1930s, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 15 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £80-100
615.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, mainly early 1930s, some probably used for advertising or editorial images, 12 envelopes,black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
616.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, probably taken during 1938 and 1939, 12 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
617.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, mainly 1935 to 1937, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 12 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
618.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, mainly taken during 1934 and 1935, 13 envelopes, black and white, F-G (qty) £70-90
619.    Vehicle photograph collection, mainly bus related images, mainly taken between 1930 and 1933, some probably used for advertising or editorial purposes, 12 envelopes,black and white, F-G (qty) £80-100
620.    Postcard collection, four albums containing a large number of mainly bus and transport related images, G (qty) £40-60
621.    Postcard collection, four albums containing a large number of mainly Continental bus and transport related images, G (qty) £40-60
622.    Postcard collection, large collection of loose postcards, mainly bus and transport related images, covering many different countries and eras, F-VG (qty) £40-60
623.    Sales brochures, large collection of commercial vehicle dealer sales brochures from several manufacturers, including a quantity of Iveco Ford, various periods, F-VG (qty) £40-60
624.    Postcard collection, five albums containing a large number of mainly bus and coach images, various periods, VG (qty) £40-60
625.    Postcard collection, six albums containing mainly bus and coach related images, various periods, VG (qty) £50-70
626.    Bus Badges and Name Panels, including AEC Routemaster grille badge, Leyland Tiger Cub front panel badge, similar Leyland Atlantean panel motif, uncommon Brossel truck badge, Atkinson steam waggon builder's plate, and other items, F-G (qty) £70-100
627.    Bus collectables, Routemaster cabside numberplate, RM 389, 74cm x 11 cm, with East Kent bus stop metal sign, 30cm square, G (2) £40-60
628.    Daimler Fleetline badge, aluminiu front body badge, 84cm x 16 cm, with Fleetline sales brochure, VG (2) £50-100
629.    A steel miniature Jet Engine exhaust nozzle, scale model wind tunnel or test piece, ex-British Aerospace Woodford factory, Manchester, intake diameter 17mm, VG £70-150
630.    A Desmo vintage car Bullhorn, black and chrome, apx 19 inches long, G £20-40
631.    A steel miniature Aeroplane Propeller Blade, scale model wind tunnel test piece, ex-British Aerospace Woodford factory, 13in x 2in, mounted on a wooden plinth, VG £200-300
632.    Miniature Steel Aeroplane Trailing Edge Wing Sections, wind tunnel test pieces, ex-British Aerospace Woodford factory, 15 in x 5 in at its widest point, VG (2) £200-300
633.    A Miniature Steel Aircraft Test Engine Nacelle Section, wind tunnel test piece ,ex-British Aerospace Woodford factory, 270mm x 150mm, E £100-200
634.    An Air Ministry Aircraft Navigation plotter, navigation computer Mk III, Isothermal Calibration, ref 6B/214, with a scale ship's anchor, promotional model for W L Byers of Sunderland, G (2) £30-50
635.    Aircraft training aids, various pilot's training aids, including CRP computer, introductory briefing manual, Cheetah and Tiger Aircraft check list and a set of Airlite 62 headphones, VG (5) £40-60
636.    Soviet Soyuz 1975 Space Mission, memorabilia commemorating the 1975 mission - two stamps and sterling silver medal, with Concorde plated teaspoon, model of Concorde and vintage BOAC fan, G (3) £50-80
637.    Aircraft collection, mainly WWII aircraft related items, including a large brass Spitfire and a small bust of an airman, G (4) £40-60
638.    A BSA Sunbeam Ladies' Light Tourist Bicycle, rod operated brakes, circa 1955, G £50-90
639.    A Raleigh Gents' Bicycle, rod operated brakes, T frame number date 1951-1957, G. £50-80
640.    A Raleigh Twinkie Childrens' Tricycle, dark blue, some surface corrosion, F-G £50-100
641.    Transport Books, large format books, including early and classic cars, commercial vehicles, aircraft, paddle steamers and locomotives, G (8) £50-70
642.    Motor Sport Ephemera, including brochures, posters, team guides other related items, G (qty) £50-70
643.    Model Brochures, large selection of model brochures and catalogues, covering mainly cars and railways, plus an assortment of empty model car boxes, F-G (qty) £30-50
644.    Classic car sales brochures, including, Hillman Minx 14, circa 1939, two different editions, Humber Sixteen and Snipe, two different examples, 1939 Humber range, Wolseley Fifteen Sixty, and a Hunter-shape Hillman Minx brochure, others including Renault from the 1970s plus others, G (qty) £50-70
645.    Car sales brochures, A collection of car sales brochures, covering the 1980s onwards, including Lancia and Alfa Romeo brochures and many others, F-VG, (qty) £50-70
646.    Sports car sales brochures, including uncommon Marcos brochure, circa 1993, complete with price list, a similar era Morgan example, Caterham 7, dated 1987, a reproduction brochure for the Jaguar D Type, and other items, G (7) £50-70
647.    Aircraft ephemera, including air charts, books, brochures, modern passenger comfort items, plus much more, F-G, (qty) £30-50
648.    Car books, car reference books, mainly casebound, in 4 boxes, G (qty) £40-60
649.    Car and motoring ephemera, including books, magazines, model car collector information, framed pictures, and other items, F-G (qty) £50-70
650.    An AC Cobra poster, depicting several versions of the AC Cobra sports car, published by the Shelby American Auto Club, circa 1976, approx 94cm x 64cm, G £50-70
651.    Limited edition prints, two prints after Sir William Russell Flint, each titled SS series, with watercolour of small yacht and oil painting of tall ship (4) £50-100
652.    First Day Covers, including Railway and Marine subjects, with Burton Rail 150th Anniversary plate, VG (qty) £70-90
653.    Motor Sport Pictures, Limited Edition Motor Racing prints, a trio of framed examples, comprising of a montage of Graham Hill, Monaco, 1960, signed by Hill and the artist Michael Turner, no 88/100, with pair depicting Jim Clark no 177/600 and Mike Hawthorn 177/600, both signed by the artist Tony Smit, G-E (3) £50-70
654.    Share Certificates, Societé Athenienne d'Automobiles and Athena Greek Railways share certificates, dated 1920 and 1924, VG (3) £80-100
655.    A Le Mans print after Frederick Gordon Crosby, nightime pit stop during the 1920s, featuring Bentley number 5, 24in x 19in, VG £30-60
656.    Signed World War II-themed Aircraft Prints, Spitfire after the original painting by Robert Taylor, with signatures of Douglas Bader and Johnnie Johnson, 60cm x 50cm, The Siege of Malta, after the original painting by John Young, depicting Spitfire 249 Squadron over Valetta July 1942, with numerous related signatures, 80cm x 65cm, and Limited Edition after the original painting by Frank Woottan, The Dambusters, signed by the artist and crew members, 80cm x 65cm, G (3) £100-150
657.    An Aircraft Print of the Battle of Arnhem, Dakota C47 parachute aircraft over Arnhem during Operation Market Garden, September 1944, after original painting by Geoffrey E Lea, 80cm x 60cm, G £20-40
658.    Motorcycle-based light commercial ephemera, including The James Handyman, with spare parts list, Dot motor cycle truck and Jowett van brochure, all with dates inscribed in pencil, F-E £30-50
659.    A Williams Formula I Nomex Mechanic's Overalls, in Williams BMW livery, size 58, made in Italy by Puma, 1990s, G £50-70
660.    Porsche Owners' Handbooks, as given to Porsche buyers on new vehicle purchase, with small number of price lists, all for recent vehicles, VG (50+) £40-60

Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, engineer's reports, covering Indian Docks and Bridges, including The New Bridge between Calcutta and Howrah dated 1912, report and estimate for the lower Ganges Bridge dated 1903 and other reports, G (qty) £30-50
662.    1950s Post-Mounted Car Park Signs, two square signs, one a cast iron example with an arrow To Car Park by IRS Ltd Norfolk, 53cm wide, 54cm high, with an alloy example P centre of road, 50cm wide x 64cm high, both white text on a blue ground, F (2) £100-150
663.    1950s Post-Mounted Crawley Direction Sign, alloy sign in the form of an arrow inscribed A264 Crawley, studded with reflectors, 90cm wide x 3cm high, G £100-150
664.    A 1950s Devon Finger Post, three wooden direction signs for Silverton, Tiverton A396, and Exeter A396, all mounted on a post surmounted with a cast iron circular Devon CC sign, 98in wide x 119cm high, F £100-150
665.    A Pair of 1950s Post-Mounted Warning Signs, circular alloy examples inset with triangles studded with red reflectors, both 61cm diameter, P-F, (2) £100-150
666.    A 1950s Hertfordshire Post-Mounted Sign, arched county border sign inscribed Hertfordshire, with county crest, 122cm wide x 31cm high, F £80-120
667.    Three 1950s No Waiting Signs, circular post-mounted alloy examples, red and yellow, one with direction arrow, and one with folding flap to reveal a blue sign Waiting Limited, all 51cm in diameter, F-G £100-150
668.    Three 1950s Penalty Notice Signs, three square alloy signs, County of West Sussex Horsham Urban District, Driving or Placing of Vehicles on This Road Margin is Prohibited, 40cm square, F-G (3) £100-150
669.    A 1950s Post-Mounted Roundabout Sign, alloy example depicting a roundabout A22 London, B2030 Caterham Hill, with Keep Left at the base studded with reflectors, 109cm square, F-G £150-200
670.    1950s No Right Turn Signs, pair of alloy post-mounted signs, black text on white, studded with reflectors, one by Gowshall Ltd, 48cm wide x 69cm high (2) £100-150
671.    1950s One Way Signs, a duo of alloy signs, one by Gowshall Ltd Keep Left One Way Only, 75cm wide x 43cm high, the other with an arrow One Way Street, 75cm wide x 23cm high, F-G, (2) £80-120
672.    A 1950s Cirencester Sign, a cast iron wall-mounted sign Cirencester Please Drive Slowly Through The Town, 93cm wide x 36cm high, G £100-150
673.    A 1950s Traffic Sign, rectangular alloy Traffic Signal Ahead sign by GEOPI, with text on a red ground, inset with reflectors, 75cm wide x 50cm high, F-G £80-120
674.    A 1950s Danger Sign, alloy example with red lettering on a white ground, Danger inset with reflectors, 106cm wide x 28cm high, F-G £80-120
675.    1950s Cycling Prohibited Signs, a trio of alloy signs, two similar, inscribed C & W UDC Cycling Prohibited on a green ground, the other Cycling Prohibited, black lettering on white, F-G (3) £80-120
676.    1950s Heavy Vehicle Warning Notices, duo of alloy notices, All Locomotives, Tractors, Heavy Motor Cars Prohibited, both black lettering on a white ground, the larger 76cm wide by 92cm high, F-G (2) £100-150
677.    1950s 30 Mph Speed Limit Signs, five circular alloy signs, all originally with reflectors, the two larger examples by the Royal Label Factory, both 46cm in diameter, together with three smaller examples, all three with damage, P-G (5) £100-150
678.    A 1950s Dead Slow Sign, alloy Dead Slow sign, with white lettering on a red ground, inset with reflectors, 61cm wide x 38cm high, G £80-120
679.    A 1950s Halt Sign, alloy sign in the form of a 'T' inscribed Halt at Major Road Ahead, inset with reflectors, 61cm wide x 66cm high, G £60-80
680.    A 1950s No Through Road Sign, alloy sign by The Royal Label Factory, inscribed No Through Road For Motor Vehicles, black text on a white ground, inset with reflectors, 61cm wide x 76cm high, G £80-120
681.    1950s Road Signs, alloy duo, one in the form of an arrow A44 Kington (one corner missing), the other A272 Haywards Heath, F (2) £80-100
682.    A 1950s Wales Sign, alloy sign inscribed Cymru/Wales, black lettering on white ground, 76cm wide x 48cm high, F-G £80-120
683.    1950s Road Signs, alloy duo, one inscribed No Through Road, with black lettering on a white ground, the larger sign inscribed No Entry For Vehicles One Way Street, with white lettering on a red ground, 75cm wide x 44cm high, F-G (2) £80-120
684.    1950s Parking Signs, duo of square alloy signs, both inscribed P on a blue ground, one stating Centre of Road, 53cm wide x 63 cm high and smaller, F-G (2) £80-120
685.    1950s Low Gear Signs, pair of alloy signs, with black lettering on white ground, both inscribed Low Gear, one ½ a mile with reflectors the other a 1/3 of a mile (broken in half and repaired with iron braces), each 70cm wide x 36cm high, P-G (2) £60-80
686.    A 1950s 30 Mph Speed Limit Sign, circular alloy sign, inset with reflectors, 61cm diameter, F £60-80
687.    A 1950s Dangerous Hill Sign, cast iron wall-mounted sign, with black lettering on a white ground Dangerous Hill, 55cm wide x 26cm high, F £60-80
688.    An Enamelled Iron Worthing Sign, small sign inscribed B2222 Worthing, with black lettering on a white ground, 38cm wide x 22cm high, P £40-60
689.    A 1950s Danger Sign, alloy sign inscribed Danger, inset with reflectors, on a red ground, 92cm wide x 26cm high, F £80-100
690.    1950s Council Notice Signs, alloy post-mounted signs, one West Sussex Horsham Urban District road margin penalty notice sign, the other West Sussex Public Footpath Cycling Prohibited on a red ground, both 40 cm square, F-G (2) £100-150
691.    A 1950s Lorry Tip Sign, alloy sign inscribed Caution Lorry Tip Ahead, on white ground, inset with reflectors, 53cm wide x 38cm high, G £60-80
692.    1950s Warning Signs, trio of red alloy circular signs, inset with triangles and reflectors, each 61 cm diameter, F-G (3) £100-150
693.    1950s National Speed Limit Signs, pair of circular alloy signs, each inset with reflectors, 61cm diameter, F-G (2) £80-120
694.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed Bend, depicting S bends, with reflectors, one by Gowshall Ltd, each 31cm wide x 53cm high (2) £80-120
695.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed Hill 1 in 4 and 1in 4¼, depicting hills, inset with reflectors, both by G Ltd, 31cm wide x 53cm high, F-G (2) £80-120
696.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed roundabout, with arrows in a circle, one with reflectors, 31cm wide x 53cm high, F-G (2) £80-120
697.    1950s Road Signs, alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed Cross Roads, depicting crosses, inset with reflectors, both by Gowshall Ltd, 31cm wide x 53cm high, F-G (2) £80-120
698.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed narrow bridge, both with reflectors, one by Needham Stockport, the other by IRS London, 31cm wide x 53cm high, F (2) £60-80
699.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed Road Junction, both with reflectors, one by Needham Stockport, 31cm wide x 53cm high, F-G (2) £80-120
700.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed Road Junction, both depicting a T, inset with reflectors, one by Gowshall Ltd, 31cm wide x 53cm high, F-G (2) £80-120
701.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed Double Bend, with reflectors, and Double Corner, 31cm wide x 53cm high, F-G (2) £80-120
702.    1950s Road Signs, pair of alloy signs, both black on white, inscribed Slow Major Road Ahead, one by Royal Label Factory, the other with reflectors, 36cm wide by 67 cm high, F-G (2) £100-150
703.    1950s Road Signs, two alloy signs, Warning Low Bridge Ahead, both black on white, the smaller example by Needham Stockport the other with direction arrow 3 Miles, by Royal Label Factory, both with reflectors, 36cm wide x 70cm high, and smaller, P-F (2) £80-120
704.    1950s Road Sign, alloy sign, black on white, inscribed School, depicting two children, 36cm wide x 53 cm high, F £60-80
705.    1950s Road Signs, alloy signs, black on white, one inscribed Private Property, the other larger No Entry, 61cm wide x 46cm high and smaller, F (2) £60-80
706.    1950s Road Sign, alloy sign, black on white, inscribed Keep Left, with inset reflectors, 61cm wide x 46cm high, G £60-80
707.    1950s Triangle Warning Signs, group of four red signs in the form of triangles, inset with reflectors, originally post-mounted, two with brackets, 39cm high, P-F (4) £80-120
708.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs, both with socles, West Dean and West Lavington, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G, (2) £100-150
709.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs, both with socles, Rustington and Ferring, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G (2) £100-150
710.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs both with socles, Oving and Parham, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G, (2) £100-150
711.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs without socles, Fittleworth and Westhampnett, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G (2) £80-120
712.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs without socles, Westbourne and Birdham, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G (2) £80-120
713.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs without socles, Eartham and Partridge Green, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G (2) £80-120
714.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs without socles, Greatham and East Preston, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G (2) £80-120
715.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs without socles, Wiston and Merrywood, 59cm high, 32cm diameter, F-G (2) £80-120
716.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Signs, two cast iron WSCC pierced circular signs without socles, Itchingfield and Sullington, 59cm high, 32cm diameter , F-G, (2) £80-120
717.    1950s Finger Post Circular Village Name Sign, cast iron WSCC pierced circular sign with socle, West Wittering, 59cm high, 32cm diameter , F-G, (2) £80-120
718.    A 1932 Rights of Way Notice, alloy sign This Land is Private No Public Right of Way, Portsmouth and Brighton United Breweries, 46cm wide x 18cm high, F £50-80
719.    A City of Chichester Notice, alloy notice This Car Park is not Dedicated to the Public as a Right of Way by Order of the Council Eric Banks Town Clerk, 36cm wide x 22cm high, G £50-80
720.    WSCC Notices, two Depositing of Materials is Prohibited, one M Milne the other A Floyd County Surveyors, both black on white, 61cm wide x 31cm high, F-G (2) £80-100
721.    Council Penalty Notices, alloy notices, one West Sussex Horsham Urban District, the other Chichester City Council, road and grass margin parking penalties, F-G (2) £60-80
722.    Breconshire CC Notice and Another, alloy signs, one a circular £5 Litter Penalty notice Breconshire, 46cm diameter, the other Car Park in Church Walk, 50cm wide x 25cm high, F (2) £60-80
723.    A pre-war AA Enamelled Iron Direction Sign, double-sided post-mounted sign, black lettering on yellow ground inscribed To British Customs Examination Station, with AA insignia, loss of enamel to pointed end and some distortion, 96cm wide x 26cm high, F £100-150
724.    A pre-war AA Enamelled Iron Direction Sign, double-sided post-mounted sign, black lettering on yellow ground inscribed Waterford 31 Dublin 104 1/2 T-6, place names also in Gaelic, with AA insignia, 96cm wide x 36cm high £250-350
725.    A Fordson Glass Hanging Sign, a glass panel transferred on each side with Fordson insignia and Fordson, with metal brace to top and hanging chains, 50cm wide by 67cm high, F £100-150
726.    A West of England Sack Hire Company Enamelled Iron Sign, single sided, 150cm x 90cm, G £50-70
727.    A British Oak Shag Tobacco Enamelled Iron Sign, single-sided, 90cm x 30cm, G £30-50
728.    A Senior Service Cigarettes Enamelled Iron Sign, single-sided, 120cm x 40cm, F-G £30-50
729.    A Strong and Co, Romsey Enamelled Iron Brewery Sign, 210cm x 33cm, G £60-80
730.    A The West of England Sack Hire Company Enamelled Iron Sign, single-sided sign, some heavy corrosion, 150cm x 90cm, P-F £40-60
731.    A Geo Summer Baker Wooden Sign, some damage, 110cm x 26cm, F £20-40
732.    A Nectar Tea Enamelled Iron Sign, single-sided, 54 x 32cm, restored, G £30-50
733.    A Cast Iron Railway Level Crossing Sign, 58cm x 29cm, repainted, G £60-80
734.    A Pratts Motor Oil Enamelled Iron Sign, double-sided, 66cm diameter, some corrosion, F-G £65-80
735.    A Mobil Oil Co Petrol Station Enamelled Iron Sign, single-sided, 93cm x 52 cm, some corrosion, G £60-80
736.    A Post Office Enamelled Iron Sign, single-sided, 66 x 35 cm, some corrosion, F £30-50
737.    A cast iron North Road Street Sign, probably from North Road Glasgow until 1925, 92cm long, some paint loss, F-G £60-80
738.    Warning Signs, small selection of wood and metal signs, including Black Alpha, and others, some modern, F-G £30-50
739.    An Old Holborn Tobacco Enamelled Iron Sign, black on yellow, single-sided, size approx 90cm x 60cm, G-VG £70-90
740.    Enamel Advertising sign, Rugby Cement, orange and black, single-sided, 46cm square, VG £70-90
741.    A Forte Films, Papers and X Ray Films Enamelled Advertising Sign, double-sided, 46cm x 38cm, VG £70-90
742.    A Newbery's Furniture Friar St Reading Enamelled Iron Advertising sign, single-sided, 68cm x 38cm, G-VG £70-90
743.    Advertising and Warning Signs, wood and metal, including rail and advertising, F-G (7) £70-90
744.    Advertising signs, two, both single sided, Alpine Ices and Mazawattee Tea, 60cm x 15cm and 60cm x 46cm, F-G (2) £50-70
745.    Road Signs, for Uffculme and Steyning, 112cm x 25cm and 96cm x 25cm, F-G (2) £60-80
746.    A 19th Century engraved brass Shop Front Window-Sill Sign, for 'Gantlett late Rowe' repeated twice, 3240mm long, on wooden frame, G (3) £50-100

Collection of signs, including large train ferry sign, 120cm x 53cm, railway warning signs (2) and others, F-G (7) £40-60
748.    A modern Wadworth Brewery Diorama, brewery scene in illuminated glazed display cabinet on stand, depicting a horse and dray team in front of Wadworth Brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire, cabinet 78cm x 68cm, overall height 158cm, VG £250-350

A modern wooden model of a Coastal Sailing Barge, 74cm in length, 84cm high including mast, on wooden display tray, VG £30-60